Eyebrow Makeup

6 Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

05-08-2015   |  

The eyebrow, unlike any other feature of your face, may not matter much to you, but in the industry of fashion it is a deal-breaker and Eyebrow Makeup makes a lot of difference. Those who have been following the recent covers of the magazines or are into the glamorous lives of the glitterati of the movie business are well aware that the screen space is dominated by people with strong eyebrows. The evolution of eyebrows is quiet an interesting one. Read more...

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally

03-07-2015   |  

Dark Circles Under Eyes happens naturally if proper care is not taken. It is usually because of some reasons both clinical and non-clinical. Stress and lack of adequate sleep happen to be important reasons for the same and should be best avoided. If not then proper care should be taken to relieve the after-effects of the same. Under Eye, Circles are something which nobody desires and is a cause of concern for a lot of people. It can make peopl. Read more...