Five Worst Foods to Store in your Pantry

Five Worst Foods to Store in your Pantry

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Getting the right kind of food these days has become a scavenger hunt! The market is flooded with all sorts of processed foods which are easy to make and save an average office going person a lot of time. They taste great, and we can’t negate that, but these foods are extremely dangerous if a person consumes them readily on a regular basis. We will talk about the Five Worst Foods to Store in your Pantry in this article which will tell us why exactly we need to avoid them at all costs!


The Top 5 Worst Foods to Store in your Pantry are:

Sweetened Beverages and Sodas:

Quenching one’s thirst with sodas and sugary sweet drinks during those hot and humid summer days seem like an ideal thing to do, but while this may temporarily satisfy your sugar cravings, it will deteriorate your health over time. These lovely packaged drinks are death in a bottle, and you need to replace these with homemade juices and smoothies that satisfy the sugar cravings and take care of your health as well.


Low Fiber Cereals

Those cute shaped cereals are extremely high in sugar and low in fibre, which is the perfect recipe for disaster. These cereals fill you up for a very short span of time, and you tend to feel hungry after a couple of hours, which then leads to binge eating. Instead, get muesli or oats and add toppings of your choice like fruits, nuts and dark chocolate shavings.

Microwave Popcorn:

Trans fat does not stop at potato chips but is also widely present in microwavable popcorn. Opt for plain corn kernels that you can pop in the Best pressure cooker at home. This way you can add a controlled amount of butter or just sprinkle some salt and pepper. Besides being a cheaper option, homemade popcorn is sure a tasty and healthy snack!


Cakes and Cupcakes:

Saturated fat, refined flour and added sugars are the three key elements to take off from your diet, and those innocent looking cupcakes and snack cakes seem harmless, but add to your waistline thrice a number of calories in one single slice! Make homemade cakes instead and add honey and fruits to sweeten them instead of sugar.

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Instant Noodles:

Every household is guilty of hoarding this pleasure, but the amount of calories and sodium a single packet of instant noodles contain can send you in a complete state of shock. You can reduce your salt intake by 1500 milligrammes a day by steering away from these not so good goodies! Get yourself whole wheat pasta instead and add veggies, fish or chicken along with fresh herbs and spices which will satisfy your pasta cravings.

Hope this article will definitely help you to avoid the Worst Foods to Store in your Pantry for you and your family to stay Healthy and Happy!

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