The Importance of ” Me Time ” in Your Life.

The Importance of ” Me Time ” in Your Life.

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It’s 9 a.m., and your alarm has been ringing for the past one hour.You wake up squinty eyed after the best sleep in so many days and shut the alarm off, close your eyes and its black again. You shoot up with your eyes wide open, realising that you are late for work and have no choice but to get ready in a flash and run.Once there in the office, the grinding begins-You’ve a pile of work to do, emails, files and meetings. You are so busy that you do not get time for anything the whole day and when your stomach is done yelling at you for food again and again. It’s dark outside, and you realise this as and when you step out of the office and then again It is time to get Back to the bed.In this hectic daily schedule where you sleep, wake up, work and keep repeating the process -For how long do you spend time with yourself? 1 hour? 30 minutes? 10 minutes? None right? You need to realise that there’s more to life than work. When you are busy or overwhelmed, it can be challenging to get some quality time for yourself. We’ll talk about why having ‘Me time’ is necessary for you in this article but before we move on Let’s find out what is Me Time

What Exactly is Me Time

Me Time is the Time required by an individual all by himself/herself to relax without thinking about the Tensions and Other things.In other words, it is the time required to unwind to relieve tensions and anxieties to stay focused and productive.



Here are seven reasons why having Me Time is critical.

1.It Relieves Anxiety

Having too many thoughts is not good for your mental health. When a person spends all his time in just doing things and no time thinking about the things that they have done, the brain gets overloaded with a lot of stuff. This leads to raw feelings, producing anxiety. Spending some time with yourself makes it easy to decide what is important and what isn’t.

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2.You Focus on More Important Things.

There is so much going on around us every day that it gets difficult to decide on what to focus first and what to take into account later. It becomes necessary to have some ‘Me time’ and evaluate things that mean something to you. Unplug from the constant stream of irrelevant information to have some relief.

3.Maximised Productivity

Isolating yourself from the social activities for some time increases your productivity. It allows you to develop new hobbies and interests. It is also believed to increase the concentration levels of a person.

4.It makes you Happy

Our mornings can make or break our day. Wake up 30 minutes before your usual routine and meditate or pray for some time. Doing so will set a tone for the whole day and will increase your happiness and satisfaction in the day to day life.

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Good Health

5.It improves physical Health

Besides, improving mental health, having some ‘Me Time’ also helps in improving the physical health of a person. In a busy schedule involving friends, family, and work it ‘s hard to find some time and work out. Getting away from all these distractions helps you focus on yourself, makes you stronger, increase your stamina, etc.

6.Makes you a Thankful Person

While we are busy, there is so much that keeps happening around us, but we hardly notice it. We keep thinking about our long-term goals that we forget to see the little things around us. The chirping of birds at dawn, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the beauty of nature, etc. we keep missing these little things every day. Taking time for yourself allows you to slow down and focus on the present and appreciate the beauty of things.

7. It makes your Life Simple

A simple life is a beautiful life. We find ourselves flooded with the ideas of completing our goals so much that what we keep thinking about them every time. Getting rid of these thoughts gets tough, and we don’t even realise what we are stuck with. Spending some time with yourself leads you to have a simple life.

These were some reasons why everybody should have some ‘Me Time’ in a day. It makes you, focused, healthy, happy, grateful, increase your productivity and helps you lead a simpler life.

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