5 minute makeup routine

Simple and Quick Steps for a 5 Minute Makeup Routine

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Every girl loves to apply makeup and flaunt their beauty. But, admit it girls we are a bit lazy, aren’t we? Yes, most of us are! When it comes to makeup, most of the time girls end up applying just kohl and lipstick because they do not have much time. But, what if we tell you that you can get a perfect look in just 5 minutes? Well, yes it is right! Today, we are going to share ten simple steps for a 5 minute makeup routine. Excited, aren’t yo. Read more...

Lip Care Tips

Lip Care Tips Every Woman Should Try

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Lips are the essential component of one’s face. Almost all of the girls love wearing lip shades of all kinds- bright, nudes, pastels, etc. No lipstick can give your lips the exact colour and a perfect pout if you don't take care of them. Lips should be taken care of not only in winters but all seasons. Your lips have to face a lot.They get dried up, cracked, split, sunburnt, swollen and most commonly they become darker. Are you already sufferin. Read more...

Tips To Grow A Beard

Best 6 Tips To Grow A Beard Faster than Ever!

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Earlier, moustaches and beard were regarded as a source of pride whereas having a thick beard is a popular trend nowadays.You might have noticed boys with a thick dark beard on their faces.Well, you might be thinking that why would anyone need any tips to grow a beard, it’s a natural occurrence! But it’s not the case! Some boys badly want to have that thicker beard on their face, but unfortunately, not all the men are blessed with fast-growin. Read more...

Prevent Skin Diseases

Effective Tips to Prevent Skin Diseases this Monsoon!

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The cool breeze, the cloudy weather and the soothing rain drops make everyone love the rainy season. But, the downside of this season is that it brings along a host of infections and skin diseases. While we enjoy getting wet in the rain, we forget that the monsoon shower actually harms our skin to a great extent; leading to various skin problems. Thus, to prevent skin diseases; you must be cautious. Yes, it is right that monsoon showers help u. Read more...

Skin Care

10 Night Skin Care Routine Tips to wake up Pretty!

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Every girl wants to wake up looking like a beautiful princess every morning. Every girl dreams of getting a flawless, glowing skin just like her favourite actress. Well, if you want to look beautiful all day, you must take care of your skin in the morning as well as night. Most girls put in efforts to look their best when they go out in the morning, but when they come back from office or college, they just go to sleep without doing anything for t. Read more...

Stop Hair Fall

Essential Tips to Stop Hair Fall in the Rainy Season

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We all love the rainy season. But this season loses its charm when it starts damaging our hair. Hair fall is a common problem in the rainy season. Monsoon is the season when you have to be a bit extra careful about your hair as dirty rain water, acid rain and humidity in the air can damage your hair. Thus, you need to take some preventive measures during the rainy season to stop hair fall and keep your hair healthy. Here are some Sim. Read more...

Homemade Skin Toners

How to Make Homemade Skin Toners for Glowing Skin?

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Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing are essential for skin care. You may think that just cleansing can make your skin look glowing, but you must know that cleansing and toning go hand-in-hand. Do you think cleansing clears your face properly? Well, it doesn’t! Cleansing alone is not enough to remove all the impurities from the face, and thus you must use a toner to remove the dirt that your face collects throughout the day. And the best part is . Read more...

Messy Bun

Quick and Easy Messy Bun Updos for Lazy Girls

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Are you someone who doesn’t like doing too much to the hair, mostly because you are running late, lazy and believe in keeping it simple? Most of us may feel that their hair isn't good enough for any hairstyle, so they just tie them up as a ponytail or let them flow. We give you the best Hair up-do Messy bun styles for days when you want to add that something to your look without putting much effort. Messy Bun Updos for all Types of Hair. Read more...