How to Protect your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

How to Protect your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

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Need to go outdoors and Scared of being exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun? Don’t be scared. Just follow the regime of how to play safe with sun rays and enjoy the fun in the Sun.


Apply Sunscreen the Right Way:

* Always apply sunscreen and that too in the right way.

* Apply it at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun.

* Use it daily in all weather and every season.

* Use a sunscreen which has an SPF (Sun protection factor) rating of 30 and higher. The rating speaks of how much       time it will give you protection.

* Reapply it at least every two hours or more if you are sweating enough even if your sunscreen is waterproof.

* Be sure that you apply sunscreen all over your body.


Wear Sunglasses to protect yourself from the Harmful Effects of UV Rays:

* Go for the sunglasses which offer 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection.

* Select wraparound sunglasses which will prevent harmful sun rays from entering the frame.

Just Go for Sunglasses

Wear proper Clothes:

* To block the harmful rays of the sun, go for clothes with which you cannot see your hand through.

* Using fabrics can also make you burn, though. So avoid them.

* Wear stylish wide-teemed hats which will block your face from the sun and will make you look elegant.

Use UV protected Cosmetics:

* Use cosmetics that offer UV protection which will help protect your skin against sun exposition.

* Application of cosmetics which have sunscreen in it increases the chances of getting better protection.

Be in the shade Whenever Possible:

This is certainly a bit difficult, especially for the ones who need to travel a lot for professional purposes or are otherwise exposed to a lot of sunshine. But they need to protect their skin to avoid potential risks of skin cancer!

* When you are out in the sun, if possible take frequent breaks by moving indoors or stand in a shady area.

* Try to be in indoors between 11 am to 3 pm as the sun’s rays are strongest during this period.

Supply Ample Liquids to Your Body:

* When you are out in the sun, you need to stay healthy and drinking water is important for staying healthy.

* When you are sweating, your body loses water, so keep drinking water. This helps to maintain the water level of your body and prevents dehydration.

Drinking Water

Pro-tip: You can carry glucose water, during the hot summer days to stay healthy. Also, wash your face and hands frequently to avoid excessive serum secretion.

Natural care for exposed skin:

If you have already damaged your skin enough, here are few simple home remedies, to heal your skin naturally!

* Apply lemon juice on the affected areas and make it stay for twenty minutes and then wash it off. It works as a skin lightener.

* Aloe Vera gel contains natural healing agents. It can be applied to heal sun-exposed skin as it cleanses skin cells naturally.

* Apply soaked green tea bag extracts with the help of a cotton ball over the exposed skin which will help in healing sun damage as it is a rich in anti-oxidants.

* Apply milk on the exposed spots on your skin and let it remain for 15 minutes and then wash it off. It helps in skin lightening and regenerating skin cells as it has lactic acid.

Sun is hot, but it does cool things too! It provides vitamin D through which we absorb calcium into our bodies for strong bones. Follow the regimes of how to play safe with the harmful effects of UV Rays from the sun and protect your skin from the Exposure.

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