Makeup Tips to Look Hot in the Hot Weather

Makeup Tips to Look Hot in the Hot Weather

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Looking sizzling in the sweltering summers is no child’s play. You may think you will look the best, but the scorching heat of the sun can make you look horrid. From smudgy kajal to worn out lipstick, summer can make you want to put all your makeup products in a box and lock it up. Because let’s face it, we apply makeup to look gorgeous, and not someone who could get a role in one of the horror movies. Yeah, I agree that it’s a bit far-stretched statement; however, there is no denying the fact that improper application of makeup during summers can put your skin in jeopardy. But don’t worry even a bit, because we are here to help you look your best in the hot weather.

Some Makeup Tips to Look Hot

1. Get the Perfect Base

To prevent your makeup to get all mixed up in the sweat and oil of your skin, give your skin the perfect base. Use an oil-free moisturiser in the morning and avoid using a foundation in the summer season.


2. Primer is the Next Prime Step

Makeup artists say that we should apply a primer in the summer season. One might think of a primer as something which is heavy and an additional layer on their skin, but trust me, ladies, primer helps a lot to hold makeup in place. So, say yes to the primer and make sure to use a primer after moisturiser but before makeup.

3. Bronze it Up, Ladies

Bronzer can add a natural brightness to your face and you can shine like the bright sun during summers. Apply bronzer properly to the high points of your face, where the sun rays cause the most tanning: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. Those who have short hair or wear a ponytail can apply a little bronzer on your neck and earlobes too.

4. Ditch your Shimmer

If you don’t want to look like an overly shiny person, then avoid using shimmer during summers. Avoid cream foundations or any product that is too luminous, as the humidity can make you sweaty-looking and extra shiny and this might ruin the perfect summer look for you.

5. Go for Nude Shades

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While rich, dark colours can brighten up your day, they can make your face look bland. Go sheer if you want to lighten up your look. Use a lipliner pre-application, but it is better if you go for a nude shade. In summers, lesser the makeup is, better the chances are you will not look gaudy. Sometimes, less is more. Use light shades for your eyes and lips to give it a summer look.

6. Opt for Silicon-based Eyeshadows

The summer season can destroy your eye makeup. If you don’t want your eyeshadow to get all smudged around your eyes, use a silicon-based eye shadow or the pressed one because it is perfect for the summer season. You can also use an eye primer to create a strong base for the shadow.

7. Don’t Forget your Sunscreen

The biggest skin problem during summers is Suntan. Always apply a high SPF sunscreen on bare skin before stepping out in the sun.

8. Keep Stuff in Your Bag

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The torrid temperature can cause excessive sweating and secretion of oil, thereby leading to the greasy and oily skin. Always remember to carry a sunscreen lotion, wet wipes, and a facial blotting paper with you to prevent your face from that oily T-line shine.

9. Say ‘Yes’ to Lip Balm

It is best to apply lip balm to keep your lips shining and hydrating this summer. Make sure you carry a lip balm always with you to prevent your lips from getting dry.

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10. Healthy Food is the Solution to all Skin Problems

Eating a healthy diet will take you a long way in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. Make sure you eat plenty of veggies and fruits to stay healthy. Also, stay well-hydrated to keep your skin radiant.

Follow these simple makeup tips to look hot this summer. Go out in beautiful tank tops and dresses, and flaunt your beauty, because you’ve got it, ladies! Feel beautiful, stay beautiful!

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