Fashion Myths That You Should Definitely Avoid!

Fashion Myths That You Should Definitely Avoid!

19-06-2017   |   Posted By: Kumkum Sharma   |   3902 View(s)

“You are overweight, you should not wear western dresses”. “An Indian married woman looks good in ethnic attire only” have you ever been in a conversation with anyone regarding any of these statements? If yes, then don’t worry, we are going to untangle few famous fashion myths like these!

We often imitate others unconsciously; we may just wear something we saw other people wearing. But why do we have to copy and follow some other person? You can be more creative when you push yourself a bit and try something new.

So, here are some of the popular fashion myths that you should definitely avoid!

Fashion Myths

1.Change your style with you age

Like seriously? Why do you have to change your fashion style just because you are growing older? This makes no sense if you are fine with what you wear and how you carry yourself, then why others are bothered with it? Do you want to wear a mini at 60? Just forget and try it out, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Why would you wear anything that does not make you happy and confident? If you wear anything you feel good in, you ultimately feel confident and good about yourself too.

2.You only look good in expensive branded clothes

“Expensive things are always good and durable” do you seriously believe in this statement? It is completely a myth; you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing to look good and attractive. Does it mean people who do not spend a lot of money buying expensive brands can never look good? No, right? Buying designer clothes just for the sake of labels does not make any sense.

Western Wear

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And if you are a college student then you may face problems because of this habit of being brand conscious, because when you move to the college, you may want to have a lot of clothes, shoes and other things. So, do you think you should buy expensive clothes every weekend?

There are a lot more expenses when you move to the college, and always remember you do not have to be wealthy to look good! Just try to be creative and more updated regarding the latest fashion, and you can rock on the first day of your college!

3.Wearing navy and black is odd

It’s like seriously a big myth which says you should not wear navy with black and these two colours don’t go together. But why not? What is wrong in this? Both of these are neutral, and neutrals go with everything, don’t you think? Try this out someday, and you’ll love it!


4.Wearing Indian is being old fashioned

Absolutely No!!!!!! It’s completely the style and dressing sense that matter. You might have noticed many people who spend a lot of money on expensive clothes, turn out to be an absolute disaster. So it’s just style, your dressing sense and how you carry yourself that matter the most. Wearing Indian never means being old fashioned. Indian attire indeed adds on to your beauty it enhances your look and personality. Try to incorporate earrings, a little nose pin and bindi to add on to your beauty!

Ethnic Wear

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5.Mixing patterns and prints is out of fashion

Where is it written? Why can’t you mix and incorporate patterns? Haven’t you seen those beautiful summer dresses? Oh god! They look so amazing and attractive. We have so many fearless tastemakers of the fashion world who just look stunning wearing these prints. Just keep in mind that horizontal lines or patterns make you look wider and vertical lines or patterns accentuate height.

Printed Clothes

So wear what you feel like and most importantly wear anything you feel comfortable in. This does not only makes you happy from inside, but it also raises your confidence and ultimately makes you look even better!
What you need to remember is the thing that you do not have to imitate others, just be yourself and be unique!

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