5 Worst Diet Myths That Cause Weight Gain!

5 Worst Diet Myths That Cause Weight Gain!

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Just put on a couple of pounds and People will never spare you! They give you so many free-advises almost every day; Any random person starts giving you weight loss tips as if you don’t know you are fat and you aren’t doing anything for that. What suggestions do you hear? It is very annoying when everyone starts talking about your weight, and they even come up with some very funny advises sometimes. “I think you should eat less,” “You should start helping your mother in household chores to lose weight,” Why don’t you diet”?, “You should eat salads only”! Did you ever get to hear all this? We can understand how annoying these suggestions are! Nothing is more annoying than religiously following every diet tip and still not losing an inch! Do you follow each advice blindly? If you do, you should stop doing it right now. Why? It’s because a lot of misinformation is floating around. Yes! It’s true; this is why we have put together the six worst diet myths that cause weight gain. Read on to explore.

Diet Myths That Cause Weight Gain:

Myth 1:‘Light” Foods Are Better For Weight Loss:

Did anyone give this free advice to eat “Light Foods” as they say the food contains fewer calories or fat? Do not just listen to them! “Light” foods may be low in calories or fat, but not without the sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners, or chemical additives. You may save around 15 calories when you replace real cream cheese to fat-free version, but can also not deny that you gain 11 milligrams of sodium! Which may not seem like much, but the truth is that every little bit can add up, and too much sodium is one of the causes of bloating.

What happens is, people tend to eat more of it, when people perceive food as being light. Ultimately you end up consuming the same amount of calories or even more than that! What you can do is, just avoid “light” and ‘Fat-free” foods like chips, cheese, orange juice, and ice cream and choose what is best for you! Choose smaller portions, eat more natural ingredients and healthy.


Myth 2: Calories don’t matter when you are eating Healthy Foods

Okay, suppose you chose some low-calorie food over high-calorie food and just because you know it’s healthy, you eat more of that. Oh please! Why are you running away from the high-calorie food then? You are doing the same here. What is going to happen if you eat more of these low-calorie foods every day without accounting for their calories? You’ll probably gain weight, won’t you?
There’s even a myth that if you are working out, you can eat anything. Is it logically correct? Ask yourself.

Myth 3: Don’t Eat Before A Workout To Burn More Fat

Not eating before a workout is one of the many Diet Myths That Cause Weight Gain! We have already talked about it in one of our articles that how important is to eat before a workout. Your body needs some fuel to be able to workout for as long or hard as you need to. How are you going to get that fuel? Just add some pre-workout meal to your life! Do you want to see a difference in your body? Just forget this myth and start eating pre-workout foods. What’s even worse, empty stomach workouts can cause low blood sugar and lightheadedness. Not only pre-workout foods but post-workout foods are also important for us. So, add these two meals to your meal pattern.

Cucumber salad

Myth 4: You Can Add Toppings To Stick To Your Salad Diet.

Salads!!!!! The only food that comes to mind when you think about losing some weight! The biggest and worst myth of all the myths that cause weight gain! Okay, we know salads can help you with your weight loss dream, so what’s not to love? The toppings! Oh God! People just go mad when they see those toppings!! are you one of them? We hope you aren’t!

Drinking Water

Myth 5: Drink More Water To Lose More Weight

Well, drinking enough water is very important, but you can’t have too much of anything, can you? Chugging more water and running more to and from the toilet go hand in hand but chugging more water and weight loss do not! If you are still eating an unhealthy, high-calorie diet and expecting that drinking enough water can still save you from gaining weight, then you are grossly mistaken! Drinking more water can not help you lose weight! It’s just a myth. How can anyone even think of that? You are eating everything that comes your way, and you expect drinking more water will save you from gaining weight? Okay, we know Staying hydrated is important but will it be enough to lose weight?

So, these are the Worst diet myths that cause weight gain. Dragging yourself to the gym or having blind faith in whatever you read on the internet is not what you should do. You have a lot more other options to support your weight loss plan. What about including some exercise into your daily routine? Isn’t it way better than eating less? People even start skipping their meals just because they want to get rid of those extra kilos! No, it’s not what you should be doing! Just forget all these diet myths that cause weight gain and get set to lose weight. However, in case you continue having issues with your diet do not hesitate to consult a Good Dietician who can help you out in achieving your objectives of  Staying Fit and Healthy

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