Which one is Better Aerobics or Gym Workout?

Which one is Better Aerobics or Gym Workout?

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If you are Confused or in a dilemma whether to choose- Aerobics or Gym Workout, then this article is for you. First of all, we need to understand what exactly constitutes both the options. The literal meaning of Aerobic is ‘requiring free oxygen.’ It refers to the use of oxygen to meet energy demands during exercise.
Aerobics is a form of physical exercise which focuses on the betterment of all elements of fitness. It is usually practised in a group led by a certified instructor. Various routines are performed including dance-like exercises.Read on to arrive at a conclusion as to what could be better for you- Aerobics or Gym Workout!

Aerobic Exercises

There are five sessions in a well-balanced  Aerobic Session:

1.Arm up


3. Muscular Strength


5. Stretching and Flexibility

Pros of doing Aerobics

 Strengthens muscles involved in respiration which facilitates the flow of air.

 Reduces Blood Pressure

 Increases Red blood cells in the Body

 Boosts Endurance

 Reduces the Risk of many diseases like Diabetes.

 It also helps to keep the heart, lungs, and arteries clean and healthy.

Advantages of Aerobics

Cons of Doing Aerobics

 It can sometimes lead to injuries due to high-impact activities.

 This is not an effective approach to build Muscles.

 It can give rise to a Body Shape you did not Desire for

 Weight Training option is not available in Aerobic Exercises

A Gym Workout

The gym is slang for ‘fitness centre.’ It is an indoor facility which dwells exercise equipment like barbells, bench press, dumb bells, hammer strength machine, etc. for physical fitness. Some facilities and services which we usually find in a gym are:

Tips to Stay Motivated to Go to The Gym

1. Workout Area.

It includes free weights and the exercise machines. In most cases, it includes mirrors so that exercisers can monitor proper posture.

2. Cardio Area.

This Area Includes Cardiovascular Training Equipment such as Treadmills etc.

3. Group Exercise Classes

These classes consist of aerobics and high-intensity training.

Pros of Joining a Gym

 A gym itself offers a wide variety of activities which includes aerobics as well.

 It provides a mental motivation which is required when you start a fitness program.

 Exercising releases chemicals such as endorphins which create a feeling of happiness in the body.

 Gym workout includes Weight Training.

 This is the appropriate approach for Building Muscles


Cons of joining a Gym

 The cost of joining a Gym is high

 Sometimes the ambience may not suit your personality

 Changing and Showering makes your trip to the gym long

Apart from the study of the pros and cons of an Aerobic Session and Gym Workout, there lies a major question that what exactly is the final verdict? Should you prefer Aerobics or Gym Workout? The answer to this question lies in the Negative side effects of Gym. Going to the Gym makes you totally dependent on the gym equipment. Once you stop going to the gym, there are adverse side effects which can harm your body.

Some Side effects are as Follows:

 You will put on Weight

It is obvious that you burn a lot of calories when you work out in a gym. But when you stop going to gym, your body tends to gain a lot of weight and that too at a faster pace.

 You can develop Joint Pain

The fitness of your body is maintained when you go to a gym. But once you stop going to a gym, your joints howl out of pain. Therefore, it is advised to do natural exercise which is included in aerobics on a regular basis.


 You can also have Muscle Pain

When you stop going to the gym, the muscles which were built there start causing pain to the body. It is because the muscles gradually start tearing.

 You will lose your Strength

A regular work out adds and maintains strength in the body. But when you suddenly stop the workout, that strength starts declining. Sometimes you may feel the weakness as well.

The Verdict: Aerobics or Gym Workout!

It is a Known Fact that we cannot continue working out in a gym or even doing aerobics for a lifetime. At some point of time, we will have to stop it. Although we all get fascinated by the bodybuilders, we should ponder upon the cons of working out in a gym as well as the negative aspects when you stop going to the gym. We should never ignore the natural ways to stay fit and healthy which are included in aerobic exercises and not blindly join a gym without even knowing its side effects. Keeping in mind the above facts you can very well take an informed decision as to whether to go in for aerobics or Gym Workout.

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