Eat Raw Vegetables and Fruits to stay Healthy !

Eat Raw Vegetables and Fruits to stay Healthy !

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Want to look great and Feel Good?

Then you need to make changes in your diet. Let’s know what a raw diet can do to you. The concept of the raw diet is to consume vegetables and fruits in their natural state.

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Want to know what we are doing by cooking, below are few examples

• Beets: They lose more than 25% of folate when cooked. Eat it raw to get this brain compound.

• Broccoli: When cooked, they lose myrosinase, which helps in removing carcinogens from the liver.

• Red peppers: Once exposed to a temperature above 375 degrees, they lose Vitamin C.


Benefits of Raw Vegetables:

• It requires less time to prepare.
• The recipes are easy and simple to prepare even for a kid.
• As they are rich in flavour, one can avoid adding salt, spice and sugar that can irritate the digestive system.
• They are of high quality, so we require less to satisfy our nutritional needs and end up eating less.
• As they provide us with a good balance of water, fibre and nutrients, we feel satisfied by increasing the raw food content in our diet.
• Following a diet consisting of raw vegetables can reverse or stop the effects of many chronic diseases like heart disorders, cancers, etc.
• They help in leading a life without gas trouble, constipation, and indigestion.
• The cooking destroys the vitamins, enzymes, fats and proteins that help in digestion and shields us from chronic diseases.
• The clean up after preparation will be a quick one or completely gone.
• Aids in weight loss since they are low in calories.
• By including a variety of plants especially greens, we can get complete protein i.e. all eight essential amino acids.
• As they are rich in fibre, they help in detoxification of the body, weight control, improves cardiovascular health.
• Consuming vegetables in the raw state can supply us with vitamin C, which is lost while cooking along with cancer-fighting entities.
• The phytochemicals help in fighting the diseases and keeping them at bay.
• The water in them helps in cooling the system and keeps us hydrated. So, treat yourself with the high water content vegetables and fruits in hot summer like cucumbers, pears, watermelons, etc.energized, to stay hydrated.
• Since we are consuming them in their natural state, they provide us with quality energy that makes us feel alive.

7 Habits Of Those Who have lead a Healthy Living

To do when following a Raw Diet:

• Start a raw diet gradually and increase the raw content slowly.
• Make and enjoy smoothies, vegetable juices, etc.
• Chew the food a lot until it turns into mush.
• Don’t drink water before 1 hour and after 1 hour of the meal.
• Remember some vegetables don’t do well when combined.

Interesting Facts:

Proteins, ever wondered where they come from?

From plants! Yes, we get proteins from plants as to how the animals like elephant, cattle, etc. do. We have been misguided that meat is the only source of protein. The difference between plant protein and animal protein is that plant protein is simple to digest. Plant protein is present inside plant cells, whose walls are made up of fiber, which passes smoothly in our body resulting in free bowel movement whereas the animal protein present in animal cells, whose walls are made up of  cholesterol (which can’t be broken down by our body), covers our intestines with grease while passing resulting in constipation and difficulty in absorption.

Start including raw food in your diet from today!

Exposing vegetables to high temperatures while cooking and boiling results in a decrease in their nutritional levels, loss of vitamin B and vitamin C, reduced levels of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc and nutrients like glucosinolate.
It is a good idea to include raw vegetables in the diet along with cooked, to enjoy most of the minerals, nutrients and vitamins along with fibre in a safe and natural way. Introduce the concept of a raw diet for the family slowly step by step. Start with salads, fruits and vegetable juices, using energy packed nuts often and so on.

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