Weight Loss Tips that Are Highly Effective

Weight Loss Tips that Are Highly Effective

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Following a weight loss regime is difficult and challenging for most people. Having a perfectly shaped body is everybody’s desire. No one wants to avoid wearing their favourite dress due to their tummy fat or giving up on their favourite snack always because they are on strict dieting. Well, a healthy weight loss regime is not just confined to dieting. There is much more to it!

There are many ways to lose weight in a short span of time, but most of them make people hungry, unsatisfied, and eventually, people get sick. A weight loss plan does not only include exercising and giving up on snacks. A lot of willpower, hard work and dedication are required to shed those extra pounds.

Some effective weight loss tips are as follows:

A. Eat Healthily

We all know that eating the right thing is an efficient way to lose weight. One must eat a healthy diet to keep their weight in control

healthy food

-Eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Weight gain is generally a result of intaking too much calories and unhealthy fats. Eating fruits and vegetables is extremely healthy as they are high in fibre and low in calories and fat. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fibre which helps us feel full quickly and reduce the desire to eat unhealthy foods. Also, fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which help in keeping our body healthy. Fill the plate with plenty of fruits and vegetables and reduce weight in a healthy manner.

1. Do not miss seasonal fruits as they are very healthy. Make a salad of your favourite fresh fruit, and you can eat it for snacks, or as a dessert. Some of the best-known fruits that help people lose weight are watermelon, oranges, berries, pomegranate and apples. Do include these foods in the diet.

2. Some fruits and vegetables such as carrots, bananas, avocados, and peas are higher in calories than most other fruits and veggies. But that doesn’t mean one has to avoid them as they are a major source of various nutrients and fibre which helps people feel full.

3. Eat more of dark leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, mustard greens and spinach. Also, include low- carb vegetables to the diet such as pepper, mushroom, green beans, garlic, cucumber, celery and tomatoes. These vegetables are low in calories and high in fibre and help a lot in losing weight.

-Eat a Diet Full of Protein

Eating a diet rich in protein is a must for those who are planning to lose weight. Protein helps in reducing appetite by changing several weight-regulating hormones and also boosts our metabolism which in turns lead to weight loss.  A diet rich in protein helps in reducing the obsessive thoughts about junk foods and also helps us feel full. Do include protein foods to the diet to maintain an ideal weight.

Egg White

1. Choose protein foods which are rich in nutrients and lower in saturated fats and calories. Always make sure to pick the right protein foods as even if you are eating protein foods, still calories do count!

2. Some of the rich sources of protein are lean meat, soy, low-fat dairy, green beans, nuts, peanut butter, peas, spinach and eggs.

-Cut Back on Salt

Salt itself is not an unhealthy food item, and it is necessary to consume some amount of salt on a daily basis to live healthily. However, the fact cannot be denied that too much salt in the diet can lead to weight gain. The salt itself does not make people gain weight, but most salty foods contain loads of sugar, fat and are processed which in turn leads to weight gain. Also, too much sodium intake increases water retention which causes people to feel bloated.

1. Refrain yourself from overeating salty foods such as chips, salted nuts, soy sauce, cheese, fast foods, pickles, etc.
2. You can go for foods which are low in sodium such as yoghurt, pasta, rice, unsalted nuts and seeds, dried peas, eggs and fish.


Include Whole Grains to Diet

Whole grains decreases the number of calories retained during digestion and also helps in boosting metabolism which helps in losing weight. A diet full of whole grains can not only help you lose weight, but also keep several health conditions such as heart diseases at bay.

1. Eat whole grains foods such as whole wheat, whole rice, whole oatmeal, barley, popcorn, brown rice, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, etc.

2. To lose weight, fill the stomach with healthy snacks such as whole-grain cereal, whole-grain chips, popcorn (with no or little butter and salt)

3. While selecting the whole-grain foods, make sure not to choose foods labelled with the words “100% wheat”, “Bran”, “Multi-grain”, “Cracked Wheat” and “Stone-Ground” as these foods are usually not whole-grain products.

Whole Grains

-Cut Sugar out Of the Diet

Sugar can undoubtedly lead to weight gain. Too much intake of calorie leads to weight gain, and certain sugary foods contain too much of calories and have no nutritional value which eventually deteriorates health. Cut down on sugar to lose weight.

1. Do not fall for those sugary drinks, chocolates, cookies, cakes, sweets; etc. as consuming these foods on a regular basis will make it very hard for you to shed pounds.

2. Some fruits also include sugar such as mangos, grapes, bananas, berries; however, these fruits are also high in nutrition and so consuming these fruits in a limited amount is not harmful to health.

3. To manage the desire of eating sugary foods, one can eat delicious foods and fruits which contain less sugar such as olives, tomatoes, radishes, mushrooms, leafy green vegetables, raspberries, lemon, avocados, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, papaya, watermelon, apples and guava.

Sugar Free

-Stay Hydrated

Water is not only necessary for survival, but it also helps in losing weight. Studies claim that drinking water can help people lose weight. Drinking water helps in boosting metabolism and burning calories.

1. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Other than water, one can also fill their stomach with other healthy fluids like juices, lemon water and water-rich fruits.

2. Do not drink water immediately after a meal as it can lead to weight gain. Studies claim that it is best to drink a glass of water about a half an hour before taking meals.

Drink Water

-Do not Starve Yourself

It is one of the biggest misconceptions about dieting that skipping meals can help people lose weight. The truth is that it does not help anyone shed a few pounds. Instead, it makes people unhealthy and unfit. When we do not eat properly, our body starts breaking down our muscle tissues instead of breaking down fat and muscle tissues burn more calories than any other tissue. Hence, not eating an appropriate amount of food eventually leads to weight gain.

1. Do not skip meals. Follow the quote- ‘Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper.’ Start the day with a heavy, healthy breakfast, and then have a proper lunch and a light dinner. In between these meals, fill your stomach with healthy snacks, fruits and salads.

2. Avoid eating junk foods in between the three major meals- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
-Eat Spicy Foods

It is a lesser known fact that spicy foods help in reducing weight. Spicy foods do not only taste delicious but also helps in boosting our metabolism. Various studies claim that certain spices raise the body temperature, which in turn increases the body’s metabolism and causes people to burn more calories after eating a meal.

1. There are certain spices like Capsaicin, Ginger, Pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and clove which are healthy and also help to lose weight. Adding these spices in food does not only make the food taste better, but can also help you to shed a few extra pounds.

2. Do not go for spicy junk foods as they can be harmful to health.

Spicy Foods

-Eat Slowly

Various researchers suggest that eating food slowly can help people reduce weight. Our hormones regulate our appetite and calorie intake. Our gut releases a hormone called ghrelin, which controls hunger. It also releases various anti-hunger hormones.

When we eat, these hormones pass the message to the brain and let the brain know that we have had enough and the nutrients are absorbed which in turn makes us feel full, and hence we stop eating. Now, this process takes about 20 minutes, and when we eat too quickly, our brain does not receive the fullness signals, and we keep on eating which in turn leads to weight gain.

1. Sit down and enjoy your meal. Most people have the habit of eating food while standing, which is wrong. One must sit down while eating their meals.

2. Chew the food properly. Do not hurry!

3. Concentrate on what you are eating. Most people do not even remember what they had for lunch. So, focus on your meal and enjoy every bite of the food.

4. Put your phone down, shut down your laptops while eating the food.

Eat Slowly

-Eat before you Go Out

Most people fill themselves with unhealthy foods when they go out to a party or eat at a restaurant. The wide variety of mouth-watering dishes served at the restaurant and party makes people vulnerable, and they tend to eat foods which they shouldn’t. Follow the tip:

Eat a small healthy meal before going out to a restaurant or a party. This will help you feel full and will stop you from eating a huge amount of unhealthy food. You can eat a bowl of salad, or some steamed veggies and still enjoy the meal with your friends and loved ones.

-Choose Healthy Foods when you Eat Out

Many people eat at the restaurant in their office hours. Now, it is not possible every time to choose healthy, nutritious food when you eat out. But still one must avoid eating junk foods when they eat outside at a restaurant.

1. Instead of eating burgers, noodles and pizzas; you can eat chapatis, veggies, rice, and salad to fill your stomach.

2. Also, instead of drinking sugary drinks; one can order a lime soda, green tea, black tea, fruit juice and shakes. The bottom line is that look for healthy choices of food when you eat out at a restaurant.

-Choose Healthy Fats

It is a misconception that all fats lead to weight gain. There are some fats which are healthy and must be added to the diet. Unhealthy fats are high in calories, and hence they increase people’s weight, but healthy fats do the opposite. Healthy fats help in boosting the metabolism and reducing weight.

1. Trans fats and saturated fats are unhealthy and must be avoided. Some of the foods that contain these fats are dark chicken meat, butter, cheese, cocoa butter, ice-cream, chips and junk foods.

2. Some fats are healthy which if taken in an appropriate amount do not result in weight gain such as avocados, nuts, eggs, fish, spinach, kale, sprouts, olive oil, seeds, etc.

B. Make an Action Plan

It is important to make an action plan and lay down some ground rules for yourself if you want to lose weight. An action plan helps you know how smooth the plan is going and where you need improvement.

-Maintain a Food Journal

Always keep a food diary to record all the things that you eat. Studies claim that people who keep a food diary lose weight at a faster pace than those who don’t. A food diary increases people’s awareness of what they are eating, how much they are eating and why they are eating the particular food at a given time. All this information helps people cut down on mindless munching. Keep the following tips in mind:

1. Make your Format. Always make a format in which you can write down everything so that you do not forget any information. For instance, a basic format can include significant elements such as food, time, portion size, the degree of hunger, emotion related to food, feelings before and after eating meals, etc.

2. Mention everything. You have to write down each and everything that you have eaten in a day including foods, fruits, beverages and snacks. If you smoke or drink, do mention that and also note down the number of cigarettes and glasses of wine taken.

3. Be specific. Write down the portion sizes of your food in the diary. Keep track of how much you have eaten.

4. List ingredients. You can also describe briefly how the food was prepared and what were the ingredients used in the food.

5. Make it a friend. Carry the food diary everywhere you go. In this modern era, you can also use a diet-tracking app on your Smartphone to keep a check on your eating habits.

6. Use your creativity. Writing a diary can seem like a mundane task to some people. So, they can make it exciting by writing with different pens, using sticky notes and making drawings of food eaten.

-Keep a Regular Check on the Calories you Intake

To lose weight, it is important to eat the right kind of food in the right amount. One who is aware of calories is in a better position to eat the right food and do the right amount of exercise to lose weight. To ensure that you are taking an appropriate amount of calories, take a close look at your food journal and see how much calories you intake on a daily basis.
1. To know how many calories should you intake, you must ask your dietician or search on the Internet as to how much a person of your age, weight, height and energy level should consume calories per day.

2. Studies claim that people tend to eat slightly more than they should. So, do not be too hard on yourself and add about 170 calories to the total so that you can enjoy your meals.

Protein Sources

-Follow a Diet Plan

A well-made plan helps people to set goals, expectations and also make decisions faster. Thus, make a diet plan and make sure to follow it without any ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’. When you make a plan, it will help you know the exact short term and long term goal you have set for yourself and let you know the areas of improvisation. Without a well-made plan, all your efforts might go in vain. Follow these tips:

1. Make a Detailed Plan. State all the important things in the plan such as ‘Your current weight’, ‘Reason why you want to lose weight’, ‘Motivation Factors’, ‘Current Eating Habits’, ‘Areas of Improvisation’, ‘Goals’, ‘Steps to achieve goals’ and ‘Time Frame.’ These are some of the basic information one can include in their diet plan.

2. Set Realistic Goals. Losing weight is not that easy and can’t be done in a month. Thus, it’s best to set realistic expectations for yourself. For instance, expecting to lose 1 kg in a month with a strict diet plan along with exercise seems okay. But, if the goal is to lose seven kgs in a month, then, needless to say, this is an unrealistic goal.

3. Take Smaller Steps. One cannot change their diet overnight. It is better to make small changes in your food habits. For instance, when you have a strong desire to eat something sweet, you can eat fruit instead of candy. Or when you feel thirsty, you can drink plain water instead of sugary sodas. When you take small steps to change your diet, slowly and gradually you will be able to make big changes and eventually it will help you stick with a healthy diet plan.

C. Physical Exercises

Apart from eating healthily, going for a physical workout is also one of the most efficient ways to reduce weight. Exercises help in burning calories at a faster pace and contribute to maintaining an ideal weight.

-Start with some Basic Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic is one of the best exercises to burn calories and lose weight. One can join an aerobics class or practice aerobic exercises at home. If currently, you don’t exercise at all, then do not start with heavy exercises. Just start with some simple aerobic exercises.

1. Go for a walk daily for at least half an hour. Use the staircase instead of an elevator. If you have a sitting job, ensure to get up from your seat and inhale fresh air at least for 5 minutes every hour.

2. One can also do some fun aerobic exercises such as swimming, riding a bicycle, jogging, aerobic dance, and jumping.


-Hit the Gym

You can also hit the gym to reduce weight. It is best to work out under the supervision of a personal trainer as they are professional, well-experienced and guide well.

1. Try the cardio machines at the gym which are specially designed to help people lose weight such as a treadmill, stationary bike and step mill.

2. Do heavy exercises such as squats, pushups, dumbbell swing, lunges, double jump, Tabata drills, bench press, weight lifts, etc.

3. Make sure to never sit down ideally during a workout. Also, drink a glass of water before you leave for the workout. Eat a light, nutritious meal about an hour before you start the workout to keep yourself energetic.

Exercise for TB

-Practice Yoga Exercises

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which is highly effective for losing weight. One can try yoga asanas to shed a few pounds and maintain optimal weight.

1. Few simple yoga asanas that contribute to reducing weight are Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Veerbhadrasana (The Warrior Pose), Trikonasana (Triangular pose), Purvottanasana (Upward Plank), the boat pose and the bridge pose.

2. Practice deep breathing exercises. Sit straight on the chair and close your eyes. Place the palms on your lap and observe your breathing closely. Do not think about anything, make your mind empty and just concentrate on your breathing. Breathe at a normal pace for the first 3 minutes and then take deep breaths. Count from one to four while inhaling and one to six while exhaling. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

-Play your Favourite Sport

It is not necessary that only gym workout and yoga exercises can help in reducing weight. There are other ways too! If you do not want to exercise but still want to lose weight, the best thing you can do is indulge in some fun activities that can help you shed a few pounds.

1. You can take part in various sports such as basketball, football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, tennis and soccer.

2. If you do not like sports where you have to get involved with others, you can also try playing golf or swimming where you will be your own boss.

3. You cannot burn calories by sitting down all the time. You must get up and get moving. Cycling is one of the effective ways to exercise and get fresh air. So, get a bicycle and do cycling for at least 30 minutes every day.

D. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Apart from eating a healthy diet and doing exercises, one must also change their lifestyle habits if they want to lose weight and live happily and healthily. Some of the lifestyle changes to be adopted are:

-Bid Farewell to Stress

Various studies claim that stress is linked to obesity. When we feel stressed, our body releases a hormone called as ‘cortisol’ which increases our insulin level, drops the blood sugar which makes us crave fatty, sugary foods. Some tips to avoid stress are:

1. Live in the Present. Mostly, we feel stressed when we think too much about the past or are worried about what is going to happen in the future. So, try to focus on what is happening ‘Right Now’. Tell yourself that you cannot change what has happened in the past and you do not have the power to change everything that is going to happen in the future. The best you can do is to learn from your past, focus on the present to make the future better.

2. Give time to your hobbies. Studies claim that people can reduce stress by indulging in activities that they like. So, when you feel stressed, you can make yourself busy by taking part in your hobbies. Be it singing, dancing, writing or painting- just make yourself busy in your favourite task and relieve stress.

3. Talk to a friend. It is generally seen that speaking with a supportive person when feeling low may help people calm down. When we talk out our problems with friends and family, it takes the burden off the heart, and we feel peaceful. So, next time if something is bothering you, do not hesitate to share it with your best friend.

4. Use Guided Imagery. When you feel depressed and stressed, close your eyes and imagine something that is soothing and makes you calm. You can imagine yourself sitting at a beach, or enjoying time with your parents, etc.

-Get Enough Sleep

It is a lesser known fact that sleep deprivation can cause you to gain weight. It is mainly because when we are sleep deprived the level of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ increases in the body which increases our appetite, and then we get a strong desire to eat junk foods. To lose weight, it is necessary to get a proper amount of sleep.

1. Sleep for at least 7 hours every night.

2. Schedule your sleep time. Go to sleep early and wake up early in the morning at the same time every day, even on weekends. This routine helps your brain and body to get used to the sleep time.

3. Turn off television, computer and other blue-light sources before going to bed.

4. Make your bed comfortable. Change the sheets and make sure the bed sheet and pillow are clean before you go to bed.

5. Switch off the lights. It is said that a darker place helps us to sleep well.

6. Soak your feet in warm water before going to bed.

7. Listen to your favourite music or read a book before sleeping as it helps relax our mind.

E. Stay Calm and Motivated

Losing weight is pretty challenging, and it is not something one can pull off in a month or so. One has to be dedicated, motivated and stay calm in the process. Follow the tips:

-Know the Motivating Factors

1. When you start trying to lose weight, you must know why you thought of losing weight in the first place. What is it that motivated you to take this step? Once you know what the motivational factors are, it will be easier for you to stay focus on your plan.

2. List down all the motivational factors in the food journal. The motivating factors can be any; it may sound silly or intelligent- but you have to write them all! For instance, if a girl wants to lose weight because she wants to fit in that beautiful dress at her sister’s wedding, she must write it down.

3. Rank the Motivating Factors. Now, there might be ten factors that motivate you to lose weight. However, if you prioritise them, the plan can work in a better way. Rank what motivates you the most on number 1 and then rank the rest of them by the level of their importance and priority.

4. Check the Journal regularly. There might be times when you would want to give up. But, don’t! Read what motivated you initially to lose weight. Keep yourself motivated and keep going.

Health tips

-Adopt Positive Self-Talk Method

Self-talk is when we talk to ourselves and say things that we are not able to say out aloud. One can practice self-talk techniques to keep themselves motivated.

1. Keep repeating inside your head- ‘I can do this’, ‘I will stay away from unhealthy foods’, ‘I know I will lose weight.’, ‘I am strong! I will achieve my goal.’

2. Do not let negative thoughts come in your mind. Whenever your mind says, ‘You will not be able to do it. Losing weight is so difficult.’ replace it with a positive thought like ‘Why will I not be able to do this? I know it’s difficult but it is not impossible, and I know I can do this.’

-Read Stories and Watch Videos

1. It is our tendency to get motivated by people who have had the same problem as ours and were able to get out of it. People learn from other’s success stories and try to become like them by following their footsteps.

2. Read stories of the people who were overweight and were able to reduce their weight with dedication and hard work.

3. If you do not like to read stories, you can watch videos of people who were able to reduce weight. It will surely motivate and encourage you.

-Share your Goal with One Person

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is quite a true proverb. People whom we consider our good friends help a lot in motivating us. So, you can share your goal with your best friend so that when you feel depressed and low, your friend can encourage you.

1. You can tell your goal to any person you trust the most and know that they will help you out.

2. It is not necessary that the friend needs to be your college or school friend. You can share it with your parents, relatives or your grandparents. What is important that the person should be able to motivate you when in need.

3. Do not share your plan of losing weight with everyone; keep it simple. It is because the thought of fulfilling everyone’s expectation might scare you and then you might drop the plan of losing weight altogether in the fear of facing failure.

-Allow Yourself to Enjoy Once in a While

It is hard to stop eating the foods that you like so much. Hence, it is perfectly alright to give yourself a little treat once in a while after all the hard work.

Have a Cheat Day. You can enjoy your favourite foods once a week. Go out with friends, enjoy a meal, attend parties and fill your stomach with finger-licking foods now and then.

We all want to have a perfectly toned body, and for that, we need to maintain an ideal weight. Many people who are overweight leave no stone unturned in shedding a few pounds. The tips mentioned above can be highly useful for those who are trying to reduce weight. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the tips and get a fit, toned body in a few months and do not forget to get yourself a Health Checkup at least once a year to always Stay Healthy and Away from Diseases.

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