Cocktails that can Help Reduce Weight

Cocktails that can Help Reduce Weight

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Weight gain is one of the biggest problems faced by youths. They always try out to trim down. Eating less in proportion is not the solution to having a thin body. Some kinds of fruit cocktails can also help to reduce weight and maintain it. Fruits have a rich source of fibre and must be taken on a daily basis.

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Some Cocktails that can help Reduce Weight are :


• Watermelon Mojito:

This cocktail is very refreshing and all-day eating can be summed up with the intake of this cocktail. This cocktail has fewer amounts of calories in it because of watermelon. Watermelon cocktail is a diet cocktail. But, it is advisable that instead of using sugar cubes in it, use it with a few mint leaves. This reduces the calories to half the amount. With it, add some rum to give it an excellent taste.

• The Simple Taste of Margarita:

The margarita is itself a skinny cocktail. The simple procedure of making a margarita helps to maintain the waistline and also control the weight to a great extent. Margarita is made with one shot of tequila, some amount of lime juice, some ice cubes. Margarita is available in different colours because of various colour mixes that can be added to it. But, the basics of margarita helps to maintain calories.

• Pina Colada:

Pina colada is made from rum which adds a lot of calories to the body. But, when rum is mixed with coconut flavour, then it helps to keep the calorie intact. It is a coconut rum mixture with an added flavour of fresh strawberries added to this drink. Agave syrup can be added to it and then served cold by adding ice cubes.

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• Asian Flavour Fusion:

Alcohols that have flavour in it can be of high calorie, and they lead to weight gain. But, ginger vodka and also lime water helps to reduce calorie intake. Mineral water doesn’t have any added calories in it, and that is the reason it is added to ginger vodka. Lime water cuts off the calorie intake into the body and happens to be a very relaxing drink.

Lemon Mojito

• Vodka Iced Tea:

When vodka is added to lemonade and sweet iced tea, then it gives the incredible taste of Vodka iced tea. When the concept of skinny cocktails comes up, the low-calorie lemonade must be chosen and also the sweet tea flavoured vodka. The usual vodka has calories in it, but sweet tea vodka has lesser calorie than the other types.

There are some Do’s, and Dont’s that have to be followed when it comes to Skinny Cocktails.

• 100% fresh juice should be chosen to make the cocktail. No added preservatives should be present in the juice.

• The ingredients mixed in the cocktail should be less as when fewer ingredients are mixed; it leads to low calorie in the drink.

• The main aim of a skinny cocktail is to reduce weight and maintaining waistline. This should be kept in mind while making the drink.


• Creamed spirits should not be added to the cocktail as it can increase the intake of calorie and the primary purpose of the drink will not be fulfilled.

• Several classes of the drink should not be taken. The only needed amount should be consumed.

Reducing weight requires some patience and hope in the individual. It is not something that can happen overnight. These cocktails will surely help in weight reduction if taken in the right manner and the desired quantity.

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