Jogging Benefits – Live Longer and be healthy !

Jogging Benefits – Live Longer and be healthy !

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Jogging is a popular aerobic exercise and is highly beneficial for our health. It is one of those exercises which are always in the trend. It is hugely popular as there are many Jogging Benefits. Jogging is one of the oldest and most popular forms of aerobic exercise. You can always decide if you have to jog inside or outside. Also, you would have to see if you will be a morning jogger or an evening jogger so that you can plan and make some time for the exercise.

It is advisable to jog in the morning as at that time you are fresh, and when you run on an empty stomach, it could burn more fat. However, evening jogs are also good as they help you to take your mind off the stress of the day. Jogging is an excellent exercise for our health, but you must consult your Doctor before starting it as it is not advisable to jog in certain health conditions. Jogging is good for our overall Health.

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Here are some Awesome Jogging Benefits:

1. It helps in preventing Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases

Jogging lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases and also helps in keeping our High Blood Pressure at bay. Theories suggest that jogging helps in reducing the amount of LDL or the ‘bad cholesterol’ from the blood and thus controls our Blood Pressure. Thus, you must jog for around 30 minutes every day to prevent Heart Diseases and Hypertension.


2. It helps in Controlling Diabetes

One of the many benefits of jogging is that it helps in controlling and preventing Diabetes. Being overweight and unhealthy lifestyle increases the chances of developing Diabetes. If you jog daily for an hour, it will reduce your chances of getting Diabetes. Even Doctors recommend jogging to those who have Diabetes.

3. It boosts our Immune System

Jogging boosts our immune system and helps our body to fight against infections and illnesses. Studies reveal that aerobic exercises help in promoting the stimulation of macrophages and lymphocytes, both of which help in fighting against infections through the immune systems. When these cells are stimulated in the body, our immune system is strengthened which helps in fighting against infectious diseases such as common cold and flu and viral diseases.

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4. It Helps in preventing some types of Cancer

Many types of research suggest that jogging can be effective in preventing certain cancers. Our body lives on oxygen, and when the cells in our body do not produce an appropriate amount of oxygen, they mutate vigorously, often turning malignant. When we jog, the supply of oxygen to all parts of our body is increased which can help prevent some cancers.

5. Jogging Benefits: It helps in losing Weight

One of the best Jogging Benefit is that it helps us in maintaining ideal body weight. It helps us in shedding a few pounds and get the perfect shape. Researchers show that you can burn around 150 calories for every mile that you go jogging. If you follow jogging religiously, the number of calories you burn will increase in the long run. Out of the many jogging benefits, this is the best one for most of the people as it helps them to be in shape without exercising rigorously. If you want to be healthy and fit, you can do walking followed by jogging as it would help you to lose weight at a faster pace.

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6. It helps in Improving Mental Fitness

Jogging helps in releasing the good hormones which are called endorphins. When we jog, these chemicals are released into the body which causes us to have a pleasant mood. That is why those who job seem to look happy and fresh throughout the day. Also, jogging helps us to be in shape which in turn improves our confidence. So, start your day with a morning jog and feel fresh with a happy smile on your face all day long.

7. Jogging helps in Combating Stress

Jogging is proved to be very useful in reducing stress. It promotes a healthy attitude and helps our mind to be relaxed and in a peaceful state. Running on a treadmill or jogging helps in releasing tension immediately as jogging assists in releasing of the brain chemicals that calm our emotions and mind. These chemicals are serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Jogging and the repeated pounding of our feet on the treadmill helps us in shutting out the stressors and be alone with our thoughts while we are in the joy of running. So, whenever you feel stressed, put on your shoes and go for a jog. It may help you to reduce stress and be calm and happy.

So, the bottom line is that Jogging is very helpful not only for our physical health but also mental health. It is one of the easiest exercises that you can do for weight loss and improve your mental health. So, now you know many Benefits of Jogging; make it a habit and jog daily for at least half an hour and see yourself getting healthier and happier.

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