My Weight Loss Journey : From 90 Kg’s to 57 Kg’s.

My Weight Loss Journey : From 90 Kg’s to 57 Kg’s.

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My Weight Loss Journey: How I got motivated to Lose Weight?

Today I decided to share my weight loss journey that how I succeeded in losing 33 kgs. During the same, the most significant issue was how to stay motivated as this can help someone who is struggling with a weight issue and trying to stay healthy.

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Honestly, I lost thirty-three kilogrammes in one year. I neither followed any particular program, nor I went through any weight loss surgery. These two are not permanent solutions, on the other hand, it’s very expensive and involves lots of complications.

I simply did it by rigorous workout and stuck to the diet and healthy eating. I swear it wasn’t easy one because earlier I had never followed any disciplined schedule and ate everything (all sorts of foods which contains a high amount of fats, carbohydrates, mono-saturated fats, etc.). But I changed every single habit of mine with sheer determination and dedication.

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When I was overweight, I constantly use to fight to keep the weight off, but you know as well that there are lots of thing in this world which are very tempting. Several things motivated me to go in for the weight loss. When I was fat, I faced many problems even a doctor told me that there is a threat of thyroid, day to day lame comments, not fitting into a dress, I always felt very under confident.

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Even after being an extrovert person, it used to hurt me when somebody used to call me fat. So, honestly harsh critiques of others, to an extent has been my motivating factor. Secondly, my family is my backbone who prompted me to change the lifestyle. I watched my mother and my sister struggle with their health. My family health issues gave me the final push to change my way of life.

There is one more reason, it might sound unusual, but for me, it was a serious issue. Whenever I use to see a photograph of myself when I was the heaviest, it motivated me more; I carved for more healthy lifestyle. When I started going to the gym, I saw another great habit developing inside me which was to motivate others to lose weight, eat clean and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Keep each other accountable, workout in groups or individually (whatever suits you), encourage each other and push each other to achieve goals. Especially when you lose weight, you need to maintain it too. When I lost 33kgs, I didn’t leave going to the gym or working out. I still workout, and that too rigorous hardcore workout (It’s been 1.5 years since I lost weight). You need to maintain consistency. Consistency, hard work, and determination is the key. Go for it.

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One more thing, this journey is not an easy one.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in itself. Focus on being healthy rather than getting lean and weak. Your determination and determination alone can take you to your Goal and once you have made the rightful decision of getting back into shape do not get deterred by distractions. My Weight Loss Journey was difficult and full of challenges but still, I made it.

(Personal experience narrated by a Young College Girl by the name of Ms Dikha Ranjan from Delhi )

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