Being happy is being Healthy !

Being happy is being Healthy !

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Who does not want to be healthy? People make a lot of efforts to stay healthy and fit. But what if you just have to be happy to stay healthy and fit? Now, being happy is something that feels intrinsically good! But summing up what exactly happiness is can be a tough task!

Having a get together with your social circle may bring happiness to you, whereas going out with family may make your friend happy? So what makes one happy may differ from the other. But one thing common here is, that being happy can promote good health for sure. Being happy is being healthy!

Once a wise man drew a line on the board and asked his students to make the line shorter without touching it,  none of them could think of anything except the one who just drew a much longer line underneath that line. So, the line automatically became shorter right? Now the lesson here is that if you have big difficulties in your life, just think of people who have greater problems, just lift your eyes up and think of those who are worse off than you! You will surely feel that your problem is not as big as you thought it was!

Now being happy does not only make you healthy but it also makes you more confident and strong enough to deal with all the problems, not only this, but there are many other health benefits of being happy. Now, what else do we want if we can be healthy and fit by just being happy? Let us just talk about how being happy is being healthy?

Many studies and researches suggest that happiness causes better health and ultimately a better life. Although it is also believed that these two are correlated-perhaps, good health causes happiness but not the other way around. Happiness and health are said to have some strong connection between them, but those conducting research are still making efforts to untangle their relationship. In the meantime why not just motivate each other to be happy?

Now let us figure out how being happy is being healthy?

1. Happiness is good for your Heart

Yes, you heard it right! Your heart loves it when you smile and feel good about yourself. Various studies have revealed a connection between health and happiness; it is also said that health and happiness go hand in hand. Various researches and surveys suggest that happiness predicts lower heart rate and  blood pressure. For example, a 2005 paper talks about a study where participants were supposed to rate their happiness over 30 times a day and then again after three years. The initially happiest participants were found to have a lower heart rate with better blood pressure.

In another study of around 200 heart failure patients, the one with higher levels of gratitude had a better sleep, better mood, less tiredness, than those with lower levels. The patients in this study were in stage B heart failure, which takes place before symptoms including shortness of breath and fatigue. In case the disease proceeds to stage C, there is five times higher risk of death, so it can be said that a happy and positive behaviour could be life-saving.

After reading all this, we can have an idea that more joyful heart is indeed a healthier heart. Now you do whatever makes you happy, go out, walk, have a healthy meal, go for a movie and stay happy and healthy.

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2.Happiness Fights Stress

Stress does not only affect you psychologically, but it also causes certain biological changes in your hormones and blood pressure. Happiness seems to help in overcoming these situations and at least contributes to recover quickly.

For instance, in a 2009 study, some researchers thought of stressing out psychology students to see how they react in that situation. The students were taken to a soundproof chamber, where they answered questions which indicated their ten feelings like enthusiasm or pride. But this was just the trailer; the picture was yet to begin! They were asked complicated statistics question while being recorded and they were informed that this videotape would be evaluated by their professors.

Now just think about the situation of those students, throughout the process, the heart of these students was measured with an equipment called electrocardiogram machine and a blood pressure monitor. In such a stressful situation, the happiest students recovered most quickly. We hope you don’t face any such situation as these students, but we would advise you to be happy and healthy and beat the stress.

Being Happy

3. Happy people have Healthy Relationships

Do you often stop talking to your parents after a small fight? We all are so busy with our lives and work that we do not even realise that we are stressed. Do you see any changes in you and your life? Yes, you may be stressed and tensed, you may be thinking of talking to them, but you are so stressed that you don’t take any risk of having another argument with your parents. But do you have arguments when you are happy and positive? It is rare, right? As happiness fights and combats stress, it will surely make you happier and more positive, and that will undoubtedly result in your better and well-managed relationships

 4. Happiness is good for your Immune System

Is there any other easy way of having a good immune system? You just do not have to make big efforts, just throw a smile, do what makes you happy and have fun!

Do you know any crabby friend or colleague who always falls ill? This may not be a coincidence! Researches have been going to find the link between happiness and a healthy immune system. Being happy is being healthy and that is because happiness boosts our immune system.

For instance, in a 2003 study, around 350 adults participated to get exposed to common cold(they were well compensated). Before exposure, researchers used to call them six times in two weeks to ask how much they had experienced the nine specified positive emotions like energetic, calm and pleased that day. After this routine of five days, the participants who had the most positive emotions were less prone to have developed a cold. Stay happy to strengthen your immune system.

5. Happiness leads to decrease in Aches and Pains

Yes, if you want to reduce and minimise back pain and body pain from your life, just stay happy! Because as already said above, Being happy is being healthy!

Researchers suggest that positive emotion also mitigates pain in the context of disease. Studies also suggest that women who often complain about arthritis and chronic pain are found to have less positive emotions like enthusiasm, inspiration and interest. On the other hand, those with more of these positive emotions are said to be less likely to experience an increase in pain. We are not saying it can completely treat any pain, but it will surely help in the treatment and better health condition.

Don’t just read and forget, try to apply these tips in your life and enjoy the beautiful changes. Because being happy is being healthy. Being happy will not heal your pain completely but will surely lessen your problems. Just try to be positive and happy. You can’t just buy happiness, right? It is entirely an intrinsic feeling that comes when you feel good and positive. We hope the article helps and motivates you! Good luck! Stay happy, Stay healthy!

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