Hair Damage Issue

Discover the Best ways to Prevent Hair Damage Now !

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It is the desire of each and every individual to have a silky, lustrous and smooth Hair and all crave for it. A Healthy Hair is believed to be the byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. In our quest for having great Hair Styles, we at times end up doing things which could result in Hair Damage and we are not aware of it. What is your Hair made up of? Hair is made up of protein filaments which grow from the follicles found in our skin. The s. Read more...

Eyeliner to Transform your Look

Apply an Eyeliner to Transform your Look!

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Eyeliner is simply a cosmetic which is applied around the contours of the eyes to define and beautify them. An eyeliner transforms your look and makes your eyes more beautiful and attractive. Everybody is so obsessed with selfie these days, and love flaunting whatever they do! Do you want to have perfect selfies like you friends? You just don’t need to worry, just apply some eyeliner to enhance your look, and get ready for an eye catchy and fla. Read more...

Causes of Split Ends

What are the Causes of Split Ends?

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Split ends can turn into a nightmare for any woman. When you see split ends, you know you have to visit a Salon to get a haircut. However, you must know that dry, frizzy hair is not to be mistaken as split ends. What are Split Ends? Split ends, also known as trichoptilosis are the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft which occurs due to various reasons. Split ends are considered as a type of hair damage that generall. Read more...

Homemade Scrubs

Top 3 Homemade Scrubs to Pamper your Skin!

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Preparing homemade scrubs is not that tough! You just have to put a little effort, and your homemade scrub is ready. A lot of scrubs are available in the market but why don’t we prepare it at home if that can be easy and save some good amount of money? Looking good is not an easy task, it is an art, it is a challenge that we face in everyday life. Be it a man or a woman, who does not like to look good and attractive? We truly believe in natural. Read more...

Face Serum

Are You Aware of Face Serum and Its Uses?

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Are you someone who is a proud owner of so many face serums but have no idea about what a face serum does? We bet, you must have read some of these contradictions atleast once: It's moisturising, but you still use a moisturizer. Is it a moisturiser? Can I skip using a moisturiser? It feels oily, but it's not face oil, etc. There are so many contradictions regarding Face Serums. Let’s get into the details real quick. What exactly is a Face . Read more...

Bollywood Celeb

Top Beauty Secrets of Famous Indian Celebrities Unveiled!

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Ever got an opportunity to meet any celebrity? They look even more beautiful and gorgeous than they appear to be on the television. What does it take to look beautiful like the leading beauties of Bollywood? Well, looking good is not entirely nature’s act. Do you want to know why they look so stunning? Apart from makeup, these gorgeous ladies follow some solid . Read more...

Indian Fashion Myths

Fashion Myths That You Should Definitely Avoid!

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“You are overweight, you should not wear western dresses”. "An Indian married woman looks good in ethnic attire only” have you ever been in a conversation with anyone regarding any of these statements? If yes, then don't worry, we are going to untangle few famous fashion myths like these! We often imitate others unconsciously; we may just wear something we saw other people wearing. But why do we have to copy and follow some other person?. Read more...

Amla for Hair Care

Indian Gooseberry | How to use Amla for Hair Care?

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To get beautiful skin and hair; most people tend to rely on products available in the market. But, what many people don’t know is that they can get shiny, long hair by using one of the ingredients that have countless benefits; and that is Indian Gooseberry (Amla). Amla for Hair Care can be used in a variety of ways. How can you Use Amla for Hair Care? 1. Amla to treat Dandruff Problem Amla is loaded with Vi. Read more...