10 Smart and Simple Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

10 Smart and Simple Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

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Double Chins are total game spoilers. Having a Double Chin can be an embarrassment for some people. It can lower the levels of self-esteem and self-confidence in them. And when you start feeling so, it is the time when you start working on it. Do not leave it on the destiny; it will not automatically disappear. In this post, we share some amusing yet Simple Tricks to Hide a Double Chin


Can Makeup Help?

Of course yes, using makeup the right way can do wonders on hiding it. It is a go-to technique for those times when you are short of time and want to protect it as soon as possible.
While talking about hiding a Double Chin, we do not tend to convey a message that it makes you any less perfect or having it is terrible. It does not make you any less beautiful. You must know that we all have flaws, even your favourite actress have them. They are fortunate enough to have makeup artists that hide their flaws and present in front of us people who they are not. Rest, we all are on our own. Makeup is not the only way that hides the double chins of people, but there are many other tricks you can go for if you wish to cover up the fatty flesh underneath your chin. Keep reading to discover some clever tricks to hide a Double Chin.

10 Smart and Simple Tricks to Hide a Double Chin

1. Dressing is the Key

You may wonder how your clothing can decide or hide the appearance of your chin. But it actually it can do so. We know whatever we wear can make or break our look. It is imperative to carefully select your dress, especially when you have a thick chin. The key is to draw attention away from your chin. Wear a dress or a top that puts the attention of people on your shoulders, neck, or collarbones.

2. Enhance your Cheeks and Eyes

Play it up with your eyes and cheeks a little bit. Enhance your eyes and cheeks with makeup in order to divert attention from your chin. Go for bold eye makeup or a smokey eye, which is the favourite of a lot of women. Use shimmer, glitter, primarily highlight the regions of your face especially cheeks to make your chin appear thin.

3. Enhance that Jawline

Use makeup to enhance your jawline. It is a great trick for those who are trying to hide their double chins. Improving the jaw-line with makeup creates an illusion of a slim and toned chin. So, do not miss your jaw-line the next time you apply makeup. You can use a bronzer and brush it across your jawline.

4. Bold Lips Lie

Your lip colour makes a huge difference in the way you appear. The right lip colour can enhance your makeup and also hide your Double Chin ; It is vital that you select the lip shade carefully. Ensure that you do not opt for nude or lighter shades.
Go for bold colours such as dark red, dark brown, maroon etc. You can also highlight your lips with a shiny lip gloss. Doing so will attract attention to your face and divert it from your chin.

5. Contour Lady, Contour

Contouring is for those who like to keep their facial makeup appear on point. It is a miracle trick as proper contouring can give you a well sculpted appearing face. By this, we also mean, that it can create an illusion of no Double Chin. Now if we are talking about contouring, we must also mention that blending is the key to a well-sculpted face. You will fake it, and others will not know.

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6. Use a Bronzer

One of the smart Tricks to Hide a Double Chin is Applying a little bit of bronzer along your neckline and your jawline from ear to ear. Make sure that you blend it well that not even a single line is visible. If you have a wheatish or dark complexion, use a gold-toned bronzer. If you are on the fairer side, opt for a rose-toned bronzer.

7. Show Off your Neckline

Showing your neckline can help divert the attention from your chin. Highlight your neck line, brush some bronzer on it to create a fake illusion of single chin. Avoid wearing high necks or collared outfits that hide your neck line instead wear broad or deep necked tops so that it can divert the attention from your chin.

8. Hairstyle does Matter a Lot.

The hairstyle is an essential and easy cheat method for those trying to hide their chin. Do not wear a hairdo that falls on your neck and near the chin. The volume of hanging hair adds on to making your chin appearing bigger. We suggest you on wearing a ponytail or bun if you have long hair. If you wish to get a haircut soon, then go for a bob cut. You will not have to think every day about a new hairstyle before you step out of your home. Do not; we repeat, do not go for hair curls that end near your chin if it is a double. It will make your chin look like a triple chin immediately.

9. Wearing Right Accessories

Wearing the right neck piece can enhance your look. There is a lot about the choker craze going on these days. Everyone, celebrities, influencers and models are spotted wearing chokers or choker necklaces. We suggest that you do not wear short necklaces and chokers as they draw attention towards the area you do not want to highlight, i.e. your chin. Opt for accessories that fall on your neck elegantly. If it has beads, then make sure that the area around your neck has less or no beads.

10. Exercise your Chin

Apart from These smart Tricks to Hide a Double Chin there are exercises of the chin as well. If you want to lose some fat around the chin area, then follow these simple steps that are given below.
• Firmly close your mouth. Now stand up and try touching your chest with your chin.
• Lift your head and drop it down again.
• Repeat this exercise several times and keep doing it until you notice a change in your chin.

Another beneficial exercise involves these basic steps;
• Lean your head against something rigid. Now try to lengthen your tongue as much as possible while counting to ten.
• When you are done with ten, put back your tongue back inside.
• Repeat these steps to get rid of Double Chin.

These were simple Tricks to Hide a Double Chin. We hope you find this article useful. Do tell us if you liked it in the comments below. Also, do not forget to mention your favourite tricks of hiding it. Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.

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