Buck Up! Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days with These Easy Tips!

Buck Up! Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days with These Easy Tips!

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Jealousy is a sign that you are not doing things better than others. So, as soon as you start getting jealous of that person who has the perfect curvy body, stop right there! Introspect to know if you are doing everything to tone your body or not. If you aren’t; know it’s time to embrace yourself to achieve your weight loss goals successfully. And don’t worry! You are not alone on this mission; we are there with you. So, today we are going to share with you some amazing tips to reduce belly fat in 30 days.But before  that be aware that the under-skin belly fat (called subcutaneous) and the fat under your abdominal muscles and around vital organs (called visceral) need to go or else it can lead to cardiovascular disease  or diabetes or both. It can also lead to high blood pressure and more and make no mistake-Eating too much is at least partly to blame for that flab. Limiting your portions can keep visceral fat down.

Top 10 Simple and Effective Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

1. Stand Tall

So, you are doing everything to take a few inches off the waist; you are eating a healthy diet and are exercising regularly. But you feel depressed when you don’t see your belly getting into a toned shape. If this is happening to you, then beware! Your body posture might be to blame.

A bad posture may ruin all your efforts that you have been making to reduce belly fat. It is often seen that slouching and slumping makes the stomach look more prominent and over time, you will notice a little paunch. So, your protruding belly might be the cause of your bad posture.

So, if you want to lose weight, then you must correct your body posture. To improve your posture while standing, you can imagine that a rope is pulling your upper body towards the ceiling. For sitting posture, you should ensure that your feet are touching the floor all the time. So, stand tall and sit straight and keep belly fat at bay.

Belly Fat

2.Poop the Right Way

Ewww! What did I just say? Feeling disgusted? Well, I couldn’t care enough because this is an essential tip to follow to tone your belly. If you want to avoid bloating, then it is important that your body follows a proper routine to use the bathroom every day.

When we start avoiding the brain signals to go to the loo because we are too busy in our work; over time the brain starts ignoring and avoiding the body’s signals. This eventually leads to constipating and stomach bloating problems.

So, if you want to burn belly fat, then do not avoid the body signals to flush out the waste. Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up every morning. This will help you poop better.

3.Spice it Up

Do you add spices to your food to make them tastier? If you do, then well done! You are already taking the right step to tone your belly. And that’s because spicy foods promote weight loss. Shocked, right? You must be eating spicy foods until now just to satisfy your tongue, but these spices are doing a much greater job than just protecting you from bland food.

Various studies claim that spicy foods boost metabolism which in turn helps in burning body fat more efficiently. Also, eating spicy foods makes us sweat at times and helps us burn fat. Apart from that, when you eat spicy foods, it increases the satiety level which makes you feel full. So, spice it up to reduce belly fat. Eat spicy food to lose weight.

Now, don’t start eating too many spices because it may lead to constipation, heartburn and other health problems. Instead, add a few healthy spices to your food such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and so on.

Spicy Foods

4. Give up The Junk

Now, this is one of the oldest tips given to those who are trying to lose weight; but is indeed one of the most important ones. No matter how much sweat you are shedding at the gym; if you are not breaking up with the junk food, you will never lose weight.

Consuming junk food excessively such as Pizza, Burgers, Sugary drinks, etc. increase inflammation in the hypothalamus of the brain, which causes leptin resistance. This, in turn, makes your brain think that the body is starving and you tend to eat more than required.

Also, junk foods are high in calories and sugar which makes you fat. So, if you want to reduce belly fat, eat homemade food instead of junk food. This will not only help you shed pounds but will also transform you into a healthier person. Stop eating junk food to lose weight.

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5. Say ‘Hello’ to Vitamin C

If you want to keep stress and health problems at bay, then start consuming foods and fruits enriched with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in boosting digestion and also maintains blood pressure. So, you must fill in your stomach with at least one vitamin C enriched fruit or food every day.

Fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, guava and kiwi are excellent sources of vitamin C and other minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium.

Other foods like parsley, kale, broccoli, sprouts and cloves are also loaded with vitamin C. So, add these foods to your diet and get a toned belly.

6. Do the Lunges

Exercise is an integral part of the weight loss regimen. So, it is good to devote some time to physical workout to get back your body in the proper shape. Here is a simple exercise you can do.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms lifted at the front. Bend your knees slightly and elbows 90 degrees by hips. Now, lunge forward with your right leg and rotate torso and arms to right. Then, return to the starting position and repeat the movement on the left side. Do 16 reps, alternating sides.

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7. Don’t Hate Carbohydrates

Many people start avoiding carbohydrates completely when they are on a weight loss diet, which actually should not be done. And that’s because carbs are loaded with minerals and vitamins that our body need to sustain. That being said, you must choose the source of carbohydrates wisely.

You can choose brown rice, whole grains, barley, whole-wheat pasta, beans, popcorn, oatmeal, quinoa, etc. to include good sources of carbohydrates in your diet. These healthy sources of carbohydrates are filled with fibre that helps you feel full and prevents you from overeating. So, instead of boycotting carbohydrates from your diet, include a few healthy sources of carbohydrates to be healthy and fit.

8.Date the Dairy Products

It is good to eat three servings of dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk and milk on a daily basis.  Dairy products help boost your immunity, improve digestion and also help you burn fat quickly and effectively. Also, dairy foods signal your brain that you have eaten enough which makes you feel full and stops you from overeating unhealthy foods.

9.Smile like a Baby

Staying happy is one of the easiest ways to reduce belly fat. When you take the stress, your body produces stress hormones which take a toll on your digestive system and leads to constipation and bloating. And that’s not all the damage stress causes; yes, there’s more! A stressed body increases cortisol production that adds a fatty layer only at the waistline. So, that increased belly fat might be due to your constant worrying about something.

Just stay relax, listen to music, read a book, go out with friends and do whatever you can to push all the negativity out of your mind. But, don’t indulge in smoking and drinking! These things may make you feel calm and relaxed for a brief moment but will damage your health in the long run.
10. Walk your Weight Off

There are many benefits of a morning walk. If you want to lose belly fat, then you must go on long walks for at least thirty minutes every day. Walking helps in boosting metabolism and also helps in burning those extra inches off your waistline. Now, don’t just spend 30 minutes on a leisurely walk as it is definitely not counted as exercise.

Walk fast and keep your back straight and your hands relaxed while walking. Also, keep your arms as close as possible to your body while swinging them forward and backwards. Increase the speed at which you swing your arms back and forth and keep your neck and shoulders in a relaxed state. Follow these tips while walking and burn fat quickly. And if you are not loosing weight inspite of all the efforts it is as simple-You’re Not Exercising Enough or are doing the wrong exercises !

Some  more quick  Tips to Trim down your Tummy and have a Flat Stomach:

-Drink adequate amount of water

Our body contains more than 70 per cent of water and the metabolism hinders when there is a scarcity of water in our body. The body excretes its unwanted contents with water in the form of sweat, urine and water also fasten the burning of fat in our body.
-Do not drink water in between the Meal

It is very important not to drink water during the time you take your meal if you want your tummy to retain its standard shape. You shouldn’t even drink water quick after taking your meal, drink water after 30 or 40 minutes.

Coconut Water

-Make coconut water your Favourite Beverage

Coconut water is the natural and fresh juice with zero cholesterol and its electrolytes help in boosting the metabolic functioning of our body and thus helps in reducing the cholesterol level of our body.

-Add chapattis of Mixed Flour of Gram and Barley in your Diet

Buck Up! Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days with These Easy Tips!

Wheat is very rich in carbohydrate, so it is a vital factor for our excessive abdominal growth. Add chapattis of mixed flour in your food, specifically gram and barley. It will work like magic and help reduce your belly.

-Take Honey with water to have a Flat Stomach

Honey when taken with light hot water in the morning, helps a lot in bringing down oversized abdomen to regular shape. Make it your daily habit of taking honey with light hot water in the morning to get your stomach down to its normal shape.
-Reduce Consumption of Salt

Sodium is the essential ingredient which is responsible for shaping your tummy out of control and thus if you want your abdomen to rest in normal shape, reduce the consumption of salt in your meal because the largest amount of sodium our body gets is from salt.

-Always keep a water bottle with you while you are out of your home

The water bottle should be with you always especially when you are out of the home, Keep yourself always hydrated. Water helps our metabolism stay active and thus helps in burning our body fat.

-Get Rid of Wrong Eating Habits!

Unhealthy eating is the biggest culprit.Get rid of the temptation to eat fried stuff and instead go in for  plenty of  green veggies , choose lean proteins, and stay away from fats from red meats. Even a moderate cutback on carbs (grains, pasta, sugars) can help, too.

-Don’t Smoke

If you do,getting rid of it can do a lot of good to your body and help reduce Belly Fat. A Study suggests that smoking  leads to more abdominal and visceral fat.So you have a very solid reason to quit smoking !

-Drinking Beer could be the Wrong Choice

It’s not just beer and the carbs in beer that make that beer belly pop. All alcohol has calories. If you take in too many calories — especially if you’re not exercising and eating well — you’re going to pack on the pounds. If you drink, remember to do it in moderation.

-Make a Sleep Routine

If you are not sleeping well it can aid belly fat so make sure you follow a proper sleep regime and sleep properly.If you’re not sleeping, you’re jump-starting stress hormones. Those encourage your body to keep fat.

-Don’t Be Obsessed With the Scale

The good news is that you might be losing  belly fat and not even realize it. If you’re eating well and exercising right, remember that how your clothes fit — measured by your waist size — is more important than what the scale says. If that waistband is less snug, you may have replaced some belly fat with muscle.

-Ball exercise brings radical change in bringing down your belly

The exercising and physical workout will be helpful in getting your abdomen in normal shape, but there is an exercise which will radically be advantageous and that is ball exercise. You can take advice from a gym instructor about ball exercises to have a Flat Stomach

Having a Flat Stomach has become an obsession as every other person is distressed with obesity and abdominal fat and it has become a very common thing in this age of lavish and luxurious life. People usually believe that they will need to get up or minimise their regular food consumption to reduce the fat accumulated around the belly. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can be extremely helpful in getting your abdomen in shape. You just need to make a routine and follow that with strict discipline. So Guys Follow these easy tips to reduce belly fat and don’t lose your patience.

‘Even if you lose half a pound this week, you’ll still lose 26 pounds by this next time year. Just keep going!’

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