Simple Tips to Detox your body

Simple Tips to Detox your body

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Detox the body to add that extra glow to your skin and sparkle to your eyes. It also helps improve digestion, enhance energy levels and helps to shed a few extra pounds. Though it may appear to be a fad diet without any grains, milk, alcohol or sugar: it is a great way of losing unwanted weight. The primary purpose of detox your body plan is to shift the load off the vital organs like liver and kidneys that help in detoxifying the body as well as support and improve their performance. So if you are willing to give your body a break or just want to give the detox diet a try- then follow the safe and easy seven-day diet regime.

The first step to detox your body:

You have to look up to your diary first and mark a week where you can have a clean break from events that can hamper your detox processes like a wedding, parties or special occasion invitations. It is common to experience a cleansing reaction during the first two to three days of detox that may include frequent headaches and loose bowel movements. This is mainly caused due to the sudden withdrawal of certain food and stimulation of detoxifying organs. However, the intensity of the symptoms should be reduced within the first 24 to 48 hours.

Say no to:

Alcohol, cigars, dairy products other than a small amount of unsweetened yoghurt, all types of sweeteners like sugar, honey, maple syrup and artificial sweeteners should be strictly avoided. Also say no to dry fruits, coffee and all sorts of grains starting from wheat to oats.

Say yes to:

You can enjoy any and every fresh fruit, veggie, fish either canned or fresh, lean meat or chicken twice a week, legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils. Eat eggs, fresh almonds, cashews, macadamias, walnuts, unsalted sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds to your heart’s content. But don’t forget to have your share of green tea, white tea and lots of water.

Post Workout Meal

Your fitness plan for a week:-

Lime juice each morning: While this may sound like an oldie, it’s a goodie to give your body system the start it needs to cleanse and improve digestion. So squeeze the juice of half lemon in a cupful of warm water. This is the first thing to intake before having a healthy breakfast.

Work the stress out: You should aim to exercise for one hour daily. Not just mild work out but preferably cardio that would make you pant for breath. You may also jog along the beach, spin class, boxing, hot yoga or walking uphill. Vigorous workout increases blood and oxygen circulation, the flow of lymph and sweats harmful toxins out of the body.

Have raw food: Try to cut down the cooking process and mainly thrive on raw food. Even when you want to have cooked food, you can simply boil them or sauté in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil or unprocessed coconut oil. The nutrients and enzyme content in raw food gets reduced by cooking them. You should also add lots of fresh sprouts to your daily meal. Try to chew each mouthful of food for at least ten to twelve times before you swallow them. If you are mindful while eating, it can improve your digestion, allows you to have a sense of fullness without having to eat more than necessary.

Detoxing your mind: While you are all set to detoxify your body, you should also think of cleansing your mind by clearing out the clutter that has been accumulated over time. You should start your day with 15 minutes of meditation, and in case you are unaware of how to meditate, you can try belly breathing. You will just have to place your palm down on the lower belly. Simply breathe in through your nose to slow 3 to 4 counts. You can feel your tummy rise with the breath: then just breathe out very slowly and allow the tummy to drop. Doing this every day for at least 15 minutes helps to detoxify the mind to a great extent.

Benefits of Meditation

Drink a lot of water: Your aim should be to intake at least three litres of fluid every day. This helps in lymph movement that aids in kidney detoxification. If plain water seems to be boring, then you may choose from fresh vegetable juice, pure spring water and herbal detox teas. You can even brew your drink by combining one or more ingredients like Cleavers, Dandelion root and nettle, calendula, red clover and burdock. An easy mix can be made by mixing a teaspoonful of dried herbs to a cup of boiling water.

Brush the body daily: Doing this regularly would support skin detoxification and increase circulation. Take a natural fibre body brush or loofah and brush your skin with firm circular strokes before stepping into the shower. Begin from your feet and arms, moving upwards but avoiding the delicate areas of the face and throat as well as any sore or rash. Rinse your body thoroughly under the shower and end your bath with a one- minute burst cold water that helps to rejuvenate the blood circulation to the skin.

Detoxifying your body helps to fight back the pollution and allergens around us. They’re wandering in the air and causing various allergy symptoms like red and puffy eyes, nasal congestion and breathing issues. So start following these easy steps to recuperate and feel healthier and younger than ever.

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