Top 5 Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Top 5 Hair Removal Myths Debunked

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Hair growth is inevitable. However, all the lovely women out there know that the chore of shaving equals the pain of waxing. All hair removal techniques have side-effects. While most of us still haven’t found their most favourable hair removal methods, some still don’t indulge in this process because of certain myths. Keep reading to know about the Hair Removal Myths.

Hair Removal Myths That you Need to Know About Now!!

Myths about Hair Removal

Myth 1: Shaving Body and Facial Hair will make the Hair grow back Darker, Thicker and Faster.

Fact: Now this one is the most heard myth of all times. Hair after a shaving session grows back quicker, thicker and darker. How can any object that is blunt or sharp get the ability to bring change to the hair pigment, their growth and thickness? Scientifically, none of the objects has that ability so how can a little shaving blade do so?

Shaving only trims the hair and doesn’t stimulate its growth in any way. It involves cutting the hair that has a tapered end. After cutting, there is no taper. The cut hair, thus, appears to be thicker and less flexible. The hair that has never been cut although seems to appear lighter due to sun exposure and that doesn’t happen because of shaving. The main reason for hair changing their rate of growth, thickness and pigment in some parts of the body is due to the hormonal changes which might take place because of puberty, ageing, PCOS, menopause and other reasons. And in some cases, it might also occur because of mutation. Why blame Shaving for that?

Hair Removal Myths

Myth 2: Shaving is a Great Way to Exfoliate the Body

Fact:  This is one of the most heard hair removal myths. Well-Shaving has nothing to do with exfoliation. Hair removal and shaving are two different things that should be kept separate for better results. One should only use different razors for different parts of the body to prevent cuts and burns and smooth shaves. For example, using a razor on the body that is meant for the face may not work properly because the skin on the face is delicate. Using a body razor on the face may lead to cuts and burns. Exfoliating before and after shaving is a must and a person should not skip this ever.

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Myth 3: If you have curly hair, you will get ingrown Hairs Easily.

Fact: Ingrown hair affects all types of hair and all types of skin. Hairs that cannot escape the follicle wall lead to the formation of ingrown hair. This results in skin irritation and bumps that may or may not be painful. If you get ingrown hair a lot, we recommend you not to try breaking the skin around the follicle. Gently exfoliate in a hot water bath. If it doesn’t lift the hair, then take a few cotton buds and exert pressure to extract the follicle and then pull out the hair with your sterilised tweezers. Consult your doctor if that looks like cystic bump ASAP.

Curly Hair

Myth 4: Waxing leads to stretching the Skin and causes Wrinkles.

Fact: This is quite possible, however, if your salon lady is experienced she knows how to hold the skin tightly and pull the wax strip causing a little movement. If this is done every day, you might get those wrinkles, but none of us does waxing daily right?

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Myth 5: Waxing is always Painful

Fact: No it is not. It depends on the technique by which it is done and the type of your hair. Pulling the hair out whether you’re waxing, plucking, threading or sugaring will be painful. Also, women are known to be more sensitive three days before menstruation, so take that into consideration as well.

The best way to make your waxing session less painful is getting it done on a regular basis, like any meeting in every four weeks. Specifically, because the hair has three different stages and each stage grows at the same pace. We would be bald often if our hair growth had only one stage.
These were some of the most heard Hair Removal Myths that we all have heard in the past. Do not fall into this Myths trap as we have got the facts for you to make an informed decision. So what are you waiting For –Head to the salon and give yourself a hair removal treatment without fear and start looking Stunning and Gorgeous?

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