Easily Available Rich Sources of Protein for Muscle Building in India

Easily Available Rich Sources of Protein for Muscle Building in India

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When it comes to building muscles, protein is the food that cannot be avoided. Those who workout always look for rich sources of protein to build their muscles.

Why? Because protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of the muscles and body. Without protein, the body won’t be able to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue.

Those who workout knows the importance of protein-rich diets and so they are in a constant search for the best protein foods.

Generally, Indians have the notion that the richest sources of protein are only available in non-vegetarian foods- which is absolutely wrong!

There are many protein-rich foods available in the country- both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. One can always choose from a broad range of protein foods to build muscles and be healthy. If you are trying to build body muscle, do include protein-rich foods in your diet.

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5 Best Rich Sources of Protein are:

1. Meat

Meat is an excellent food for bodybuilders as it is high in protein. Chicken is one of the best protein-rich foods. Chicken is also low in fat and cholesterol, and four ounces of chicken contains around 32 grammes of protein.

Meat also has different types, so it is recommended to opt for healthy meats. It is better to avoid red meats as they are less healthy than white or poultry meats. White meat is high in lean proteins, which is good for health.

Also, dark meat includes a high amount of protein, but it is also loaded with fats which can raise cholesterol levels. So, avoid dark meats too!


Also make sure to avoid fried meats such as bacon, deep fried chicken or hot dog as frying removes the protein content. It is best to have boiled, or baked chicken.

Avoid eating meat from organs like the kidneys or liver as they are loaded with a high amount of sodium and fat.

When it comes to good protein foods, chicken breast tops the list as it is rich in protein and low in fat. 58 grammes of chicken breasts contains 17 grammes of protein. Also, it is a rich source of other essential minerals such as magnesium, iron as well as Vitamins which keeps the body healthy.

2. Seafood

Seafood is a protein rich food which helps in building body muscles and tissues. It is loaded with a high amount of minerals and vitamins and is low in calories, saturated fat and total fat.

Seafood is also loaded with Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids which help in maintaining good health.

So, include seafood in your diet to build body muscles and maintain health. Some of the healthy seafood are- Salmon, Tuna and Cod Fish

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Three ounces of salmon includes 20 grammes of protein and 5 grammes of fat; 100 grammes of tuna includes 24 grammes of protein. 100 grammes of Cod fish provides 20 grammes of protein.

Those who do not want to have seafood can take Omega 3 capsules. These capsules are easily available in the market.

3. Dairy Products

We all know the many benefits that the dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc. provide to us.

Other than providing numerous health benefits, these products also assist in bodybuilding.

Milk, cheese and yoghurt are protein-rich foods which also provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Dairy products are best for those who want to build muscles. A half cup of low-fat cottage cheese includes 16 grammes of proteins. A normal 6-ounce service of regular yoghurt provides 5 grammes of protein per serving.

However, for bodybuilding, it is recommended to have Greek Yogurt than regular yoghurt as it has more amount of protein and less sugar in it. 5 ounces of Greek Yogurt provides on average 10 grammes of protein. 100 grammes of milk provides 3.4 grammes of protein to our body.

Include these dairy products to your daily diet to build muscles.

4. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins which help in keeping us healthy.

Some of the green vegetables such as Spinach, Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are high sources of protein. So if you are trying to build bulky muscles, you must add these veggies to your diet.

Spinach is not only loaded with protein but also with Vitamins and fibre. 1 cup of cooked spinach contains 5 grammes of protein.

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1 cup of boiled Brussels sprouts provides 4 grammes of protein to the body.

Broccoli is a highly healthy food which is loaded with protein, Vitamins, iron and dietary fibre. Half a cup of broccoli contains 2 grammes of protein.

Including these highly rich protein veggies to the diet can prove to be highly effective in building body muscles.

5. Peanut Butter

When it comes to butter, peanut butter is the first choice of the bodybuilders. And why it shouldn’t be?  It is rich in protein and also contains healthy fats which are required to build body muscles.


100 grammes of peanut butter provides 25 grammes of protein. You can spread peanut butter on whole wheat bread or rusk and reap the benefits of this amazing protein food.

6. Eggs

Eggs, especially egg whites are an excellent source of protein. Eating egg whites in breakfast is a fantastic choice as they are low in cholesterol and high in protein.

1 cup of egg whites provides 26 grammes of protein. Egg whites also give our body essential amino acids and energy throughout the day. It is advisable for adults to eat one egg daily.


Other than these, certain foods and fruits rich in protein such as-Nuts, Avocados, Bananas, Apples, Apricots and Blueberries are also rich in protein. If you want to build bulky muscles, do include these foods in your diet. Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy!

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