Gear up your Fitness Routine!

Gear up your Fitness Routine!

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Are you fed up of trying out the skinny outfits, and leaving them out always, because of your disproportionate body shape? All you need is to introduce a few changes in your lifestyle and Fitness routine to invite the envious eyes to stare at you!

A regular exercise can do wonders, apart from getting you back to your tight clothes. Boost up your energy levels, enhance your self-esteem, improve your immunity system, help you to overcome stress anxiety and get your brains stimulated, merely with the aid of the following tips!


• Take a stroll during your Lunch Break:

Taking a brisk walk, for half an hour or so tends to lower your risks of cardiovascular diseases, in the same way as it works for the fitness freaks. In case you have excessive work pressure in your office, consider the option of taking the stairs, instead of the lift. Using the stairs, for a couple of times will benefit your body tremendously.

• Reduce your Calories during Shopping:

Yes, shopping provides an excellent opportunity, to try out cardio. Increase your natural shop hunting even more, by taking brisk walks in between the stores; reach out to the lower shelves rather than asking someone to do it for you. Carry your shopping bags, instead of carrying them in a trolley, and you will be amazed to find the results!


• Exercising right at your Office Desk:

Are you wondering how to retain back your concentration amidst the dull office schedule? Take a break, and try out the desk exercises; try out tensing and releasing your muscles, simply by sitting in your armchair! The leaning pushups are also very effective, which you can try out by pushing your arms against the desk. Lift your legs up and down for a while, before you get back to your work again.

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• Set up your own Fitness Routine:

If you are serious about losing weight, you should try out at least one intense exercise session in a week. This does not even require you to go to the gym take out at least half an hour and practice the high-intensity exercises, in your garden or the local park.

• Carry your trainer with you:

Even though you are not going to the gym, you will need a trainer to keep your focus on the weight loss regime. Apart from the online fitness enthusiasts with whom you can connect through social networks, you may consider the option of the fitness apps and gadgets, which will tell you about your ideal weight loss program. Set up and follow a fitness chart, and celebrate your success, to keep you motivated throughout the month!

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, you may also read the personal blogs of the athletes and celebrities; how they improve their overall performance and try to accommodate the same in your fitness routine. Finally, keep blogging or sharing images about your experience, and motivate others too!

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