The Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain after a Gym Workout!

The Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain after a Gym Workout!

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Hitting the gym has become a trend these days.  But there are only a few people who follow this trend religiously to be healthy and fit. Are you also planning to hit the gym regularly and achieve your fitness goals? If you are, then great! But, let me tell you that working out at the gym is not as easy as it looks like. In the beginning, many people feel exhausted and experience intense muscle pain. But, as the adage goes, ‘no pain, no gain’; if you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you must take some pain. But, don’t worry too much- We are here to help you out! There are some effective ways to relieve muscle pain which you must try to keep enjoying the workout at the gym.

Before we talk about the tips and tricks to relieve sore muscles, we want to give you a little piece of information that is important. If you believe that sore muscles are a sign that you have done an excellent workout, then understand that this is a misconception! Sore muscles are not a proof that your body is making changes in a positive direction. The ultimate fact is that sore muscle and the workout quality do not go hand in hand. Sore muscles are a result of doing too much exercise that was beyond your limits or doing new exercises.

Also, it is completely normal to get sore muscles after rigorous exercise, especially if you have started on a new exercise or have increased the intensity of your workout. The muscle pain and delayed muscle aches are caused by tiny injuries in the muscle fibre and connective tissue. This condition is called delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Generally, muscle pain subsides after two to three days of the intense workout, but if it continues along with other symptoms such as fever, stiff neck and breathing problems, then you must see a doctor. But, taking the right steps after your intense workout, you will have no such medical problems.

Here are six ways to relieve muscle pain after the workout at the gym

1. Stretch More

When you workout, your muscles contract and the muscle fibres get shorter. Lengthening them after an intense workout can promote mobility and help you get relief from sore muscles. So, to get relief from sore muscles, stretch your muscles for just 10 minutes after rigorous exercise. Also, before exercising, you should warm up your body with some simple movements like arm swings, marching on the spot and so on.

2. Massage with a Foam Roller

Massaging is one of the oldest tricks to relieve muscle pain. Many studies suggest that if you massage your muscles for just 10 minutes after a workout, it will reduce DOMS significantly and help you feel at ease. It also helps in reducing inflammation and also brings fluid balance back into your muscles. On the top of that, massaging increases flexibility and mobility and so it is one of the best ways to relieve muscle pain.

Use a foam roller or a ball to massage your sore muscles after an intense workout. The best way to get relief is by giving each major muscle group at least five rolls; you should start with your calves and then work all the way up your body. You need to spend some extra time on sore spots to get relief from muscle pain.

3. Eat Foods that Reduce Inflammation

One of the easiest ways to relieve sore muscles is eating anti-inflammatory foods. It is because when you get sore muscles, inflammation plays a significant role in the problem. We don’t want to make the problem worse, and so you should eat foods that prevent inflammation in the body.

Eating protein-rich foods and healthy fats can build your strength and help you relieve sore muscles. Foods which have omega-3 fatty acids are also a healthy choice to prevent inflammation, and so you should eat foods like avocado, walnuts, meat, flaxseeds and so on post-workout to get relief from muscle pain. Also, avoid inflammatory foods and drinks such as popcorn, candy, white bread and coffee. It is best to take a protein-rich food pre and post workout to keep your muscles happy and healthy.

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4. Get Some Rest

By rest, I am not telling you to skip the gym. All I am asking is that you should shut your eyes and sleep peacefully. You must get at least eight hours of sleep so that your body can recover fully. When you sleep, you are for the most part immobile, and oxygen flows more effectively to your muscles helping them recover. So, if you have the habit of being an owl, change it today! Sleep on time and become a morning bird to be healthy and fit.

5. Cool it Down

Icing your muscles after an intense workout can prevent inflammation, and so you should try packing on the ice to relieve sore muscles. It is because keeping inflammation down keeps that area free so that it can keep moving and this movement ultimately promotes recovery and healing. So, icing your muscles is a safe and simple way to get relief from sore muscles.

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6. Get up and Get Moving

I know you just want to take rest when you have muscle pain, but your pain won’t go until and unless you move. So, do not give up exercise altogether if you get sore muscles. Keep on doing light cardio exercise such as walking and jogging after the workout. It helps loosen and stretch your muscles. But, do not overdo it as it may make your muscle pain worse.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can solve many problems, and muscle pain is one of those problems which you can solve by staying hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated to avoid health issues such as blood clotting, excessive sweating and so on. You must drink at least ten glasses of water every day to keep up your fluid intake.


Try these easy ways to relieve muscle pain. If you know any other ways that can help relieve sore muscles, do share with us in the comment section below.

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