Quick Ways to Grow Thick Eyebrows

The 5 Best and Quick Ways to Grow Thick Eyebrows in 5 Days

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Bold and thick eyebrows enhance the beauty of your face. Many people get their eyebrows done to have perfectly shaped eyebrows, while there are others who use an eyebrow pencil to highlight their eyebrows. But, what if you could grow thick eyebrows in just five days at your home? A bit shocking right? Well, there are many ways to grow thick eyebrows within a week. Let us go through each tip one by one. . Read more...

How to get rid of whiteheads

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads in 15 Minutes at Home?

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Whiteheads are a form of acne that is formed due to clogging of the skin pores with dirt, oil, grime, dead skin cells and sebum. They usually appear on the nose, temples, cheeks and foreheads. They appear yellowish or white in colour. Nobody likes to have whiteheads on their skin, but they can pop up anywhere and anytime. So, what to do if you have whiteheads? How to get rid of whiteheads quickly? Well, there are some home remedies that work effe. Read more...

How to remove upper lip hair

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair in 20 Minutes Naturally at Home?

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Getting upper lip done at a salon is one of the most painful experiences in a woman’s life. What if we told you that you do not need to go to beauty salon every time you want to get upper lip done? Shocked, right? Well, don’ t be! There are some natural and painless ways to remove upper lip hair instantly. Want to know ‘How to Remove Upper Lip Hair?’ Well, here are the tips to get rid of upper lip hair in just 20 minutes. . Read more...

How to Remove Tan

How to Remove Tan from the Skin in Just 15 Minutes?

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Beauty attracts everyone, and that is why people take proper care of their skin to look gorgeous always. But, the scorching heat of the summer season leads to sun tanning which makes our skin look dull. During the summer season, people have a common question- ‘How to Remove Tan from the Skin?’ Here are top remedies to remove sun tan from the skin in just 15 minutes. How to Remove Tan from the Skin Instantly? . Read more...

Dark feet

How to Whiten Feet in 20 Minutes?

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Dark marks on feet can put you in embarrassment. Our feet remain exposed most of the time. Hence, they get darker than the skin on other parts of our bodies. Do you want to know ‘How to whiten feet instantly?’ Here are some effective tips to lighten your feet in just 20 minutes. . Read more...

Avoid Skin and Hair Damage

Holi 2018: Here are Expert Tips to Avoid Skin and Hair Damage

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The festival of colours is here, and people are ready with colours and ghujiyas to celebrate the festival with full zeal. Its true that Holi brings an abundance of joy in people’s lives; however, along with joy and happiness, it also brings many skin and hair infections. According to dermatologists, the toxic colours used to play Holi can cause skin allergies, rashes, redness, and also elevate existing allergies. The colours contain harmful che. Read more...

How to get rid of whiteheads

10 Awesome Tips to get rid of Whiteheads

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Blackheads can be very irritating and then if you encounter whiteheads it can be even more irritating and troublesome.The fact of the matter is that they look plain ugly on the skin. For some lucky people, whiteheads last for short periods. But for those who are not among those lucky ones, stick on to this article till the end as you are about to discover the secret of how to Get Rid of Whiteheads in just 15 minutes. [google_add] Tips to . Read more...

Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears And Nose

Best 8 Tips To Take Care of Your Newly Pierced Ears and Nose

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Earlier, Piercing had a traditional value whereas it has become more of a style nowadays. In most of the Asian countries, Piercing is an important part of their tradition and culture, and you won’t believe girls were even forced to get their ears and nose pierced sometimes.The scenario has completely changed today; now people are so much in love with this piercing trend that they do not care about the pain and problems they may face during and . Read more...