How to Do a Full Body Workout in Just 5 minutes?

How to Do a Full Body Workout in Just 5 minutes?

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Weight loss goals are hard to achieve, and it is next to impossible to shed pounds without indulging in some physical activity. While many people enjoy hitting the gym, there are some who find working out at the gym amidst so many people intimidating. However, this fear and shyness of working out at the gym should not stop anyone from achieving their weight loss goals. And that is why we are sharing with you a 5-minute full body workout to lose 4 pounds in just one month. You can easily do these exercises at home in just five minutes.

How to Do a Full Body Workout Quickly in 5 Minutes?

First of all, you must know that exercise and diet go hand in hand. If you think that you can lose weight with just exercise, then you are wrong. It is highly essential to make little changes in your diet to burn calories and lose weight. So, this workout routine along with a healthy diet plan can give you the figure of your dreams. And all you need for this 5-minute full body workout is a towel, a mat and a skipping rope (jump rope).

5 Minute Full Body Workout Set:

This set consists of 8 fat burning workouts that are done in the form of circuit training, and the time allotted to each exercise is 30 seconds to 1 minute. All of the exercises can be done at the home or any open space.

1. Inverted V Pipe Exercise

This exercise is to be done for 30 seconds. For this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor facing downwards. Place both your hands on the ground and balance your body on the toes and hands. Then, pull your legs close to your body and make an inverted V shape with it. Now, start to push your legs away from your hands, by stretching them backwards. Pull and push your legs in an out for 30 seconds. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises for arms, core and the lower back.

2. W Leg Lifts Exercise

This exercise is also to be done for 30 seconds. For this exercise, you first need to lie down on the mat and face upwards. Then, you have to bring your legs close to each other and then lift them straight up, bringing them to your tummy. Put your legs down, and while you put them down, you need to stretch your legs out in the opposite direction and then bring them up to your tummy. Then, as you place them down, close them and pull them up. Keep doing this for 30 seconds. Initially, you will feel pressure on your tummy and legs, but this workout will help you shed fat from the lower part of your body quickly.

W Leg Lifts Exercise

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3. Superman Exercise

This is a wonderful exercise that helps in reducing belly fat. It is also an effective exercise for thighs, abs and lower back.


After you do the W leg lifts, turn around and face the ground. Then, you need to stretch yourself on the ground, and while doing so keep your hands and legs straight. Then, you have to lift your chest and thighs off the ground at the same time by balancing yourself on your tummy. While you do this, keep your body straight. You need to repeat lifting the thighs and chest off the ground for thirty seconds.

4. Jump Squats Exercise

This is one of the best exercises which helps in toning the thighs. To do this exercise, you need to stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, bend down as much as you can so that you come in a perfect squat position. Then, while you come up, you need to exit in a jump. Go down into a squat again and jump up. Keep doing this exercise for 30 seconds.
5. Single-Leg Lift Exercise

Single leg lift is one of the most effective exercises for core muscles and thighs. Stand straight and lift the leg off the ground. Then, you need to try to touch the ground with your hands, and as you come up, you need to jump. Ensure that your left leg is up all this while. Keep your leg in a bend position and do not put much pressure on your leg. First, you need to touch the ground and then jump on your single foot. Do this for 30 seconds. Then, you need to shake it off and continue with the next leg. Bend your right knee and continue the same exercise for the next 30 seconds. This exercise is to be done for one minute.

Single Leg Lift Exercise

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6. Skipping Exercise

Skipping is one of the most effective cardio exercises for weight loss. It is simple and fun to do exercise. Simply, take a skipping rope and jump for 30 seconds. You must keep your knees and back straight while doing this exercise. You can also skip for 1 minute.

7. Leg Rotating Exercise

This exercise tones inner thigh and abs. It is important to include this exercise in a full-body workout because it helps in removing fat from the lower part of the body. Stand straight and keep your hands on the back of your head. Then bend your right leg and lift it to your waist. You need to keep rotating your leg by keeping your knee bent in circular movements. Keep rotating for 15 seconds to the front. Then, start repeating the same rotation with the same leg to the back for about 15 seconds. After you are done with the right leg, you need to move to the left and repeat the same. You have to bend your knee and rotate it forward for 15 seconds, and then you have to rotate it backwards for 15 seconds.

This 5-minute full body workout can help you achieve your weight loss goals in a quick span of time. It is best to follow this workout plan in the morning on an empty stomach. You can take a break of 10 seconds after each exercise. Drinking 1 to 2 glasses of warm water an hour before the workout can help you stay energised and flush the toxins out of your body.

You can also hit the gym if you want to workout under the supervision of a fitness trainer.

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