Get in Shape in With These Lean Body Workouts

Get in Shape in With These Lean Body Workouts

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Do you dream of getting a slim and trim body like that of your favourite actors and dancers? Do you look at passers-by who look stunning in any outfit you cannot possibly dream yourself fitting in? Yes, you definitely do that is why you are here maybe. Nobody wants to have an unfit body shape. Everybody irrespective of their gender, age, race, desires to have a well-toned body. But unfortunately, this dream remains a dream for many of us. So what is that you should do to get in shape? EXERCISE and EATING A BALANCED DIET. Get in that enviable physique all dancers are famous for with these Lean Body Workouts.


Lean Body Workouts

1. Cardio and Strength Training

Strength training and cardio exercises can help you attain a muscular and robust body. Cardio exercises help in shedding body fat. Make sure that you do some muscle building as well as cardio. This will make the torso, legs and hands toned.

2. Wall Pushups

This is an easy and simple workout that just involves a little bit of movement, but it can move all your muscles. To perform this exercise, stand while facing a wall with your arms extended in front of you at shoulder width. Keep your palms resting on the wall surface, bring your legs forward. Bring your legs together and rise onto the balls of both of your feet. Bend your elbows until you come very near the wall. Push yourself back into the same position again and repeat this for 1 minute. You can change the pace accordingly.

3. Standing Turnout

Stand in V position, place your hands on a support. Extend your right leg behind you. Make the five o’clock position. Lift your foot off the floor. Lift it up and down by an inch for 30 seconds. Repeat the steps at different paces throughout the exercise and repeat. Repeat the same with the left leg with your toe pointing to seven o’clock.

4. Parallel Extension

For performing this activity with your right leg put in front of you. Keep your left knee slightly bent. Now, slowly lift and lower your raised leg by an inch for about 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise in small and fast motions for nearly a minute. Make smaller circles with your leg for another 30 seconds, then do it in reverse circles for another 30 seconds. Switch your legs and perform the same.


5. Curl

Sit with your knees bent, holding the back of both of your thighs. Now, round your back and lower it toward the floor, contracting your core region. Slowly curl down and curl up by an inch or two for 30 seconds. Now bring one of your arms next to your ear and continue curling for 30 seconds. Do this with another arm and continue curling for another 30 seconds. Bring both arms to your ears and curl up and down for a minute. This will benefit you a lot. It is also one of our favourite Lean Body Workouts, and at the same time, it is also fun to do so.

6. Bridge Pose

This is an amazing workout that can be tried in any setting, even when you are watching your favourite TV show. All you need to do is lie down on a flat surface, keep your knees bent together and put your weight on toes. Slowly lifting the whole body from the centre and then going down is what this exercise requires you to do. You can repeat doing so for a good one minute.

Bridge Exercise

The bridge open-close pose can also be tried in variations. Just remember that when you lift your body up, stay in that position for some time. Keep your legs and knees closed for some time and then open the knees.

7. Clams

This is one of the Lean Body Workouts that will make your hip region stronger. For performing this exercise, you have to lie on the floor on one side, with your legs together and bent at the knees. Keep your lower leg in place, open your upper leg. Bring back this leg down on the lower leg. Repeat the open-close routine for some time, before trying it out on the other sides.

8. Forming Circles

This exercise is actually based on pilates, and you can try it in your spare time in the bedroom! At first, you have to lie flat on the floor. Lie on your side and keep the lower leg a little bent for balance, slowly lift the other leg upwards. With the other leg, draw circles in the air.  Then, change the direction of performing this exercise.

9. Lunges

Lunges help in toning the muscles of legs. It is suitable for various fitness levels and therefore, can be performed as a part of every workout routine. You can add variations such as jumping lunges and reverse lunges in it.

Lunge Reach

10. Pilates

This is another favourite Lean Body Workout of ours. It helps build core muscles and tone all the muscles in human body. They improve the posture to a great extent. It helps the person to stand and walk straight as well. This makes the body appear leaner. It includes legs pulls, spinal stretches and leg stretches. Pilates requires an overall breathing control.

11. Scissors Curl

Lie on the back with shoulders and feet raised. Now extend your right leg up and put your hands on the knee. Now, slowly curl up and down by an inch for about 30 seconds. Continue making smaller and faster motions for nearly a minute. For the next step, bring your left arm up to your ear and curl again for 30 seconds. Then, reach out to your left arm towards your right ankle, bending it for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat this sequence.

This was about the Lean Body Workouts you can try at home for getting a Lean body. Keep in mind that only exercising alone can’t help you to get in shape. Eating a balanced diet is a must for those looking for having a slim and trim body. You can also hit the gym to workout under the supervision of a professional fitness trainer.

So, are you ready now for this schedule to attain a Lean body? With these easy-to-do exercises, you too can get that enviable dancer-like body shape. These were some picks from our side. Pick your favourites from these and start working out. We hope you try these and then share in the comments section below to let us know which one of these worked best for you. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit.

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