6 Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

6 Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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The eyebrow, unlike any other feature of your face, may not matter much to you, but in the industry of fashion it is a deal-breaker and Eyebrow Makeup makes a lot of difference. Those who have been following the recent covers of the magazines or are into the glamorous lives of the glitterati of the movie business are well aware that the screen space is dominated by people with strong eyebrows. The evolution of eyebrows is quiet an interesting one; it was possibly the least important for most, but now the role reversal is so dramatic that one would rather prepare the brows than apply good foundation.


To incorporate such a drastic evolution of the brow in our daily lives, we must first get the hang of these tiny pieces of hair on our forehead. The eyebrow accentuates the eyes, and if you know how to dress them up, properly your face will lighten you in a minute. So, here, instead of speaking about the perfect way to prep your eyebrows, we concentrate on the 6 Eyebrow Makeup mistakes that we are regularly making.

1. Eyebrows can be Imperfect.

The thing is we tend to go overboard with the plucking of our eyebrows to make them of uniform shape. With this, there is a chance of having one very thin eyebrow and another well, of a different shape altogether. Plucking of eyebrows is fairly painful and so, the more you pluck, the more hurt you will be and then you might just be thinning down the line of hair as well. So, instead of trying to perfect them, let them be close to one another because you will always have a brow pencil to do the trick for you.

2. Your Eyebrow is not your Canvas.

People tend to simply try to colour their eyebrows, as though, this will give them the perfect definition, and they end up having a blotch of bad colour on their forehead area, and that is not what one desires to achieve. Remember one thing that you are trying to define the eyebrows and filling in the gap with the pencil not colouring them. Gently go along the line of hair and fill in the places which need filling up.

3. To get rid of the unibrow, you need not over-widen the Eyebrow gap.

All you need to do is just hold anything like an eye pencil and then hold it straight along the edge of your nose. This will give you the perfect measurement as to what you need to get rid of the eyebrow for a perfect little gap. Too little eyebrow is, well, not a good look on you, no matter who you are.

Eye Brows

4. Eyebrow Makeup: Do not force an arch, instead follow the natural line.

No, you do have a natural arch, it might just be hidden because of the number of times, you have had tried to hide it with the drastic arch created by you. Follow the shape of your brow, and you will find a very slight arch, if not a well defined one, and then tweeze or do whatever along with it. You need to define the natural arch instead of trying to simply create a fierce look of your own.

5. Over-tweezing is not the best Possible Thing.

If needed, tweeze only once a week and please do not go beyond that, because the brow will become sparse leaving you disappointed. Thin eyebrows are not an excellent sight and thus make sure that you let the hair grow a little bit before you pluck them off. If they look tough to tame and disgusting, simply ensure that you apply a bit of Vaseline on them so that they remain in their respective places.

6. The last and one of the most important things about Eyebrow makeup is that; do not try to prep your eyebrows before your foundation. The look you are opting for is something which must go with your make-up and not your original skin tone. With the application of foundation or bronzer or any such product, the skin tone is bound to appear a different shade altogether.

Thus, always try to dress your brows, after applying makeup or else it may turn out to be a complete mismatch.

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