Highlighting cheek bones: The science of appeal

Highlighting cheek bones: The science of appeal

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The zygomatic bones in the face of the primates, more or less pronounced causing the upper part of the cheek or the lower part beneath the eye more prominent are called cheek bones. They form a line cut in the side face. Normally the cheek bones are not that prominent, but the person having them make a sharp symmetrical face shape. It is a very common trait among the models admired by all. Having high cheek bones is considered as a beauty trait for both the sexes. Many cultures consider high cheekbones and a strong jaw with a prominent chin as a sign of masculinity and high testosterone level among males, an attractive physical trait. In the case of women, high cheek bones show maturity, development, and beauty. It prevails that she is capable of reproduction. Cosmetic surgeries are also entertained by certain individuals to make their face sharper and attractive by pronouncing the cheek bones and installing implants.

Highlighting Cheek bones:

The females highlight and define their cheekbones by using cosmetics, making them more prominent. It is a desirable physical trait that everyone looks forward to. By using make-up, we differentiate the zone in the face which we want to show or highlight the areas we want to hide or keep in the shadows.

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The steps to make your cheek bones prominent are:

1. The colours must be chosen as skin tone which is the darker foundation, applied to the area surrounding the cheek bone for shadows. Dark colours absorb light; the areas seem to sink in for which a foundation brush can be used.
2. The cheek bone area is then smeared with a brighter version of foundation to attain an illusion of depth. The cheek bones get automatically lifted.
3. By the help of the blush brush, both the shades are blended in their separation zone to apply an effect of natural shadow.
4. To complete the sculpted look, a colour of blush is used to flatter the skin tone. It is used in the area where highlight meets the shadow and then on the cheek apples.
5. Sometime Bronzer is also used in the nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin to get a warmer look and the cheek bones will prominently jut out.

A new study claims that women prefer men with high cheekbones. Same is the case with the men. They prefer women with a high forehead, fuller lips, big eyes and thin jaw. A youthful look is all everybody wants these days. Everyone wants to stay attractive. Highlighting the cheekbones hides the ageing symptoms too. It applies a younger look certainly giving an edge to the person. Men also prefer women with prominent glowing eyes. In fact, highlighting cheek bones also make the eyes look more attractive to the males. Males do not like watery or red eyes as. The colour of the highlighted cheek adds an advantage hiding the drawback of someone’s eyes.

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