Little Changes in the Diet that can Help Lose a lot of Calories

Little Changes in the Diet that can Help Lose a lot of Calories

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Little changes in the diet can help you lose a lot of calories. Let us look at some food swaps that will cut calories effortlessly and bring down your weight.


Changes in The Diet that Help cut down Calories

1. Eat Popcorn instead of Potato Chips

A packet of chips contains 150 calories and 10 grams of fat. Swap it for a cup of popcorn at 31 calories and 0 grams of fat. Yes, you read that right. It is actually 0 grams of fat. To add more taste to it, you can eat it with a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese.


2. Eat Natural Sweets instead of Ice-Creams

Rather than taming your munchies with a cup of premium strawberry ice-cream which contains 500 calories and 16 grams of fat, eat 1 cup of strawberries which contain 56 calories. If you still want something creamy, 1/4th cup of light whipped cream would work. It would add 30 calories and 2 grams of fat.

3. Eat Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate contains more than double the calories found in dark chocolate. For example, if a bar of milk chocolate contains 255 calories, then the same bar of dark chocolate will contain 70 calories. So if you want to eat chocolate, opt for dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

4. Eat Brown Bread instead of White Bread

Although there is not much difference in terms of calories between white and brown bread, i.e. a slice of brown bread contains 73 calories while a slice of white bread contains 79 calories. But white bread lacks many vital nutrients which are there in the brown bread. The process of removing bran from white bread removes many nutrients and fibre from it.

5. Eat Brown Rice instead of White Rice

Brown rice contains a lot many nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus etc. to make white, top layers and bran are removed from brown rice. In the process of removal of bran from brown rice, a lot of vitamins and dietary nutrients are lost. Also, the fibre present in brown rice makes your stomach feel fuller quickly. This means that you are likely to eat a smaller portion.

6. Eat poached Eggs instead of whole Scrambled Eggs

Two fluffy scrambled eggs provide you with 182 calories. Swap this with 2 poached eggs which will give you 144 calories.

Egg White

7. Eat Popcorn instead of Crackers

Crackers are processed food whether they are whole wheat or ancient grains. While popcorn is a whole grain snack filled with air and fibre. 100 grams of crackers provide 504 calories, and 100 grams of popcorn contains 375 calories. So if you swap to popcorn, you will save 129 calories.

8.Drink whole milk instead of semi-skimmed Milk

When all the cream or half of it is removed from whole milk, it is called skimmed and semi-skimmed milk respectively. 100 grams of whole milk contains 42 calories while 100 grams of semi-skimmed milk contains 48 calories. Also, you miss out some fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin E and A when you drink semi-skimmed milk.

9. Eat Potato Salad instead of French Fries

When potatoes are submerged in boiling oil and topped with a pinch of salt, it becomes fries. So our common sense tells that potato salad will be a better option rather than eating French fries. 100 grams of french fries contain 312 calories while the same quantity of potato salad contains 143 calories.

Sweet potatoes for diabetics

10. Eat Zucchini Noodles instead of Pasta

One plate of pasta contains 221 calories while the same plate of zucchini noodles contains 25 calories. Also, at the same time, you are cutting calories, carbohydrates and adding more fibre to your meal by eating zucchini noodles.

11. Eat Hummus instead of Mayonnaise

Two tablespoons of mayonnaise contain 180 calories while 2 tablespoons of hummus contain 60 calories which makes a huge difference of 120 calories.

So Guys make these small changes in the diet to lose weight and Stay Healthy and Happy. Keep Reading and do share your comments if you like the post.

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