Beauty Spots : A Craze in the Modern Age

Beauty Spots : A Craze in the Modern Age

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People in Today’s age are very much concerned about their look, especially women. A lot of women nourish a dream of having some beauty spot or marks that increase their beauty quotient. A beauty mark or a beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of mole. Human beings are very fascinated about these marks on their faces or any part of their body. People think that it enhances the beauty of their face or body. This can be their birthmarks or some false beauty marks as a form of makeup. The birthmarks can increase the beauty of face or can make a face look dull and ugly. Beauty marks are done by people to look more attractive and creating false ones in fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars. It is available in the open market in silk or velvet patches known as mooches or flies. A mole can be either subdermal or under the skin or a pigmented growth on the skin. Normally mole is of dark colour because of the pigmenting agent melanin that is responsible for their dark colour. Moles are a member of the family of skin lesions.

An array of beauty marks as Beauty spots :

Women always want a look different from others; always want to stand unique from the crowd. Besides, in recent times people always want instant results from every process. Therefore, they always opt for an artificial ways or sources. Moreover, people in the modern age have access to the latest beauty and fashion trends and tend to follow Movie Starts from Hollywood or Bollywood and tend to copy their Styles. Many people go for similar haircuts or dress the way the stars do. However, one of the things which women tend to copy is the beauty spots or marks. Sometimes people buy artificial beauty spots from the shops in the form of stickers which can be put temporarily and some get operated permanently to have it on the face or other body parts.
There is another beauty spot named Melanocytic Nevus also known as the nevocytic nevus. Melanocytic Nevus could be defined as a type of lesion that contains nevus cells. There are some common nevi:

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• Compound nevus – Compound nevus is first raised as brown and then it slightly changes its colour to black. It can be defined as a mixture of intradermal and junction proliferation. Moreover, these beauty marks are usually compound nevi type of either the congenital variety or acquired variety.

• Junction Nevus – Junction nevus is flat looking, and it changes colour from brown to black. The location of the nevus cells is along the underlying dermis and the junction of the epidermis.

Many people are still not aware of this beauty mark. However, it could also be dangerous and could lead to skin problems if not done hygienically or if proper care is not taken to get them implanted properly. As such, it is highly recommended that if you want to-Get these beauty spots, you must get it under the strict medical guidance and should not feel shy to consult your dermatologist should the need arise.

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