5 Ways How Green Tea improves Dental Health

5 Ways How Green Tea improves Dental Health

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Being Healthy and Fit in today’s world is one of the greatest concerns. Maintaining your body and remaining healthy is not that easy as it seems to be. Apart from maintaining your physical health, it’s important to maintain your oral health as well. To lead a healthy life, it’s important if you completely take care of your body health which includes dental health as well. Drinking green tea is not only comforting but is also good for your dental health.


Green tea is considered to be the best antioxidant tea as it contains particles that help in preventing inflammation and fights bacteria. The latest research suggested that apart from providing health benefits green tea also provides dental health benefits. Green tea has been consumed for more than 3000 years now and is also considered to be one of the leading beverage in the east for thousands of years. Green tea has got that potential in protection against diverse malevolent, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Here are 5 ways How Green Tea improves Dental Health by fighting bacteria and enhancing Oral Health.

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How Green Tea improves Dental Health

1. Green Tea reduces the Risk of Cavities:

Cavities are generally caused when you intake food that is rich in carbohydrates which include: chocolates, candies, bread that stick on your teeth and due to this cavity is formed. But, green tea helps in reducing the risk of the cavity as green tea not only fights against bacteria but also lowers down the acidity of saliva and dental plaque. You can even consider it as a useful tool to prevent cavities.

2. Green Tea makes Gums Healthier:

It’s imperative for you to make your gums stronger and thanks to green tea as it involves anti-inflammatory properties in it which help in preventing bacterial infection that can harm your teeth and also helps in preventing periodical diseases. According to one of the latest Japanese report, it suggested that drinking green tea on a regular basis might help in getting strong gums.

3. Green Tea Prevents Oral Cancer:

Cancer is considered to be one of the most Dreaded diseases and also doesn’t have any cure for it. But, green tea is indeed helpful to prevent oral cancer as it involves antioxidants and also other properties that can lower down the risk of cancer and protect your mouth from cellular damage and also cancerous tumour growth. According to the University of Texas, it suggested that the green tea extracts that were given to the patients with precancerous graze in their mouths slowed down the progression of oral cancer

4. Green Tea helps in Fighting Bad Breath:

How can green tea fight against bad breath? Green tea can fight against bad breath as it kills all the bacterial infections such as microbes which make our mouth stinky. According to the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry, studies have shown that the green tea extracts help in curing bad breath as it prevents smelly effect by killing all the bacteria.

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5. Green tea helps in Reducing the Risk of Tooth Loss:

If green tea helps in reducing the risk of cavities and helps in making gums healthier, then it’s quite obvious that it will help in reducing the risks of tooth loss as well. If you have healthier and strong gums, then there is no risk of tooth loss. According to Japanese research that was published in 2010, drinking one to two cups of green tea in a day reduces the chances of tooth loss because of the antioxidant properties of green tea

Green tea is famous and well known for the health benefits it provides. Now that you are aware of the green tea benefits it’s important for you to include green tea in your diet as it involves antioxidant properties that will help to maintain your physical health and will also improve your dental health. However, a word of caution-Though Green tea can greatly help in enhancing Oral Health-Do not shy away from visiting a Dentist should you face any Dental issues at any point in time.

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