Tips on How to reduce Cholesterol Fast

Tips on How to reduce Cholesterol Fast

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High cholesterol is a matter of great concern, especially for people who suffer from blood pressure and cardiac problems. It has to be regularly monitored with frequent screenings, because if it exceeds the normal range consistently, the propensity of getting a heart disease becomes much higher for an individual.Here we will find about ways as to How to Reduce Cholesterol by making simple lifestyle changes and medication which can go a long way in decreasing the cholesterol level pretty fast.

Few Tips which can help reduce Cholesterol within a Short Duration:

1. Go green

Cut down on your non-vegetarian food. Increase your intake of various colored vegetables and fruits, because they are the most important natural source of nutrients that contain a minimal percentage of saturated fats and primarily are zero cholesterol.

2. Say no to saturated fats

Most fried and processed foods have very high content of saturated or Tran’s fats, which are high in cholesterol and very harmful for the body. Select low-fat dairy products, avoid egg yolk, eat more legumes like chickpeas, daal, beans, peas, etc.

3. Choose a healthy cooking medium

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Devi Shetty had once said in an interview that “No oil” is the best medium. This is next to impossible in our style of cooking, but try to choose a cooking medium which helps in the long run. Cook with Olive oil, which is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats.

4. Add garlic to your Daily Diet

Research has proven that garlic helps to make the blood thin and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Eat more garlic to lower bad ‘LDL’ Cholesterol and increase good ‘HDL’ cholesterol, which helps to maintain the optimum level of cholesterol in the body.

5. Be Active

Regular physical exercise can reduce not only bad cholesterol but also increase good one by 10%. Make any physical activity a habit; you will see the results soon.

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6. Have a power packed ‘nutty’ breakfast

Oats are packed with lots of fiber along with essential vitamins like B, E, and even iron. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc are rich in unsaturated fats. Raw, unsalted nuts taken in moderation with oats for breakfast can reduce the levels to a great extent.

7. Become a Fishetarian

If you eat non-veg, include fish in your diet. Fish is said to be the most widely available source of cholesterol reducing Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements are found to have great positive results in decreasing and harmful triglycerides. Boil, steam or poach a fish like Salmon or Basa and take it with your lunch or dinner at least thrice a week. Your cholesterol level will come down and stabilize fast.

8. Quit Smoking

Smoking decreases HDL in the body, so the dangers of heart attacks and stroke become manifold. Give up your smoking habit totally to lower cholesterol quickly.

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9. Drink Green Tea

Tea as a beverage in itself is much better than the sugar-rich colas and sodas which directly increase your cholesterol level. If you can switch to Green Tea, it becomes very beneficial for the body, because Studies have proved that it contains compounds that can help reduce LDL cholesterol.

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10. How to reduce Cholesterol by taking Medicines 

Last but not the least, if you are prescribed a cholesterol-lowering medication by your physician, do not hesitate to take them regularly. If your cardiovascular risk is more, then medicines are the best way to bring down in a quick and easy manner.

So, make a note of these tips and start incorporating them into your daily life. Along with weight loss, exercise, control on fried and fatty foods, add lots of fiber, antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to reduce your cholesterol fast.