How Hair Perm can lead to hair fall

How Hair Perm can lead to hair fall

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Since the last so many years, not many changes have happened with hair styling. Hairdressing or styling is not a fancy that has grabbed the human attention only in this 21st century. It dates back to the era when the habitats of ancient Greece used to apply bleach and even preferred using harsh soaps to lighten the hair colour and give them a red texture, for they believed red symbolised honour and courage. Even the Romans in the 1st century used a dye made from boiled leeks and walnuts to get their hair coloured dark. This trend has hit the youngsters of this generation who love to experiment with their hair, applying different styles, colours, or even getting them straight or even curled by going in for Hair Perm

Hair Perming

Understanding the term ‘Perm’:

A perm is what we call a chemical hair treatment to have permanently straight or curly hair. Hair perm therapy is a two-way process involving the physical wrapping of the hair and a chemical bath used to transform the disulphide bonds of the hair. But before you opt for perming, it is important to know the texture of your hair and understand the risks involved with the therapy to prevent hair fall.

Perming-straightening and curling:

• Researchers have found that while girls with curly hair want to get them straight and silky, those with straight hair desire to get them curled. As discussed earlier; hair straightening and curling is a two-way process involving the use of a lot of heat and chemicals which generate some amount of cystic acid resulting in the destruction of about 20% of the hair. The application of excessive heat tends to damage the scalp weakening the hair follicles and opening the pores. In this process, while hair loses its texture and elasticity; damage is caused to the cuticle which ensures its breakage and split ends. Forming of steam within the hair shaft is another reason for hair fall and hair breakage.
• Thinning of the hair is another negative side of perming. Constant use of hair straighteners and curlers expose the hair to the heat leading to hair fall lessening the number of hairs with high chances of making you bald. Hair fall from the follicle may result if the timing of your perming coincides with the gradual onset of female pattern hair loss. This condition is a treatable genetic effect resulting from the condition as hair trauma.

Other problems caused by Hair Perm:

Problems related to perms is not only limited to hair fall. The use of perms and relaxers has proven to be harmful to your overall health. Accidental ingestion of potassium hydroxide while perming may result in burns in your mouth and throat, severe stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and even death. It is time to be aware of perms. Though the pictures of silky straight hair or curls may tempt you, the risks involved with it are priceless. Hair breakage restricted the growth of hair, infection of the scalp, hair thinning and other health disorders resulting from perms might turn out to be a great price for you to pay for getting your hair curled or straighten. Dermatologist advises opting for natural alternatives to get straight hair. It is always important to look good and feel good from the heart than getting your health and hair troubled with artificial beauty treatments and therapies.

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