Refreshing Tips to Maintain your Hair Colour Perfectly

Refreshing Tips to Maintain your Hair Colour Perfectly

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Keeping Trendy Hair Colour is very much in vogue these days. From school-going adolescents who love to innovate and experiment with new stuff, to the elderly people who are more eager to conceal those grey strands, everyone seems to be deeply in love with the concept of colouring the tresses. There is no better way to prepare for a special occasion than getting a fresh coat of rich, shiny hair colour from the beauty parlour that provides you with a whole new look! But it is equally important to realise the fact that proper aftercare is an absolute necessity to retain the vibrant look and prevent the colour from fading away. So here we discuss the significance of taking care of hair after going in for Hair ColourBanner-Aug19

The Craze for Colours:

From burgundy to deep red to purple, mahogany, chocolate, chestnut browns, pink and even green, your wild imagination is the limit when it comes to picking a colour for your crowning glory. But unless you give due weight age to a proper follow-up regime, the colour won’t last for long, and you will find yourself rushing to the parlour in no time to invest in a fresh session of dyeing. Imagine the amount of stress and the regular exposure to chemicals that your tresses have to endure if you go for frequent colouring.

When you spend a bundle of money getting your hair coloured, you would want it to look as good as new for as long as it possibly can. In today’s day and age, there are no boundaries in hair colour. No matter how much we try to keep up with Vogue, we lose the battle in trying to maintain our natural self. Because of the chemicals used hair colour causes immense damage to our hair, which further causes the hair colour to fade quickly.

How can we prevent this from happening? Here are some Refreshing tips which will help to keep your hair colour for as long as you possibly can.

Healthy Hair Tips

1. Shampoing :

After colouring your hair, it is better to stay away from shampoos and give more emphasis to the deep conditioning of your hair. Since shampoos are not free from chemicals, and shampooing involves vigorous rinsing of the hair using a lot of water, there are high chances that your strands will get stripped of its layer of colour with every wash. Especially hot water causes the molecules of colour to slip away without much effort. It is essential to keep your hair clean and bouncy, but you will end up losing a bit of colour with every wash. Selecting the right shampoo is vital here. Stick to the ones which are gentler and specially formulated for dyed hair, completely free from sulfates.

2. Conditioning :

just as shampooing, using colour protect conditioning is very important. Conditioning makes hair look shinier and smoother. Colour protect shampoo tend to make the hair dry and this causes split ends, to avoid dryness conditioner is a must.

3.Keeping it Nourished:

Hair straightening, as well as colouring, often leads to dryness of hair, which might trigger a few signs of damage in the long run. So it is extremely important to keep your hair well-nourished and healthy at all times. Some natural ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, and avocado extracts have excellent moisturizing properties that will leave your hair soft and hydrated. Shielding your hair against excessive heat prevents damage and dryness. Prior to your hair styling sessions which might involve the use of blow dryers and straightening irons, it is advisable to use a protective spray that will not permit heat to damage your coloured strands.

Hot Oil

Hot oil treatment is one of the ancient forms of maintaining hair colour. Warming clean coconut or almond oil and applying the Lukewarm oil on the hair, not only helps the hair to maintain the colour but also helps in hair growth. This form of treatment may be an old form of treatment, but surely one of the most effective one.

4. Avoid heat to maintain Hair Colour :

Avoid using blow dryers, curler and straightness. Too much of heat causes dryness in the hair that in turn causes the colour to dry and split ends. It is important that you use stylers which protect from heat. This will ensure the longevity of the hair colour.

5. Temperature :

it is important to turn the temperature down while taking a shower. Avoid washing your hair with hot water; make sure that water is Luke warm when you wash your hair.

6.Protecting against Damage:

Do not forget to invest in some reliable UV guard hair sprays that protect the colour from getting faded away due to those harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Fashionable hats and scarves would be great options if you are planning to visit the beach. If you are into swimming, you must take special precautions before taking the plunge since swimming pools contain strong chemicals like chlorine which might affect the hair colour.

There is no need to stress over how long your hair colour will last. Following these simple steps will ensure that your hair colour will not only last long but help your hair to maintain proper health. You can colour your hair to perfection but maintain the perfectly coloured hair for as long as you can is the actual challenge.

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Using Natural Ingredients as Hair Colour

Remember that common colouring item are widely different from the chemicals that are used as colouring items. They don’t typically keep going for several months; as a result, you might have to undergo the process frequently. However, unlike the harmful chemicals, they don’t have the capacity to change your normal colour totally, and the shading may be somewhat unique about what you envisioned. It might require some investment and a trial and error procedure, to get the colour you are searching for, however, in the interim, you’ll be benefiting something for your precious hair. Here we talk about Four ingredients which can be used as Hair colour Naturally.

1. Coffee:

Coffee is known to work extraordinarily in case you are hoping to transform the spread silver hair or add measurement to dull tresses. All you need to do is just blend solid coffee, give it a chance to cool, and after that blend one glass with a conditioner and two spoons of the crushed coffee beans.

Apply this mixture, after cleaning your hair and leave it untouched for at least an hour or so. If you utilise apple juice vinegar to wash, it will enable the shading last more. You might need to rehash the procedure a few times to get desirable results.

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2. Tea

Much like coffee, dark tea can offer you the best solution, when you are looking for a dark colour, and can likewise cover silver hair. If you have lighter hair, there are different sorts of tea you can utilise, to achieve the desired results. Chamomile, for instance, is suggested for the blondes, while Rooibos is ideally recommended for the red coloured hair.

It is worth mentioning here that that tea works best with the regular shading. It doesn’t have the capacity to completely change the shades. Be that as it may, dark tea can obscure blonde hair, while chamomile can help it. The more you leave it on the hair, the more discernible the shading will be. However, you may also opt for regular applications.

How to get the best results from tea:
Opt for 3-5 teabags for about a glass of water. You can simply apply the cooled tea to your hair or blend with conditioner. Because they are safe, many people prefer to apply them directly. In case you’re trying to cover greys, blend them with some of the new or dried sage. They will open up the hair follicles.

Leave it on your hair for at least 60 minutes. As mentioned before, the more you leave it, the chances are that you will get a decent shade. You may also cover your head with a bathing cap, to keep it overnight and wash it off the next day. Consider your shading to figure out what power you require.

3. Herbs as a Hair Colour:

Contingent upon what colouring is required, you can utilise an assortment of herbs to accomplish it. Below are a few recommendations, contingent upon what your common shading is:

• Red hair: Opt for Calendula, rose hips, marigold, as well as hibiscus to enhance the shade or include a couple of red highlights to make it appealing. Their overall impacts are aggregate—on the off chance that you continue utilising the colour frequently, you will see more shading. Stew the blooms in water for around 30 minutes, strain them and leave for cooling. After that pour it straight on hair and leave it untouched.

• Brunette/dim hair: Rosemary, sage or Bramble are all extraordinary herbs for dull hair. Apply them with the same method, and leave them for at least an hour.
You can likewise utilise the wash day by day after taking a bath. It is important to be persistent; it might take a few days to see a distinction.

• Blonde hair: Apart from chamomile tea you can likewise try Calendula, saffron, marigold, or even sunflower petals. To stow away, silvers attempt rhubarb root in some water. After that stew and strain, and pour all over your hair.

Tip: Adding up black tea with it, enhances the hues and protects it for a relatively long time; while, Catnip is recommended for the lighter hues.

4. Beetroot and Carrot juice:

The two healthy juices are not very good in transforming your hair colour, but to add an exotic red touch to your current hair colour. Contingent upon the colour you need, you can utilise any one of them or combine them. For a rosy tinge, utilise an extra beat juice, while the carrot is known to create a calmer ruddy orange.

The method to prepare them is very simple:
You just need to apply the extracted juices in your hair. You can likewise blend in coconut oil, to soften the hair in the meantime. After that, wrap it up or cover with caps and leave on for 60 minutes. Finally, wash the juice out and add a final touch with an apple juice vinegar splash.

These are but, only a few examples stated. You may also use lemon juice to highlight your hair, or beautify your blondes, or darken your shades with walnut shells! Go for natural hair colour and protect your hair!

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