How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month- Diet, Exercises & Home Remedies

How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month- Diet, Exercises & Home Remedies

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Getting a flat tummy is a dream for all. Who doesn’t love to flaunt those crop tops or cut-out gowns? For men also, having washboard ABS helps a lot to roam shirtless around the beaches. In order to lose belly fat fast, one must exercise and eat a healthy diet. But to get a tight tummy, not all want to do those annoying 100 crunches or sit-ups a day. Also going to the gym is not possible for many because of time-crunch or expensive membership. On top of that, most people do not have the willpower to follow a particular diet plan. That’s why learning a few moves that one can do from the comfort of home, and following some simple diet tips is very necessary. So, here we have shared some simple exercise moves and diet tips on How to Lose Belly Fat that can be tried by anybody to Lose Belly Fat Fast – from a corporate professional to a mum on a sabbatical. They are fun, easy and most importantly- yield results.

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When it comes to food and nutrition, there is tremendous confusion regarding what to eat and what not to. And it is a pity that most of the best tasting and delectable food items are unhealthy for us in terms of calories. These foods are tough to avoid as most of our outings nowadays involve eating all the junk food. The nutrition information is not available in most places like malls, and it all adds to our unhealthy diet. Excessive consumption of junk food makes people gain belly fat, and that is why everyone today wants to know the best ways on how to lose belly fat

Well, thanks to the internet, diet gurus and health fitness books, we can all update our knowledge about the food which we should eat and which we should chop off from our diet for a fit body. They say that a healthy body is also a sign of a healthy mind. If you eat the right thing, then your mind will also function in the correct way, and it will also show on your skin.

A balanced diet for a fit body should consist of 2000 calories, having not more than 66 grammes of fat with less than 20 grammes of saturated fat; 2400 grammes sodium and 300 grammes of carbohydrate in total including sugar.

How to Burn Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

You can lose belly fat easily if you eat a healthy diet, exercise and use some home remedies. So, let’s begin with some of the diet tips that need to be followed to take inches off the waist. Following a healthy diet plan is crucial to get a slimmer body. Exercise helps in burning calories, but then you should also make sure that you do not consume extra calories than required. In order to cut calories from your diet and lose weight healthily, you need to follow simple diet tips. Here go the Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat !

1. Diet Tips

• Avoid Sugar and Sugary Drinks

One of the worst ingredients in our daily diet is added sugar. And the unhealthiest source of sugar is sugary drinks. They are very fattening in terms of calories and consuming them in large quantities can increase fat gain and lead to obesity. Did you know that an 8-ounce serving of unsweetened apple juice contains 24 grams of sugar? Shocked, right? Well, yes fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. Studies have found that there is a strong connection between high sugar intake and increased abdominal fat. On top of that, excessive consumption of sugary drinks also leads to many diseases like Type 2 diabetes and heart-related diseases. Thus, it is important to avoid sugar and sugary drinks if you want to lose belly fat. Replace fruit juice with water, lemon water, coconut water or green smoothies. How to lose belly fat? Do not consume lots of sugar and sugary foods.

• Stay away from Soda

This goes without saying! Even if you pick the regular soda and add lemon and honey to it, it is going straight to your tummy and will make it harder for you to lose fat, especially the Belly Fat. Colas, orange and lemon-based beverages have excessive amounts of sugar, and if consumed regularly, these drinks spike up a person’s weight at a rapid pace.

• Unhealthy Fats

Fat, in general, is not a bad thing, as our body requires a certain amount of fat for sustenance. However, indulging in the wrong kind of fats is harmful. Packaged foods such as frozen French fries, chips, cookies, candy, muffins along with processed meat such as salamis and sausages contain harmful fats and are not just loaded with calories, but lack all the necessary nutrition as well.

Junk Food

• Give up the Junk Food

Ditch the junk food if you want to shed pounds. Junk food like pizza, burger, soda and fried chips contain a lot of sugar, calories and other preservatives that harm our health. Junk food increases our blood sugar levels which can, in turn, lead to obesity. We know staying away from junk food is a very hard because it does taste yummy. But, if you do not want you to see yourself looking gigantic in the coming years, then you must give up the junk. Follow these easy tips to stop eating junk food– do not stock junk food in your pantry, eat a healthy breakfast and keep yourself hydrated.

• Love Protein

Eating a protein-rich diet is important to achieve your weight loss goals. Protein promotes satiety and improves digestion. On top of that, protein also boosts metabolism and helps you retain muscle mass during weight loss. Studies claim that people who eat a diet full of protein tend to have less belly fat as compared to those who do not take a Adding fibre-rich foods to your  diet. Some of the healthy sources of protein are fish, eggs, soy, nuts, lean meat and broccoli.


If you are not aware of this already, now is the time! Fruits that contain a high level of fructose such as mangoes, watermelon and apples cause bloating and gas. While some of these are healthy options, they need to be eaten in moderation. So, next time don’t eat four apples in one go or a whole watermelon by itself!

Buck Up! Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days with These Easy Tips!

• Eat More Fiber

Still wanting to know more about How to lose belly fat ? Add more fibre to your diet. Soluble fibre lowers insulin levels and promotes metabolism, which in turn aids weight loss. Adding fibre-rich foods to your diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly. But, keep in mind that you need to take a certain quantity of fibre per day-women should consume 25 g of fibre per day, while men should aim to consume 30 g a day. Also, you must know that your digestive system takes some time to adapt to your fibre intake. So, add fibre to your diet slowly and gradually. Suppose, you are consuming 15g of fibre a day presently, then do not start getting 30 g the very next day. Add it to your diet slowly. Some of the healthy sources of fibre are an apple, strawberries, banana, oatmeal and so on.


• Eat Plenty of Veggies and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are highly nutritious and give you an abundance of energy. If you want to lose weight, you should make sure that your diet consists of protein, vitamins, fibre and healthy carbs. Some of the vegetables and fruits that can help you accelerate weight loss process are beans, broccoli, radish, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, bottle gourd, cucumber, tomatoes, lemon, orange, berries, apple and avocado.

Processed Cheese

A single slice eaten once a week is not going to cause any severe damage, but large amounts of cheese in sandwiches or salads will cause a significant amount of weight gain around the stomach. Besides a high amount of calories, cheese also contains cholesterol, which is bad for you and your waistline.

Artificial Sweeteners can lead to Belly Fat

You need to stop adding the ‘sugar-free’ sugar packets to your daily dose of coffee and tea. Our Digestive System has a harder time breaking down and digesting the chemicals in artificial sweeteners, and therefore this causes our stomachs to swell up or bloat.

• Add Probiotics Foods to Your Diet

Probiotics are good bacteria found in some foods, and they are quite healthy. Probiotics improve gut health, boost metabolism, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and promote weight loss. Some of the probiotics foods you should eat for weight loss are yoghurt, apple cider vinegar and raw cheese.

Refined Grains

Whole grains are good for you, but the refined grains have been processed and have lost the nutrients besides piling on the added sugars and chemicals. White rice and white bread are some of these examples.

 Trans Fat

When you go to the grocery store next time, do a quick scan of the words ‘trans fat’ on all the items you buy. Whether it is chips, cookies or any other packaged item, trans fat needs to be avoided by you, if you are aiming for a flatter tummy. Besides the unnecessary fat, trans fat also increases the risk of heart diseases.

• Over processed Carbohydrates

Foods like cakes, doughnuts, crackers, pasta etc are dreadful for your stomach. If you consume large amounts of such food items, your stomach would constantly feel bloated, and you would not be able to get rid of the flab

• Avoid Having Dinner After 8 pm

Taking a light dinner can also help you lose belly fat and achieve your weight loss goals. Avoid eating after 8 pm and take a light dinner because, at night, the digestive system slows down.

• Drink Plenty of Fluids

Staying hydrated is extremely important for maintaining a proper weight. You must drink at least eight glasses of water every day to lose weight. Whenever you feel thirsty, drink water and do not go for fizzy drinks. Staying hydrated is important, but staying hydrated with healthy fluids is also important. Water is the best fluid and so drink plenty of water throughout the day and bid farewell to tummy fat.

Drink enough Water

• Ditch Carbs

If you are looking for ways on How to Lose Belly Fat -It is important to cut carbs immediately. When people eat a low-carb diet, their appetite goes down, and they burn fat. If you want to lose weight, then you should aim to drop your carbs to 50 grams per day. So, eat a low-carb diet and see your tummy fat going away in a very short span of time.

• Avoid White Bread

The majority of people have bread in their breakfast on a daily basis. But what they don’t understand is that bread is made from wheat flour, and that contains protein gluten and is low in nutrients and high in calories. So, avoid eating white bread and opt for healthier breakfast options like poha, eggs, smoothies and so on.

• Do Not Use Vegetable Oil Excessively

There has been a significant increase in vegetable oil consumption by people. These include soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil and canola oil. Being high in omega-6 fatty acids, these oils have many serious concerns related to it. It is true that our bodies need omega-6 fatty acid, but excessive consumption of omega-6s can increase appetite and slow down the metabolic rate, causing weight gain. You can replace soybean, corn oil and other oils with coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fats which raise metabolic rate and helps you burn fat more effectively. How to lose belly fat with coconut oil? Simply take two tablespoons of coconut oil per day and see wonders. However, this must be kept in mind that coconut oil is also high in calories and so you must consume it in a moderate amount.

• Say No To Processed Meat

Although unprocessed meat is considered to be very healthy and nutritious, processed meat is just the opposite. Processed meats like bacon, hot dog, etc. increase your risk of heart disease, obesity and certain cancers. Studies have confirmed that processed meat makes people gain weight. So, it is best to avoid processed meat and stay healthy and fit.

• How to Lose Belly fat : Avoid Excess Salt

Excess salt should be cut from the diet as it proves to be awful for our health. It affects the heart directly and also adds to our body weight. With so much being talked about food nowadays, it has become a grave concern for all age groups. More than just having a fit body, it is highly essential to have a healthy lifestyle too. Avoiding tasty and delicious food is tough. But once you know the nutrition level of food items, you can maintain your diet and cut all the fattening items from it.

Healthy Foods

• Snack Healthy

You do not have to go into a starvation mode to lose weight.  Some people just stop eating altogether, thinking that it will help them burn fat. What they do not realise is that starvation causes their body to burn muscle tissue to provide glucose for the brain which is very harmful to health. So, do not starve yourself, instead, you should eat five to six times a day even if you are planning to burn some calories. You should eat healthy snacks in between your three big meals. But, make sure that you have some healthy snacks. Do not go for a pizza or a soda when it is snack time- It will just ruin your weight loss efforts you have been making all day. It is better to keep some healthy snacks handy so that you can have them whenever hunger cravings attack you. Some of the best healthy snacks are nuts, fruit, protein smoothie, eggs and so on.

How to Lose Belly Fat : Here is a Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat Fast

So, now you know how to lose belly fat by following certain diet tips. Apart from diet tips, people also follow diet plans to shed belly fat. There are many diet plans that claim to burn belly fat quickly. Here is an effective four-week diet plan for weight loss.

Week Early Morning Breakfast Mid-Morning Pre-Lunch Lunch Mid-Evening Snack Dinner
Week 1 One fruit + 3-4 mixed seeds such as flax seeds, sesame, etc. Two egg omelette with two whole grain bread slices/ One sandwich + one glass of vegetable juice 4 walnuts and two dates/ One fruit One plate of salad with vinegar dressing Two multigrain bread/ chapatti + One bowl of vegetable + One bowl low-fat curd One cup of coffee/ One glass buttermilk/ One bowl sprouts/ One glass protein smoothie One bowl chicken gravy/ One bowl vegetable curry + two multigrain chapatti/ bread + salad+ one bowl of soup
Week 2 10 ml wheatgrass juice+ Five to six almonds and walnuts One bowl vegetable + One bowl fruit/ oats/ brown rice + one glass vegetable juice of your choice One glass whey protein shake / Coconut water One bowl veggie soup Two multigrain chapatti/bread + One bowl vegetable + One vegetable egg omelette Two multigrain biscuits + One cup green tea One bowl vegetable + One bowl salad + Two multigrain chapatti/ bread
Week 3 Green smoothie One bowl Poha + One bowl vegetable One fruit of your choice/ A handful of assorted nuts One bowl sprout salad/ One bowl mixed vegetable soup Two multigrain chapatti/ bread + One bowl veggies + One bowl low-fat curd + One bowl brown rice A glass of Vegetable juice One bowl fruit and veggie mixed salad + two multigrain bread/ chapattis
Week 4  One glass of smoothie + 3-4 almonds and walnuts One bowl vegetables + one bowl low-fat curd + One omellette One bowl fresh fruits/ A handful of dry fruits One bowl sprout salad One bowl mixed veggies + two multigrain bread/ chapatti + One glass of buttermilk or green tea One cup spiced boiled corn + One cup coffee, tea One bowl vegetable + Two multigrain chapatti/ Bread

2. Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Without indulging in physical activity, you won’t be able to achieve your weight loss goals. How to Lose Belly Fat? Exercise is your answer! Without indulging in physical activity, you cannot burn belly fat. You must exercise daily to lose fat from the stomach. Looking for some moves on How to Lose Belly Fat. Wait no more-Here are some of the simple moves you can practice at your home to Lose Belly Fat

 • Side Bend

Stand straight and keep your feet together and your hands to the sides. Keep your legs grounded and then bend your body to the right as much as you can till you feel a strain on your left waist. Keep this in mind that your right hand should be placed on the right hip and the left hand should be raised upwards while you are doing this. Hold the position for about 15 seconds and then return to your normal position. Now, bend to the left and do the same. Do this exercise for one minute.

• Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling are the best exercises for weight loss. How to lose belly fat in a month? Just walk for 30 minutes every day and you will see your tummy going in very quickly. Running too is an effective way to burn calories and lose tummy fat. If you do not like to run, then try jogging. Many studies claim that jogging is more effective in breaking down unwanted fat as compared to weightlifting. You can also try cycling which is another great cardio exercise for weight loss. But, make sure that you do cardio every day for at least half an hour.

The Best Cardio Exercises to go in for

• Leg Raises

Lie down on your back and keep your body flat. Now, stretch your legs straight out before squeezing your toes, knees and heels together. Now, you need to lift your legs up straight to a 90- degree angle over your hips and then lower back down, without touching the floor.

• Lunges

Stand straight with your legs hip-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Take a step forward with your right legs, bend both knees and then rotate your torso to the right. As you lunge forward, keep the weight on the front heel and keep your core tight. Also, you need to ensure that your legs form a 90-degree angle and that your hips are in proper alignment. Now, return to your starting position and repeat the movement on your left side. Alternate sides until 1 set is complete and do 2 sets of this exercise.


• Crunches

Lie down flat and keep your knees slightly bent and feet on the ground. Place your hands behind your head, or you can also keep them crossed on your chest. Then, what you need to do is inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper torso off the floor, you need to exhale. Inhale as you get back down, and exhale as you come up. Do this for ten times.


This move can be made both clockwise and counter-clockwise. First, you need to lie down on your back, with feet firmly planted on the floor; hand extended both sides with downward palms. Tighten your core ABS and then withdraw the knees close to your upper body. Breathe out deeply and then spread your legs towards facing the ceiling. You have to bend the toes towards the floor, and then start circling the legs together clockwise. Once you are done doing it for ten times, do it counter-clockwise for another ten times. For getting a tight tummy- this is a sure-shot formula to win.

Top Workout Tricks and Tips on How to Burn Belly Fat Fast

•Plank Pose

This is one move, whose potency is vowed by instructors around the world. If you don’t incorporate plank pose in your free-hand workout, your exercise will remain unfinished. The steps are easy. All you need to do is to- keep your body in one straight line. First, go to the push-up position. Your legs have to be butt-width apart and keep your hands pushing down the floor- shoulder-width apart. The heels, spine, shoulders, hip all of them should be in a straight line. The head has to be bowed down. You have to be in this position from 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on your stamina. As your stamina increases, your time of holding down your body in a straight line must increase. This exercise is instrumental in strengthening your core- including the abdomen.

Elbow Plank

•Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is fun, exciting, patronised by Michelle Obama and excellent for your ABS. But before you jump the gun, do remember that there are certain postures which you need to maintain during hula hooping. Here, you have to move the midsection of your body only. Keep the upper and lower body steady and turn the middle part front-back and side-to-side. Everyday hula hooping for just 30 minutes can make your belly tight and flat gradually.

The exercises mentioned above can be executed by anybody- irrespective of gender or age to lose belly fat. But if you have an aching back or feet, consult your Doctor before doing these exercises.

3. Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat

There are many old-age remedies that are beneficial for weight loss. You do not even know that your kitchen has the solution to your weight loss problem. Just have a quick glance at your kitchen, and you will find so many ingredients there which can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. Have a look at these old-age remedies for weight loss.

How to lose belly fat fast? Well, try some natural remedies like lemon, honey, aloe vera, etc. These ingredients have fantastic weight loss properties and help burn body fat quickly and healthily.

• Cumin Seeds

Take a teaspoon of cumin seeds (kali jeeri) and boil in water. Strain the cumin water and drink when it is warm. Drinking a glass of cumin water early morning helps in removing abdominal bloatedness and aids weight loss.

• Garlic

How to lose belly fat with garlic? Simply, chew one or two cloves of garlic in the morning. Garlic improves digestion, boosts metabolism and burns body fat, and hence it should be added to your weight loss diet.

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• Coconut Oil

Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of green tea leaves and hot water in a glass. Allow it to steep for three to four minutes. Strain the tea and enjoy your drink.

• Almonds

Almonds are rich in magnesium, vitamin E, fibre and protein and are a great snack for weight loss. How to lose belly fat with almonds? Just, eat a handful of almonds on a daily basis to shed belly fat.

• Apple Cider Vinegar

Simply, take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Stir thoroughly and drink this two times a day.

• Honey

In a glass of warm water, mix one tablespoon honey and juice of one lemon. Stir well and drink this early morning on an empty stomach.

The Many Wonderful Health Benefits of Honey

• Cinnamon

Take ¼ cups of raw oats, one banana, ½ cup of skimmed milk, one cup of low-fat yoghurt and one teaspoon brown sugar. Blend all of these ingredients to make a smoothie. Now, add a dash of cinnamon powder and drink this daily to shed belly fat.

•Lemon, Honey and Black Salt

Take a glass filled with warm water and add the juice of one lemon, one teaspoon of honey and a pinch of black salt to it. Stir well and drink this two to three times a day.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

•Green Tea and Lemon

In a cup of green tea, add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Drink two to three cups of lemon green tea to shed pounds. This is indeed one of the easiest ways to lose belly fat fast.

•Cinnamon and Honey

Take one teaspoon each of honey and cinnamon powder. Mix them well and consume this before going to bed. Do this daily for one month, and you will see fantastic weight loss results.

• Aloe Vera

Aloe vera improves metabolism, mobilises unused fat in the body, increases energy consumption and burns body fat. Take two aloe vera leaves, peel them and take out the pulp. Put it in a blender along with one cup of orange juice or simply water. Blend for 2 to 3 minutes. Drink this every day for a month.

• Cayenne Pepper

In a glass of water, mix two tablespoons each of lemon juice and maple syrup. Add some cayenne pepper and drink it.

• Lemon

In a glass of warm water, add the juice of one lemon and a pinch of black salt. Stir thoroughly and drink.

4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

• Do not Take Stress

No matter how many diet plans you follow or how much you exercise every day; if you take the stress, you will never be able to lose belly fat. How to lose belly fat? The answer is- Say ‘No’ to stress. Stress makes the adrenal glands to release more cortisol in the body and studies claim that high cortisol levels increase appetite and makes people obese. So, stay away from stress if you want to stay away from belly fat.

• Get Enough Sleep

Still wondering on How to Lose Belly Fat. Then go in for a Good Nigh’s Sleep. Taking a good night’s sleep is essential to keep weight in control. Studies suggest that individuals who don’t get enough sleep tend to gain weight. Sleep helps in keeping the appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin in check which in turn promotes weight loss. Lack of sleep can make these hormones unbalanced which can result in increased appetite. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Which is the best Sleep Position for Your Health?

• Focus on Your Meal

While eating your meal, do not get distracted by your cell phone or television. Chew your food properly and do not do other things while you are eating. Getting distracted can make you eat more than required which can cause weight gain. So, put your phone down and switch off your TV while you eat your meal.

• Give Importance to Breakfast

How to lose belly fat? Well, eat a heavy and healthy breakfast if you want to see your tummy fat go away. Breakfast gives you energy, boosts metabolism and improves satiety. Never skip your breakfast and make sure that you seat a healthy breakfast. Do not eat junk food or sugary foods for breakfast.

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• Keep track of Your Calorie Intake

Maintain a proper food journal so that you can monitor your daily calorie intake and can improvise with your diet plan if you see that the current diet plan is not helping you lose weight. Keeping a food journal helps in becoming aware of what, how much and why you are eating. This, in turn, helps people cut down on mindless eating.

How to Lose Belly Fat ? Well, Follow these tips religiously to lose belly fat and get a slimmer body in a month. Go for Preventive Health Checkups to keep monitoring your body parameters especially after you hit 40. Stay Healthy Stay Protected and start following healthy practices not from today but right now as tomorrow never comes.

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