Diabetes Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

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Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus as referred to by Doctors describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (Blood Sugar). Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce or utilise insulin. High blood glucose levels over time lead to an increased deposit of fatty materials on the insides of the blood vessel walls. The deposits may affect blood flow, increasing the chance of clogging and hardening of blood vessels. Diabetes treatment is very important at the very onset or else it can lead to other complications like Renal Failure, Nerve damage, Stroke and even loss of vision.

The biggest problem with diabetes is that nearly One-half of the people are not aware of the fact that they have diabetes and as such do not go in for Diabetes Treatment at the right time. Uncontrolled diabetes can wreak havoc on the heart. In fact, those who have Diabetes are more likely to develop heart disease. This can lead to heart attacks and result in the death of a person. An estimated five million people died of diabetes in 2015 alone.

It is, therefore, utmost important to take care of your health especially past the age of 40. Regular Health Checkups should be undertaken to detect the possibility of diseases at an early stage and go in for Diabetes Treatment if required. Diabetes is not at all life-threatening if detected at an early age and addressed accordingly.It can be easily controlled or kept within limits to avoid any potential damage to the body.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes can broadly be classified into Three Types:

Type 1 is because the body does not produce insulin. Typically People get this type of Diabetes before turning 40 or often during late teens or early Adulthood. Patients with this kind of Diabetes need to take insulin injections all throughout their life and monitor their blood glucose levels on a periodic basis.

Type 2 starts with insulin resistance, a condition in which cells neglect to react to insulin properly. As the infection advances, an absence of insulin may additionally develop. This is the most common type of diabetes and almost 90% cases fall under this category. People can control this type of diabetes by controlling or losing weight by following a good exercise regime coupled with a healthy diet.

Gestational diabetes is usually found in pregnant ladies and happens when pregnant women without a history of diabetes build up a high blood glucose level.

Pre-Diabetes: The majority of people who end up with Type 2 Diabetes would go thru the Pre-Diabetic stage wherein there glucose levels are high but not high enough to be classified as a Diabetic patient.

Prediabetes : Symptoms,Diagnosis & Precautions

Diabetes Symptoms and Signs

People can encounter different Diabetes Symptoms and indications, and at times there may be no signs. A percentage of the symptoms ordinarily experienced include:
• Continuous urine
• Unnecessary thirst
• Expanded hunger
• Weight reduction
• Tiredness
• The absence of concentration and interest
• Shivering sensation or deadness in hands or feet
• Blurry vision
• Ongoing contamination
• Moderate recuperating wounds

The improvement of Type 1 diabetes is usually sudden and emotional while the side effects can frequently be mellow or missing in individuals with Type 2 diabetes, making this kind of diabetes difficult to identify.

The following Test is done to determine if you have Diabetes or Not:

-The A1C test wherein at least 6.5% means Diabetes
-The FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test wherein at least 126 mg/dl means diabetes
-The OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) wherein at least 200 mg/dl means diabetes

Risk Factors

1. Family History- Those with a family history of diabetes are more likely to become diabetic and therefore all possible precautions should be taken from an early age.
2. Smoking- Those in the habit of smoking are more than likely to develop Diabetes
3. High Blood Pressure- Hypertension strains the heart, damaging the blood vessels.
4. Obesity- Those who are obese carry a high risk of developing this disease. Men having a waist size of 40 inches plus and women having a waist size of 35 inches plus could consider themselves in the danger zone.


Prevention is better than Cure

There is no known preventive measure for Type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can best be avoided by controlling body weight through exercises and taking a healthy Diet. Avoiding Sugary drinks and eating less red meat can have a counteractive action on diabetes. Active Smoking too should be avoided as a preventive measure.

It is important to carefully monitor the glucose levels at periodic intervals for the effective control and treatment of Diabetes. Diabetic patients are at a greater risk of having Cardiovascular Diseases, so it becomes all the more essential for patients with such condition to exercise control over their eating habits –Have Healthy Diet and exercise regularly to cut down on excessive fat.

Diabetes Treatment

It is not all that difficult to manage diabetes, and people can lead a normal healthy life if they maintain a routine. All Types of Diabetes are treatable. Though Type 1 lasts a lifetime but can be kept under control by going in for regular insulin injections and special diet with exercises. One can get rid of Type2 diabetes by making lifestyle improvement Changes.

However, Diabetes Treatment may also require to go in for medication. Generally, metformin is the first medication prescribed for type 2 diabetes. It works by improving the sensitivity of your body tissues to insulin so that your body uses insulin more effectively. Metformin also lowers glucose production in the liver. Metformin may not lower blood sugar enough on its own. Insulin injections are the way out in acute cases at times. We need to be careful of diabetes symptoms because If diabetes is not adequately controlled, the patient has a significantly higher risk of developing complications.

If you are prone to the risk factors or are already suffering from diabetes-Go for a Health Check-Up and Consult a Doctor immediately and start medications as soon as possible to bring down the blood sugar levels within the desired limits. Exercise on a regular basis, and there is nothing to beat morning walks, and they can do wonders for you.

Some Hand Tips for Diabetes Management

-Go for Regular Walks or do some exercises
-Maintain an Active Lifestyle
-Eat Healthy with loads of green vegetables. Stay away from Fatty Foods and Junk Food.
-Maintain a good sleep regimen
-Monitor your Sugar Levels on a Regular Basis
-Go in for Diabetes-Friendly Drinks

Highly Effective Home Remedies for Diabetes Treatment

Myths and Facts about Diabetes

Whenever you browse the Internet, you are bound to come across heaps of information about the wellness programs for Diabetes Treatment. Unfortunately, not all that information has been dug out of facts. Even though you may find important information related to diabetes on the net, you would also find some really bad info. Following the bad suggestions can do a lot of harm to a patient.

Sometimes you do not even have to log onto the Internet for getting the right information; your friends or well-wishers too might come up with information, which can be even misleading! Below are some of the common things which are said about this, some of which are true while some are false.

Some Myths and Facts about Diabetes

1. Having excess Sugar can cause Diabetes
False– Type 1 happens when cells present in the pancreas, which produces insulin are damaged. This whole process has nothing to do with how much sugar an individual consumes.

In Type 2, the body of a person stops responding to insulin. Type 2 is inherited. This means that it is connected to the genes which people inherit from their mother and father. Still, consuming excessive sugar or foods which have sugar may cause weight-gain and weight-gain might increase the risk of an individual to develop the disease of diabetes.

2. People who are Diabetic should not have Sweets!

False– People who are suffering from it just need to keep the total quantity of carbohydrates they are consuming in their daily diet. But this does not mean that they cannot have sweets at all. It only means that they need to put brakes on consuming excessive sweets and other high-calorie foods which have fewer nutrients.

3. Diabetes is Contagious

False– Diabetes is not at all contagious. This means that you cannot have it from someone who has it. Scientists do not know how people get Type 1 diabetes, but they are of the opinion that it might be associated with the environment. But even communicating with anything in the environment like a virus does not mean that someone would get diabetes. The people who have Type 1 need to inherit the genes which make them prone to diabetes.

4. Diabetes Patients can feel their Blood Sugar going high or low

False– You might feel a few symptoms such as fatigue or weakness in case your blood sugar level goes high or low. But the sole way of finding out your level of blood sugar is to get it tested. The people who do not regularly test might have the level of blood sugar, which is so high that it might damage their body and they would not even realise it.

5. All patients who have Diabetes have to Take Insulin

False– All the people who have Type 1 need to take injections of insulin as their Pancreas do not produce insulin. But, not all the people with Type 2 need to take insulin.

Hope the above points clear your mind about the Myths and Facts about Diabetes and makes you aware of it in a much positive manner.

Hope this article will be a great help for effective Diabetes Treatment. So keep exercising and do not indulge in smoking. Get rid of junk food from your diet and stick to nutritious food with loads of green vegetables. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and go in for health checkups at regular intervals. Having a Glucose level between 80-120 before meals and 100-140 at bedtime, LDL or bad cholesterol under 100 mg/dl and Triglycerides less than 150 mg/dl is what you should aim for-Once you have done that there is nothing to worry about and you should rest assured that you are on the right path of Diabetes Treatment !

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