Workout at Home to Stay Fit and Healthy

Workout at Home to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Everyone is very busy these days, and they don’t have time to take care of themselves even though people keep lecturing on self-love, self-care and claim to be self-obsessed. Everyone claims that they love themselves the most and take proper care of themselves which is not true most of the times. The fact of the matter is that they are lying and just trying to satisfy themselves. People are so busy that they don’t eat on time; they don’t do any workout to keep them fit and healthy. All they do is follow their 9 to 5 schedule. They neither take any proper diet nor do they follow any workout plan. Presently, more than six billion people are prone to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetics, etc. and more than seventy per cent of the populations in the metro are obese. Obesity  leads to depression (and it is mostly found in women as compared to men)

Without working out or any regular exercise schedule one cannot lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Everything seems so interconnected these days! If you are not healthy enough, you will fall prey to diseases very quickly; you won’t be able to pursue your favourite hobby or go outside. You won’t be able to do anything if you aren’t fit. The need of the hour is to follow a planned schedule. And it’s very necessary to do exercise on a daily basis. Apart from exercise, you must indulge yourselves in healthy and nutritious edibles. Though not everyone has the time to hit the gym on a regular basis, they can work out all by themselves. All they need is to stay determined to follow a proper schedule (daily exercise and eat fresh and clean).

Here we discuss few home-based workouts so that everyone can perform it and one doesn’t need to spend hours in the gym to make themselves fit and healthy. One thing that should be kept in mind is that always do as many physical exercises in any way possible. Exercise does not have to be activities laid down in Fitness Manuals but simple things like always using stairs instead of elevators and prefer going by foot rather than going by a vehicle can also be considered as simple physical exercises.

Here are a few home-based exercises, or you can say no equipment exercise:

1. Running

Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing weight. Running increase your strength in ligaments and as soon as you start running, you will feel increased stamina and strength. It burns mega-calories, relieves stress, strengthens and tones up the whole body. 30 minutes of running is enough, and it should be done on a daily basis.


2. Cycling

Apart from keeping you healthy and fit, cycling is environment-friendly and saves money. Cycling is also one of the easiest forms of workout which make your body flexible and energetic.

3. Yoga or meditation as a Workout

Yoga can be done anywhere be it inside the house or in the park. It improves flexibility, increases muscle strength and makes the posture perfect. It helps in relaxing the whole body.

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4. Pushups

It just requires five to ten minutes (3sets of 20). And it should be done on a regular basis.

Fitness Habits that should be avoided during Workout

Remaining fit and healthy is a must. It saves a person from many diseases and helps to live life in a better way. Many people prefer exercising in the morning and also going to gyms. But, there are certain rules of fitness that should be followed when going to exercise and some Fitness Habits that should be avoided. Training doesn’t mean that a person has to punish himself for exercising. Exercise is done to make oneself fit. Exercising can be done only sometime every day, and it can show visible results.

Some of the Fitness Habits that Should be Avoided:

• Fitness Habits: Exercising with an empty stomach:

It is not advisable to exercise with an empty stomach. It is required for the body to have some Blood Sugar in it before going out for exercising. Without an adequate amount of blood sugar, it is possible that the body might feel weak. It also feels tired very quickly, and a person cannot exercise for long hours of time. There are also chances of a person feeling dizzy during exercise and they lose balance at any time. It is necessary to have some amount of food before going for exercise. After having food, a person will have more of energy to burn, and they can exercise for longer periods. Fat-free yoghurt or some fruit should be taken. The right kind of food gives the right amount of energy to keep going for the day.

• Missing Stretches:

After the workout, many people don’t prefer stretching. But this should not be avoided. Stretching helps muscles to warm up and also provides stamina and energy to the body. After the workout, around 5 to 10 minutes stretching is preferable. Walking or jogging is the right kinds of stretching. It gives stretching to the knees, which is very helpful for it.

• Performing the same routine in the workout:

Many people follow the same routine in their workout. They perform the same exercises. This is not helpful in any way as it slows the progress of the body and the metabolism process of the body also slows down. It is important to keep on changing the routine of workout and trying on different new exercises. In this way, the body also gets exposed to a variety which is needed. Other types of forms like yoga, dancing can also be adopted as it gives new exposure to the body.

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• Using a phone after a workout:

Using a phone during workouts in not at all advisable. The primary purpose of a person to work out is to remain fit and healthy. It is very necessary that the individual gives 100% to workouts. They have to give their best to get the best-looking body and to remain healthy.

• Knowing limits:

For working out, it is not needed just to work beyond your physical endurance limits. Only that much is necessary that the body can tolerate. Excessive working out can lead to injuries in the muscles and also in knee joints which are not good.

These are some Fitness Habits that should be avoided. Practising too hard can take a toll on life! So exercise but take all due precautions and do not exert too much.

So Just follow these simple exercises and avoid the above-mentioned Fitness Habits. Be rest assured that it will make your life much better and go a long way in increasing your overall fitness levels thereby leading to increased concentration and productivity at the workplace. So it should not be avoided on the pretext of having a rather busy schedule. Instead, it should be taken as the most important functions to be performed by an individual during the day. This will keep you more Healthy and focused and lead to a happy life.

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