Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

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Whenever a baby is born, he or she is blessed with a candid, soft and supple skin, but during the tender days, a baby is prone to various forms of rashes and allergies. Kissing and touching your child’s skin with mouth while showering affection can result in redness, itchiness, and small bumps. Beards can also prick the soft skin, resulting in severe rashes. But the most common source of skin irritation is caused by stool or urine if left wet for even a small time. Baby Diapers have become very common these days to overcome these issues, but they too can lead to Diaper Rash. One doesn’t need to spend a penny to gift their child happiness; all it takes is a little extra care, and you can easily allow him to make the most of his childhood!

Avoiding Cloth!

Even though there are ample baby diapers available at the local medical stores, many newly turned mothers think that soft clothes are a safer option for their child instead of diapers. They believe that diapers being comparatively harder than cloth will irritate the baby skin while the reality is just the opposite!

The most common enemy of your child is none other than wetness caused by urine or sweat. On the other hand, since the little ones mostly live on liquid diets, they tend to urinate frequently, and it is not always possible to monitor the same every minute. Even if one is extra careful, there are chances that they might skip a few moments, leaving your child wet and unhealthy.

Not only does this lead to Diaper Rash alone, but it also increases the chance of a cough and cold, turning the child irritable and a cry-baby by disrupting his or her sleeping hours!

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Leaving the diaper unchanged may also cause severe rashes in the early days. The rashes turn noticeable, with skin redness and tiny bumps if left untreated consistently. However, a few simple tips and tricks can transform the overall story, without investing several hours:

• First of all, it is always best to use baby powders whenever the diaper is changed. These days the disposable diapers are high absorbents; as a result, many mothers feel that they do not require baby powders. But, to lend our baby a sense of extra comfort and soothing effect, it is always best to sprinkle a handful of powder within the diaper. Baby powders help to maintain the dryness of the skin and protect the skin from developing bacteria; as a result, it will keep your child safe even if you take some time to change the diaper.

• There are specially formulated creams, to keep away potential rashes from the baby skin. The anti-allergic creams are effective up to a level and prevent the skin from being sticky or itchy. Especially when there is a special occasion when you plan to dress up your child in fancy clothes, applying these creams will keep your child comfortable, and thereby keep him jolly and jovial in nature!

These are, but only a few simple strategies that work best in keeping a child hygienic and happy, and for this one doesn’t need to drain his entire fortune. After all, we all love to see the young angels dressing up beautifully and turning the occasion grander!

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