Just Go for Sunglasses

Just Go for Sunglasses

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Sunglasses have become quite a craze these days and are the –in- thing for the sake of giving a fashion statement. However, it is not only a fashionable object, but it is essential for safeguarding our precious eyes, and there should not be any compromise as far as ensuring the safety of our eyes is concerned.
The harmful UV Rays of the Sun can be extremely dangerous, and it is, therefore, all the more important to save our eyes from them whether it is a normal daily routine or vacationing on a beach. Sunglasses help us to shield from the ill effects of Harmful sun rays, protect dust from entering into our eyes, and even can be a good aid while driving. Sunglasses Decreases Dry Eye Problem caused by environmental factors and decreases eye strain as well.

Despite the general perception that only adults need to wear it-it is equally important to shield the Kids in general as their eyes have increased sensitivity to UV rays especially till the age of 12.


Things to be kept in mind while shopping for Sun Glasses:

Go for a good Brand:

The quality of Sunglasses is critical in protecting our eyes from UV rays or other perils like dust, etc. Good quality sunglasses ensure the right frames for protection from UV rays. Also, scratch-resistant glasses would mean that the vision is clear at all times, thereby removing obstacles for clear viewing. The roadside Sunglasses might look like a steal deal but could end up damaging your eyes more than protecting it.

Don’t go by the Darkness:

Dark Lenses do not necessarily mean that they would be better suited for protection against UV rays. In fact, they can be even more deceptable.So it doesn’t matter whether the glasses are dark or not-All that matters is whether the lenses block UV rays or not. Even Clear lenses can be as good if not better than the dark lenses. The one and only factor to be kept in mind are that the lenses should block the UV Rays.

The Right Shape of Sunglasses:

Do not always fall for something in fashion. Rather go in for frames which best fit your eyes so as to protect the maximum area up to your temples.

The Right Colour:

Grey Colour is usually recommended for farsighted wearers as it tones down brightness while keeping colours natural and unaltered. Brown can be good for people who are nearsighted as it reduces glare and improves contrast.
People with low vision-The recommended colour is Yellow and Amber as it reduces glare but heightens contrast. The lens to go in for contact lens wearers and the far-sighted is Green as it helps to bolster contrast without distorting colours.

So Wear Sunglasses as it will help you and make you feel and look good. Looking for Quality sunglasses with value for money Proposition?

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