Worst Diet for Waistline that Increases your Waist

Worst Diet for Waistline that Increases your Waist

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It’s a boon to have a toned waistline! You can wear your favourite dress, you don’t have to spend hours on shopping to find that perfect dress that does not show your belly fat, and there are so many other benefits you get if you have a smaller waistline. Many times, people start dieting thinking that they would lose some weight and get a toned waistline, but all their efforts go in vain as they do not have proper knowledge of foods that increase and decrease waistline. So, today I am sharing with the worst diet for waistline.

The Worst diet for Waistline

1. Fried Foods

Fried foods such as deep-fried chicken, French fries, fried rice, etc. does taste delicious, but they also add fat to your waistline. Fried foods are not at all nutritious because they are full of fats, and are not rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre too. So, you must say ‘No’ to fried foods as they can be the worst diet for the waistline.

2. Refined Grains

When it comes to the worst diet for the waistline, then there is no chance that I will skip refined grains in the list. Refined grains can expand your waistline because when they are processed, they are stripped of their valuable nutrient content, which makes them a less satiating and less nutritious food. Some grains are healthy like whole grains, and hence, you should replace refined grain foods, such as white rice, pretzels and egg noodles with whole grains such as brown rice, popcorn and oatmeal. You must make healthy food swaps if you want to have a smaller waistline.

Brown Rice

Refined grains can increase your blood sugar level and insulin, which can lead to obesity. Now, how would you know if you are purchasing refined grains product or whole grains product? Well, you can see the ingredients list and then look for the word ‘whole’ in it. The first ingredient that is listed on the product makes up the majority of the food. If you see that the first ingredient mentioned is wheat flour, then it means that it is a refined flour made from wheat flour. But if the name whole wheat flour is mentioned on the product, then it means that it is made with whole grain.

So, you must avoid eating refined grains foods as they are not good for your health and your waistline too.

3. Sugary Beverages

Yes, I know that Coca Cola opens happiness and we all love to have it along with our meals. But while drinking these types of sugary beverages, we don’t pay attention at all to our health. These beverages contain added sugars which increase abdominal fat and leave you with a bigger waistline. A research was published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, in which 47 obese adults consumed one litre of either regular cola, skim milk, diet soda having the similar number of calories daily for the period of six months. Now, the study revealed that people who consumed sugary soft drinks saw a significant increase in visceral, liver, skeletal muscle, and blood fat than those who consumed other beverages.

How to Quit Sugar

These sugary drinks contain carbonation which draws gas into the stomach and intestines, which in turns lead to bloating and an increased belly. So, you must avoid drinking the sugary drinks as they cannot just increase your waistline, but can also ruin your health. That is why they are added to the list of ‘worst diet for waistline’; so you must stop taking sugar drinks excessively.

How to Quit Sugar for Weight Loss?

4. Dairy Products

Yes, I know that milk and other dairy products are very healthy. But, if you are concerned about your waistline, then you would have to choose low-fat versions of dairy products such as low-fat cheese, low-fat milk and so on. It is because dairy products have numerous health benefits, but some dairy products have a lot of saturated fat which can make you gain weight. So, I am not telling you to completely ditch dairy products as even I know they are healthy and nutritious, just opt for low-fat dairy products so that you can keep yourself healthy and fit.

5. Fast Food

I know it is very hard to give up on French fries, Pizza and cheeseburgers; but you must avoid overeating these fast foods as they are the part of the worst diet for the waistline. If you consume too many fats, then it will result in obesity and can even cause several other health problems. Fat poses no problem as long as it contributes to 30 per cent or less of the daily intake of one’s calories. But, if taken more than that, then it is bad for your waistline.

Unhealthy Food causes weight gain

Most fast foods are prepared in fatty oil and contain a large amount of salt or sugar, which is bad for your tummy. Did you know that a single fast-food meal can contain more than the daily recommended levels of salt and sugar? Yes, it is true! Even if you do not eat any salt or sugar the whole day, but you still might gain a few pounds by eating just one fast food meal. Also, fast foods are high in calories. So, my friends, it is best to ditch fast foods if you want to stay healthy and fit.

6. Potato Chips

We all love eating potato chips while watching TV, isn’t it? Well, it is my favourite timepass to eat a packet of chips while I am watching Game of Thrones. But, they are highly unhealthy too! Potato chips are very high in calories, and they are cooked in hydrogenated oil, which means that they are a source of trans fat; which is a bad thing for your tummy! Now, it’s not just that they are high in calorie and contain oil, but are loaded with salt too! So, potato chips actually encourage weight gain and also increases the risk of developing heart disease. So, avoid eating potato chips and choose baked potato chips instead if you are a huge fan of chips.

7. Alcohol

If you are a social drinker, then it is fine; you can have a small amount of alcohol. But, don’t make it a habit as alcoholic beverages expand your waistline. The problem is that alcohol needs to be burned immediately, and this slows down the ability of your body to burn fats and sugars by inhibiting lipid oxidation.

When your body is not able to burn these substances within the right time, your metabolism puts these fats in your waist, buttocks and other problem areas. Also, alcohol contains calories and have no nutritional benefit, which adds it to the list of the worst diet for the waistline.

If you really need to take alcohol now and then; then you should try to stick to one or two light beers, or you can also choose drinks with a low-calorie mixer such as tonic and gin.

8. Salty Foods

Although eating salt is necessary and it does not cause weight gain, but, consuming high levels of sodium can make you fat and cause a lot of other health problems too. When we eat too many salty foods, it prompts our body to retain water, and then we end up drinking lots of water, which leads to bloating and causes flabby stomach.

Also, consuming excessive salt causes high blood pressure and heart disease. So, it best to control your salt intake so that you can stay healthy and get a smaller waist.

9. Refined Sugars

Foods containing large amounts of refined sugars have nutritional value, but they are also high in “empty” calories. These foods increase the levels of blood glucose, which in turn causes weight gain and also increases the risk of diabetes. Refined sugars are one of the most common sources of the simple carbohydrates, which means that these foods allow your body to store extra weight around your abdomen. Our bodies do not have the ability to digest and process refined sugars because these sugars are not natural substances.

Also, they do not let you feel full, and so if you eat a diet high in refined sugars, there are high chances that you will crave snacks between meals. It is because these sugars are not naturally produced, and so your brain does get the “I am satisfied and don’t need to eat more” signal. Some of the common foods that contain a high amount of refines sugars include pasta, sauces, sweet cereals and candy bars. Even baked goods such as cookies, cakes and doughnuts include a high amount of refined sugar. Also, beverages like energy drinks and fruit drinks contain so much sugar that they can easily make you put on weight. So, make sure that you do not eat a diet rich in refined sugars.

These are some of the foods which contribute to the worst diet for the waistline. If you want to have a smaller waist and want to be healthy, then it’s best to ditch these foods. Also, you must exercise for at least one hour a day. You can even hit the gym if you want to shed a few pounds. Always remember, that good health is life’s greatest blessing.

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