Best 6 Tips To Grow A Beard Faster than Ever!

Best 6 Tips To Grow A Beard Faster than Ever!

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Earlier, moustaches and beard were regarded as a source of pride whereas having a thick beard is a popular trend nowadays. You might have noticed boys with a thick dark beard on their faces. Well, you might be thinking that why would anyone need any tips to grow a beard, it’s a natural occurrence! But it’s not the case! Some boys badly want to have that thicker beard on their face, but unfortunately, not all the men are blessed with fast-growing facial hair. Some people may struggle with slow-growing or patchy whiskers.

The rate of growth of facial hair depends on genetics mostly. But hey! You are not the only one who is searching for a solution as to how to grow a beard, there are a lot of people like you, and you’ll be surprised to know that ‘grow a beard faster’ is one of the most searched phrases on Google nowadays! We can completely understand how badly you want to have a beard and this is why we have summed up some of the easy tips to grow a beard faster than ever!


Tips to Grow A Beard:

1. Take Care Of Your Skin

Taking good care of the skin is equally important for men and women. Do you often wash your face with hot water? Do you take Hot Showers and Baths? Well, if you do so, stop doing it right now as doing this can cause the skin to dry prematurely, which may be the possible reason for hindering facial hair growth in your case. Make sure you exfoliate your skin once a week to remove the dead cells and stimulate hair growth. The removal of dead skin can help stimulate new hair growth. You can try out an exfoliating mask and do not worry you don’t have to devote much time for the same. You can apply the exfoliating mask product on your face and can leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it. Do not forget the post washing things, use a good moisturiser after you clean your face. Wash and Clean your face regularly as clean skin encourages small hair to grow. So start pampering your skin as it needs it!

Beard2. Avoid Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a tough task for few of you, and we are not going to repeat the same line “smoking is injurious to health” again and again.!Smoking has a strong effect on ageing, and It can similarly affect your hair growth! How? Smoking can impair the circulation, and thereby can decrease the capillary blood flow to the root of the hair and this results in the cells being denied the optimum requirements for healthy growth. So are you going to kick the habit today?

3. Keep A Check On Ingrown Hair

You should always keep a tab on ingrown hair. Now, you may ask what is this ingrown hair! You don’t have to be confused, it’s just a tweezed or shaved hair growing back into the skin, or you may notice a condition where your hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin and they do not rise from the skin. The problem of ingrown hair is most common among people with curly hair. Make sure that you check your face for ingrown hair as your beards won’t be able to grow evenly if there is an ingrown hair.

For preventing this ingrown hair, take a wet washcloth and rub your face every day in a circular motion or you can use an exfoliating scrub to tease out any stubborn ingrown hair. Make sure you shave using a single-bladed and sharp razor and do not forget to apply a lubricating gel before shaving.

4. Make Some Healthy Changes In Your Diet

Well, you do not have to follow some hard and fast rules, just keep in mind that you are incorporating vitamin B into your daily intake and including the beauty products with vitamin B will also be good for you. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are beneficial for you if want your facial hair to grow faster than ever. Try adding some more protein to your diet; you can include meat, fish, nuts and eggs in your diet that will help in growing facial hair faster.

Healthy Avocado salad

Eating a healthy nutritional diet as doing so is of great importance. Do not forget to give attention to fruits and vegetables as you can not make your hair grow if your body is not getting proper nutrition. Veggies and fruits can be your best friends if you want to grow a beard faster as they provide several of the vitamins and minerals.

5. Use Amla Oil

It is a natural way to increase facial hair growth. You can gently massage your skin with amla oil and then leave it there for around 20 minutes. Now, you can rinse your face with cold water and clean it after you wash your face properly.

Amla for Hair

6. Avoid Trimming Very Often

Okay, we understand you love your beard, but you do not need to groom your beard every day, avoid cutting and shaping your hair very often. Make sure you trim your beard when it is full-grown.

So, these are some of the tips to grow a beard. Apart from these, there are a lot of supplements available in the market that can help you grow a beard, for example, taking biotin can increase the growth of hair, and you can Buy it from Fllipkart or a health food shop. 2.5 gm of biotin is recommended to have an increase in your beard. Do not forget to give proper attention to your sleep as sleeping well can help repair damaged skin cells which lead to growth in your beard.

We hope you enjoyed reading these best 6 tips to grow a beard and Hope you got all your questions answered. Now you can follow these tips to grow a beard on your face, and you can even share a word with others to help them get a beard.

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