Healthy Breakfast Recipes that can help to reduce weight

Healthy Breakfast Recipes that can help to reduce weight

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Healthy Breakfast is very essential for ensuring good health.Gaining weight is the problem faced by a lot of people and as such everyone tries to maintain weight and remain fit and healthy. Eating too much fast food can lead to weight gain. The breakfast is the first meal in the morning and as such should be as nutritious as possible. The breakfast decides the fate of the day. If someone takes oily food in the breakfast, then they end up feeling tired throughout the day and don’t feel like doing work. There are some amazing slimming breakfast recipes that can help to a great extent to reduce weight.

Here goes the list for a Healthy Breakfast Recipe:

Cheese in a healthy manner: This is one favourite recipe for young and old alike. However it is bad the way we generally have it on top of a pizza or nachos. Cheese is a great source of Calcium and Protein and also contains high level of Vitamin A and B12 besides Zinc and phosphorous. It can be extremely beneficial in protecting teeth cavities but cheese is said to contain too much calories. The best way is to have part-skim mozzarella which is low in fat or the normal cheese cube sprinkled over bread or vegetables.

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A breakfast of quinoa oatmeal: Oatmeal contains very less calories in it and considered a very healthy breakfast. But, most people don’t really like the taste of oatmeal and don’t like having it in the mornings. Regular oatmeal can be replaced by quinoa oatmeal which is same like oatmeal but also contains an additional layer which is high in protein to give more power to the body. Quinoa oatmeal can be made delicious by adding bananas, and other kinds of fruits to the breakfast cereal.

Boiled Egg: Boiled egg is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12 and decent amounts of Vitamin D and Zinc.

Mexican Rolled omelette: Most people love having rolls and rolls are a really good kind of snack. Egg can be used as roll and fillings can be of oregano, cumin and all kinds of leaves which make this a healthy recipe.

Homemade Energy bars: Chocolate contains sweetness and should not be consumed on a daily basis. Instead of chocolates, energy bar can be made at homes and consumed. The sweetness can be given according to the likes of the person and also the bar can be made from dates or figs which contain a huge amount of protein in it.
These are some of the breakfast recipes that can be tried for a healthy lifestyle. So try them out in style and get going!

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