Revealing the most popular types of hair extensions!

Revealing the most popular types of hair extensions!

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Hey amigos! Are you looking to make some changes in your look? Do you want to experiment with your hair but confused about what all can you do? Well, Hair extensions have always been an excellent option for those thinking to make a change in their looks and have become all the rage now! There are so many types of hair extensions these days that people get confused about which one to choose.

But do all of us know what hair extensions are? Well, let’s quickly discuss what exactly they are! Hair extensions or hair integrations are used to add some amount of volume as well as length to one’s hair. Hair extensions can be made of natural or man-made hair. Natural hair extensions are the best quality as the cuticle for hair is preserved, and all the hair run in one direction which gives it a pretty natural look! But as their quality is really good, you may find them drilling a hole in your pocket.


Comparatively, Synthetic hair extensions are less expensive than the natural one and so is the quality. So, in case, you are tight on your budget, go for them! Reasons to wear them can be different for all but one thing which is common for everyone is, that it truly adds a new colour to your overall appearance! If you’ve been searching for such an option, you’ve knocked the right door then! Todays’ article is all about the most popular types of hair extensions and also their pros and cons. So, you are going to get all the information under one roof.

Before jumping to the different types of hair extensions, let’s be very clear about one thing that not only celebs, models and high profile people go for hair extensions, but also the people who have lost their hair go for hair extensions! Anyone who loves to go with the trend and latest style is open to give them a try! Read on to know about the most amazing types of hair extensions available!

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What are the different types of hair extensions?

1. Tape-In hair extensions

Well, the name of the hairstyle says it all! If you are looking for some temporary hairstyle, then go for tape-in hair extensions! Tape-in hair extensions come in wefts that require to be pre-taped and then taped together on either side of your hair. Tape-in hair extensions have weft with double or single-sides polyurethane tape tabs which are cut to fit its size. These can quickly be put on in a couple of hours, usually takes way less time than any other method. These extensions come with a range of length ranging from somewhere between 1.5 to 8 inches long.


-This is the fastest method of applying for hair extensions as it needs less time than any other method and is easy to apply.
-There’s minimal damage to hair.
-Gives a natural look as they lay flat against your head
-These can be reused for 6-8 weeks after being removed.

tape extension2


-You need to avoid any sort of activity that can cause you to sweat as the adhesive on the tape needs to cure for 24-48 hours
-No use of oil or any other silicone based product
-You may feel discomfort while tying up your hair when extensions are in

2. Clip-In hair extensions

Is having long hair one of your wishes? Clip-in hair extensions are all you need then! Another type of hair extensions is clip-in hair extensions which are wefts of hair that come with clips attached to them at the top. These extensions can be easily removed and put back on whenever you need and hence become the least permanent extensions. Also, they can come in length from 2-8 inches.


-Easy to apply and takes just 15-20 minutes
-Can be easily put and removed
-Comes in multiple colours and styles


-Are least permanent
-Can’t sleep with them and they need to be removed before going to bed

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3. Weaving

Weaving is another one such type of hair extensions wherein a horizontal cornrow in hair is created, the natural hair is braided into a cornrow first, and then your hair extensions are sewed into it with the help of a cotton thread and a needle. Weave hair extensions are usually used for people with thick hair as these require more hair to mask as well as because of the way they are applied. Unlike the other two we just discussed above, the weave application involves a lot of time and is a quite lengthy process. Another reason for being used on thick hair is that these are applied tightly which puts a strain on the scalp and not generally used for thin and lighter hair. Weaving is a quite technical method that needs a trained hairdresser or professional. If you are looking for a permanent sort of option, just go for it!


-The most permanent and seamless type of hair extensions
-Reduces the damage of hair as no heat or glue is used
-Ideal for thick hair
-Adds good volume

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-Not suitable for people with thin and light hair
-Puts a strain on the scalp
-May result in discomfort and heaviness and can cause a headache
-Special care and maintenance is required
-Proper washing is needed, if not done may develop a bacterial infection
-Require professionals to get it removed
-Limit your styling option

4. Hot Fusion hair extensions

Hot fusion hair extensions are one such type of hair extensions that are also quite technical and need well trained professional. The process begins with a keratin U-tip bond lined with silicone to be attached to the extension. Then, with the help of a heating tool, the extension is bonded to the root of your hair. You must be confused why silicone? The answer is here! The silicone lining protects hair from heat damage and which is why it is a part of this method.


-Stays in for a more extended period, about six months
-Seamless and natural look

hair 2


-Time-consuming, takes around 6-8 hours
-A headache, itching or discomfort may be there for a few days
-For attachment, heat application is required, which can cause damage to your hair
-Requires well-trained professionals

5. Cold Fusion hair extensions

Quite similar to the hot fusion hair extensions, cold fusion differs with hot fusion as it comes with pre-tipped with a keratin bases polymer that needs to be attached at the root of your hair.
It does not need any heat application, but a highly-professional would be recommended to avoid any sort of hair damage and problems.


-Reduces the chances of hair damage as no heat application is done
-Blends well with natural hair


-Chances of hair breakage due to the use of hair clamping tool
-The hair extensions can’t be re-used
-A headache or irritation may be there for a few days

So, these were the five best types of hair extensions you can try! Be a bit careful while selecting the type of hair extensions. For example, if you have thin hair, avoid opting any hair extension which needs thick hair or more volume. Once you measure all the pros and cons of all the type of hair extensions, make a suitable choice!

No need to muddle along, you are all set to go with your favourite hair extensions! You can try any of the types of hair extensions and look drop-dead gorgeous. Are you ready to smash the stigma attached to it that only celebs and models go for it? Are you prepared to step forward to greet your new look? Then, search for a well-trained hair professional and let that happen!

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