9 Timeless Hair Care Tips For All!

9 Timeless Hair Care Tips For All!

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Are you taking good care of your hair? Don’t you feel confident when you have your good hair day? You do, right? We never forget to add a “good hair day” caption that day! Shiny and strong hair has become the envy of peers. So, all the college peeps out there, do not forget to keep all these tips in mind! Doing so can surely add a few more likes and comments on your photos. Not only women, but men should also make some efforts to keep their hair in good health. We all want to have shiny and glossy hair but are we doing anything to let them shine? We know you would love to have that lustre and shine in your hair! So, here we present these simple and timeless hair care tips to have beautiful hair!

What makes your hair look dull? Lack of proper care and unhealthy eating are the two perfect answers for the question! And if you want to beat all the hair related problems, follow these easy but beneficial hair care tips to keep your hair in good health! Read on to know about these five timeless hair care tips.

Best Hair Care Tips:

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair very often can damage your hair, and you would never want that to happen, right? Wash your hair every alternate day or may be you can manage a gap of 2 days between every wash? But why? Here’s the answer, It’s essential for the proper regulation of natural hair oils. Now, that doesn’t mean not washing them for months will get you gorgeous hair! You can’t even do it, right? But washing them less frequently can help regain your hair’s natural body and lustre.

2. Shampooing

There are different hair types like oily, dry and combination that require different shampoos, so make sure you choose your hair type shampoo wisely. Do you have dry hair? Do not skip a hot oil massage session half an hour before shampooing if you want your hair to shine! Make sure you dilute shampoo with water instead of using it directly on your scalp. You can rinse the shampoo within 30 seconds of applying it.


3. Egg Treatment

You can add eggs to your hair care regime for sure! You can use the entire egg to condition your hair. Do you want to get rid of brittle or dry hair? Eggs are just going to help you here! You can use egg whites to moisturise your hair, and you can easily get rid of brittle hair. What you have to do is, just take ½ cup of egg (entire) and you can directly apply it on your hair. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Using eggs are one of the most effective hair care tips that you can try today to notice the beautiful change in your hair.

Egg Mask

 4. Do Not Use heat styling tools on Wet Hair

Applying heat to wet hair scorches it and can damage your follicles. And the solution is simple: make sure your hair is completely dry before using a heat product!

5. Do Not brush out knots Roughly

Quickly brushing out a knot can result in damaged strands. Apply a little conditioner and use your fingers to carefully detangle your hair before gently combing it to avoid unneeded ripping and tearing.

6.Blow-dryer overkill 

Prolonged, direct heat on your hair can result in some severely scorched strands! To avoid burning, move your blow dryer constantly around your head while you use it to prevent hair damage.

7.Rough Towel Drying

Vigorous towel drying results in broken follicles and frizz. Try blotting your hair with a towel to soak up the dampness and do it gently.

Selecting The Best Shampoo For Your Hair

8. Night Care

Before heading to bed, why not spend a few minutes for pampering your hair? Brush your hair gently to get rid of the tangles and knots that usually get accumulated during the day. Do not forget to tie your hair into a loose ponytail to prevent tangles after brushing. And if you are going to wash your hair the next morning, do not skip the oil hair massage.

9. Diet

A healthy diet can help you improve the health of your hair. You should take proper vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth. Try including vitamin B12 rich foods in your diet as well as fish and eggs to help your hair grow. And surprisingly even people facing baldness can also reduce hair fall by following a proper diet.

So if you want luscious hair (or aim at a more ambitious goal, such as having the longest hair in the world)  incorporate these best hair care tips in your beauty regime. Why rely on those expensive bottles of shampoo that promise to make your hair shiny when you have some natural tips? Eat a balanced and nutritious diet, take a good night’s sleep and most importantly love your hair!! Start spending a few minutes on your hair if you want them to love you back!

So show your locks some love. And of course, if you have any concerns about the health of your hair, take time off from your schedule to speak to a dermatologist ! and do not forget that you can also fall back on your neighbourhood  Beauty Salons to help you get that lovely hair.

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