How to Apply Castor Oil for Regrowing &Thickening Eyelashes & Eyebrows?

How to Apply Castor Oil for Regrowing &Thickening Eyelashes & Eyebrows?

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From teenagers to oldies, everyone loves to have thick and flaunting eyebrows and eyelashes. Well-shaped eyebrows enhance the beauty of the face, and long thick eyelashes make your eyes attractive and beautiful.You may have been using Castor oil before for removing makeup, but you will be shocked to know that castor oil works the best for hair growth.  It not only helps in producing healthy hair but also prevents hair fall.

If you are tired of using those mascaras and other eye makeup products to hide thin eyebrows and eyelashes, then try this magical oil for the re-growth of your hair.

Grow eyelashes and eyebrows

How Castor Oil Works For Hair Re-growth?

Daily application of castor oil improves the health of the hair from root to the end. Castor oil deeply penetrates into the pores and follicles to start hair growth. It is loaded with Omega 9 fatty acids that help in nourishing the hair.

How to Apply Castor Oil?

1. For Eyebrow Thickening

For thick and bold eyebrows massage the hair for 15 minutes when you go to bed at night. Leave the oil on eyebrows overnight for faster growth.

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2. For Eyelashes Growth

To have those attractive long and thick eyelashes, you just have to apply castor oil daily. You can use an old mascara wand to apply oil to the lashes. For the faster growth leave the oil on eyelashes overnight.

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