How to Lose Weight without going to The Gym ?

How to Lose Weight without going to The Gym ?

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Summer is here, and while the season brings us a bounty of amazing fruits, vegetables and refreshing drinks, it does suck the energy out of us, which leaves us with no other option than to sit inside an enclosed, air-conditioned room to find some respite. Read on to find out Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

The mounting calories on the other hand, however, do not stop them from piling on during this season, and that leaves us in a highly divided situation, as we want to stay fit, but dread sweating it out in the gym! So what can we possibly do to stay healthy this summer without going to the gym?

There is no denying the fact that exercise is really very important when it comes to Weight Loss or staying Fit. However, the fact of the matter is that not all tend to do so for one reason or the other. In fact, a report says that 42% of the world population say they just do not have the time for fitness. Also when it comes to achieving fitness-we talk about going to Gyms or for a Morning walk, but there are things which you can do in your daily routine to Lose Weight without going to The Gym


 Handy Tips to Lose Weight without going to The Gym

1. When you wake up in the morning, take out some time to stretch out in the Bed. Raise your arms and hold it straight. Likewise, stretch your legs and take a deep breath. This kind of awakens your Body-If possible follow it up with sit-ups. Lie flat on your back, bring Knees to chest then stretch your legs out and lower them to tone the abdomen. Do it for at least ten times or more.

2. Do the Chores-Small small things like doing dusting, Cleaning the house, or doing daily chores too works as a workout and can be of great help to Lose Weight without going to The Gym

Lose Weight

3. Take the Stairs: When leaving for work-forget the Escalator-Hit the stairs and take stroll downstairs. it will act as a workout, The higher up your House or Office is – the better.

4. If at home go in for doing regular household work-Be it getting grocery items or vegetables or maybe some stationery item for the kids and if you happen to be at the workplace. Also, avoid the Car or the Scooty-Walk Instead. Do not sit continuously. Take a stroll down after every couple of hours.

5. During Luch Break-Go for a walk nearby and ensure some kind of physical activity. Have Healthy Food for Lunch and make the break count.

6. Be Mobile while Talking over the Phone: These days a lot of time is spent on the mobile or the landline phone. Try walking while talking instead of just sitting in your chair.

7. Taking a Metro or Bus for Travel: Might sound strange but standing during your commuting can also be a good idea. It may not result in burning calories but can help to work on balance and helps activate your glute muscles.

8. Plan a Healthy Outing: While going in for an outing-Do not plan just an Eating outing or outing at a place where you end up in a stationary position. Instead, plan a game of Badminton or Tennis or beachside volleyball with your friends or go for a Trekking or Hiking Trip if Possible.


9. Wear a Fitness Band or install a Tracker on your Phone. Monitor your steps each day and try to beat your score every day. Take it as a challenge and treat it as a Mission to Stay Healthy and Fit. It will help greatly to up your motivation level and aid to Lose Weight without going to The Gym

10. The Right Food: You would be surprised to know that as a rule of thumb, losing weight is based on 25% exercise and 75% diet. It means that it is alright to skip a day or two of the usual jogging or walking routine, but it is not ok to binge on eating or have a whole box of pizza on your own! Watch what you put into your mouth, and focus on attaining a healthy diet. Green vegetables and protein such as fish, egg and chicken along with fibre induced foods like oats are a great way to sustain the body and lose weight at the same time.

11. Eat Healthily: All your efforts will go in vain if it is not supplemented by the right diet, to ensure that you have a balanced and healthy food at regular intervals and ensure that you are done with dinner by 7-9 pm.

12. Never Eat While Watching Television. This takes away the concentration on the food, and you tend to eat more than you would typically do.

13. Small Portions should be the Mantra: Go in for small portions while eating. Take more only if you have to -Follow Eat to Live and not live to Eat.

Drinking Water

14. Stay Hydrated at all Times: Whatever be the case ensure that you have water or some form of liquid at regular intervals without fail.

Keep that water bottle handy and never out of sight. Thirst and appetite are both regulated by the same part of the brain, and this is the reason why several dieticians and doctors advise you to drink two glasses of water before a meal as that helps in suppressing hunger. So, if you feel those uncalled for and unnecessary hunger pangs at odd hours, then drink lots of water till you feel full. This will help curb your hunger by 50% and ensure that you eat less. If you find the task of drinking plain water a bit boring, you can add some fruits such as sliced oranges, apples, lemons and grapes to your glass as that will infuse some citrus flavour.

15. Don’t Stock Unhealthy Foods and Drinks in your Refrigerator: Simple as that-When you won’t have it-You will not have it.

16. Say No to White: And by this, we mean white food such as flour, white bread, pasta, white rice, and sugar. Indulge yourself with brown bread, brown rice and whole grains instead, which have healthier food properties and help in weight loss. If you eliminate the white foods from your overall diet, the extra kilos will come gliding off, and will leave you pleasantly surprised!

17. Ensure a proper Routine-Early to Bed, Early to rise should be the mantra. Stay relaxed when you go to bed and try to keep away all the frustrations or tensions of the day. Sleeping well and Sleeping enough is the key. It helps to get you back in shape! Prioritise sufficient sleep every night and make sure you snooze for at least 8 hours to shed those pounds. A regular sleep cycle keeps the body functioning in the right way, and helps us achieve much more, which also then helps burn calories. Avoid late nights at the office or home, and let your head hit the pillow at a decent hour each night.

So these were Handy Tips to Help you Lose Weight without going to The Gym. Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed and do keep yourself Safe by going in for Health Checkups at regular intervals.

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