Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients for Weight Loss!

Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients for Weight Loss!

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Following a strict diet plan and doing intense exercise can sometimes be difficult for people who are trying to lose weight. But, what if I tell you that the weight loss goal can be achieved by using ingredients lying on your kitchen shelf? Surprised, right? Well, don’t be! These ingredients help people lose weight in a healthy way and so, today I am going to talk about the best kitchen ingredients for weight loss.

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10 Ingredients for Weight Loss that you can Easily Find in Your Kitchen

1. Ginger

We all love to add ginger to our tea for flavour, isn’t it? Well, ginger does not just add flavour to the tea and dishes, but it also helps in quick weight loss. It is one of the best ingredients for weight loss. Ginger is thermogenic, which means that it increases your body temperature, which in turn burns fat more quickly and efficiently.

Ginger is a popular and traditional digestive aid, and it helps relieve stomach bloating and gas which is caused by eating certain foods. You can add chopped ginger pieces to your dishes, or you can drink ginger tea daily to burn fat in a healthy manner. Boil a cup of water and add sliced ginger pieces of half a ginger to it. Let it steep for about eight to ten minutes and then strain the water. You can even add honey or lemon juice to it to make it yummy. Avoid adding sugar if you are trying to lose weight as sugar makes you put on weight.

Ginger Tea Benefits

2. Black Pepper

Black pepper is an ingredient that can make any food taste better. But there are other benefits of black pepper too! Yes, black pepper works effectively for weight loss.

Black pepper is low in calorie and high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and healthy fats; which makes it one of the best ingredients to shed pounds. Also, various researchers show that black pepper includes piperine, which boosts metabolism, prevents fat cell differentiation and increases the bioavailability of nutrients. So, if you want to lose weight, then do add this perfect ingredient to your diet.

3. Garlic

Garlic is another ingredient you can add to your diet if you want to lose weight. Wonder how garlic can help you lose weight? Well, garlic has anti-obesity properties due to which it does not let fat get accumulated in the body, thereby preventing weight gain.

You can chew garlic cloves or can add sliced garlic pieces to your cooked meals to add flavour and shed a few extra pounds.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

You read any article on weight loss, and there are fewer chances that you won’t find ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ in it. It is one of the widely used ingredients for weight loss. The acetic acid present in Apple cider vinegar reduces appetite, burns calories, improves metabolism and reduces fat storage; and all of these helps a person lose weight effectively. Adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drinking this daily before meals can help you lose weight in a quick span of time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is a staple ingredient for centuries. It is used to heal wounds and keep muscles healthy. It is used in curries and mustards, and can also be blended into soups, rice, pasta, eggs or smoothies. It is a low calories food which boosts metabolic rate and also enhances the immune system of the body. It is a great ingredient to lose weight. So, add a pinch of this bright coloured spice to your dishes and get a flat tummy in a few days.

6. Mint

Mint can not only save you from bad breath but can also help you to lose weight. Bile helps your body to process and store fat. Mint helps people lose belly fat by removing additional bile from their gallbladder. On the top of that, it is low in calories and high in antioxidants which make it one of the perfect ingredients to boost metabolism, improve digestion and lose fat. You can blend few mint leaves and coriander leaves and mix in some lemon juice to make a smooth paste. Add a pinch of salt to it, and you can eat this mixture (chutney) along with your meals. Or, you can even simply add chopped mint leaves to your salads.

Mint Leaves

7. Flaxseed

According to various studies, just one tablespoon of ground flaxseed can suppress your appetite and curb hunger cravings. Wonder, how? Well, because it is high in fibre which boosts metabolism, aids digestion and suppresses appetite. You can easily pour a spoonful of flaxseeds over oats, cereal, salads, yoghurt, pasta or even into stir-fry dishes.

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

8. Mustard Seed

Mustard seed is rich in a mineral called selenium, which keeps the thyroid healthy and as a result, it helps with weight loss. On the top of that, mustard seed has anti-inflammatory properties which help in relieving joint pain. So, if you hit the gym and suffer from muscle pain, you can add mustard seed to your diet to get relief from muscle ache. You can add mustard seeds to your dishes and lose weight healthily.

9. Cayenne Pepper

Want to pump up the taste of your meal and also lose weight? It can easily be done by adding cayenne pepper to dishes. It is calorie free; it suppresses appetite and encourages your body to burn more calories. Hence, if you want to shed a few pounds in a healthy manner, the best option for you is to add cayenne pepper to your dishes.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest ingredients for weight loss. Do you use salt, sugar or calorie-dense toppings to add flavour to your meals? Well, most of us do! But what if I tell you that you can add flavour to your meals as well as lose weight by using a particular kitchen ingredient? Amazed, right? Don’t be! Cinnamon is high in nutrients and is a great fat-burner. So, add this ingredient to your meals and get your tummy back in a flat shape.

So, add these top 10 ingredients to your diet and get back in shape in no time. ‘EAT HEALTHY, FEEL HEALTHY, BE HEALTHY!’

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