Hair Removal Methods to get rid of Unwanted Hair

Hair Removal Methods to get rid of Unwanted Hair

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Body and facial hair removal is not a recently developed practice. Since the prehistoric times, humans have been practising hair removal in various forms. The reasons and motives of removing hair have been different in various cultures, during different ages. This blog will give you a generalized idea about the Best Methods to Free Your Body from Unwanted Hair.

With time body hair removal has become an important part of grooming in both men and women; though women are more into it. Today the beauty routine of many beauty-conscious women includes, at least, one or more hair removal techniques for sure.

There are different types of body hair removal methods available nowadays; you might be using one of them as well. It’s always good to know about the best options available.



• Waxing is supposed to be one of the Best Methods to Free Your Body from Unwanted Hair

This is a widely practised method. Warm or cold wax is put over the area with unwanted hair; it’s applied in that direction in which the hair normally grows. After that, a paper strip or cloth is placed over the wax and the same is pressed firmly. Then holding the skin tightly, the strip or cloth is pulled in the direction that’s opposite to the (unwanted) hair growth. This is one of the best techniques because here the hair is ripped out by its follicle, and so the hair grows back very slowly. In the case of coarse or dark hair, this can work wonders. Yes, it is a little painful process, but you get smooth skin for around two to eight weeks (results vary from person to person). In comparison to many other methods, this one is a very economical way of removing body hair. With waxing, hair can be removed from body areas like arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, etc.

• Sugaring

This technique is somewhat like waxing. Here the unwanted hair is carefully grabbed and removed from its root. Normally a thick paste made of lemon, honey and sugar is used in this method. This paste is warmed and applied to the skin towards the direction that’s opposite to hair growth. After that, it’s removed by flicking it off (totally) in the opposite direction (the direction in which the hair grows in that body area). Sugaring is also done with warm gel and muslin strip (or cloth), and this process is almost like waxing. Here too the results can last for two to eight weeks (varies from person to person). This method can be applied to underarms, arms, bikini area, legs, etc. Sugaring is very suitable for sensitive skin.

• Shaving

In this method, hair is removed or cut off at the surface of the skin using a razor (with a sharp blade) or an electric shaver. Shaving is commonly used by men for removing facial hair. However, women also use this method; this can remove hair from any body part (like underarms). It’s an easy and quick technique. The results can last from one to three days.


• Depilatory Creams

These products work by simply dissolving proteins (like keratin) in your hair. Depilatory cream breaks down the structure of the hair. Thus, the hair can be removed after five to ten minutes of its application to a particular body area with unwanted hair. This is a quick and inexpensive process. Its results can last from a few days to a few weeks. Depilatory creams work well on bikini area, underarms, and legs.

• Laser Hair Removal

This technique uses strong light beams to destroy the roots of unwanted hairs. It is one of the best methods to remove body hair as you get real, long-lasting results (very close to permanent removal of hair). It works well on people with light skin and dark hair. Around six to twelve treatments might be needed to get good results. This method can be applied to any part of the body. The treatment should be performed by properly trained professionals in the presence of a doctor.

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• Prescription Creams

One needs to rub this on areas where there is unwanted hair. Though it can’t remove hair, it can slow down the hair growth and can make the newly growing hair softer and finer. These creams can be very helpful when used during laser treatments (for hair removal).

• Electrolysis

In electrolysis, the root of the unwanted hair is destroyed using electric current by inserting a tiny and fine needle inside the hair follicle. It offers long-lasting effects (close to permanent removal of hair). The treatments are done (after) every one to two weeks. This works very well on small areas; for example, chin and upper lip.

• Threading

Threading is done by twisting a single cotton thread around the unwanted hair and pulling the same out right from the root. It’s mainly used to remove hair from smaller areas, like eyebrows. It’s a fast and economical method.

• Tweezing

This method is also suitable for smaller areas, like a face. In this tweezers are used to simply pull out each hair by its root. The tweezed area remains smooth for around three to eight weeks.

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