Make Periodic Doctor Visit a Way of Life

Make Periodic Doctor Visit a Way of Life

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People usually go for a Doctor Visit in fear and anticipation owing to some form of severe discomfort. We always wait for our condition to worsen before we take it seriously. This approach is not always helpful. Sometimes even the doctor is helpless because we do not pay them regular visits.

We must never forget that the whole point of toiling night and day is to live a comfortable life for which staying healthy is crucial and as such preventive doctor visit should become a way of life.

Three categories of prevention:

Prevention is always better than cure. In this case, there are three types of prevention. Primary prevention refers to procedures like a vaccination for measles or polio where we find the disease even before it finds us. Secondary prevention involves looking for symptoms of a disease by taking blood tests and pap smears. The best example for secondary prevention can be screening for cancer and heart diseases.

Tertiary prevention is done after the diagnosis of a disease. For example, a patient who is already a victim of some heart disease can work hard to prevent a heart attack.


To evade diseases like diabetes:

The biggest problem with diseases is that we never know of their existence until our bodies begin to show severe symptoms. We are not to blame because anomalies taking place inside the body are not visible to our naked eye. But with the help of regular periodic doctor visits, we can have a better understanding of our bodily functions. For instance, if a person is diabetes-prone, he/she might be alerted of his increasing blood sugar level by the physician during one of the visits.

They can then follow a different diet or take everyday work out seriously to escape or minimise the effect of the disease. In this case, the person gets a chance to fight the disease even before its onset. A periodic doctor visit helps in getting the disease diagnosed at an early stage thus minimising the effect of the diseases so that the person has ample time to take corrective action in terms of having proper medication or making lifestyle changes

Doctor Visit in the case of Mental Ailments:

Certain ailments like depression can only be diagnosed by periodic visits. It is said that all mental disorders should be diagnosed early in order to be cured. Early diagnosis can never happen if not for regular doctor visits. Also, in the case of such ailments, discussing it periodically with the physician and seeking assurance can itself be the cure.

Periodic Doctor visits for Peace of Mind:

Knowledge of basic measurements like height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate can provide more information than they appear to. For instance, height loss may denote increased erosion of bones in the body, termed as osteoporosis. Regular blood tests can give useful information about body cholesterol levels, both good and bad cholesterol. Since increased cholesterol can lead to heart diseases, it becomes important to periodically monitor its level.

We should also be aware of fibrinogen levels as they bring about clotting of blood. The next important measurement is that of haemoglobin. Levels of thyroid  hormones should also be periodically examined. With periodic check-ups and Doctor Visit, one might gain the satisfaction of staying a step ahead of Diseases.

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