7 Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

7 Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

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If you were born in the early eighties or nineties, then you must have seen the pattern of beliefs related to food changing over a while. The way people think about nutrition keeps changing from time to time. You do not believe some of the myths people used to believe earlier but believe what is told to you regarding healthy eating habits. Some Nutrition Myths have been stuck around since forever. The tragedy is that we know all these are Nutrition Myths but still, we believe them.

Is the newest diet trend beneficial? How many carbohydrates must you consume in a day? Should you eliminate dairy out of your diet? If you think you know the answers to all these questions and more, you are probably wrong. You have believed all the myths that have been told to you. Stay tuned and read this article, and we will reveal the truth.

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Nutrition Myths that you should stop believing today!

1. Carbohydrates are bad for you

Carbohydrates provide vital energy that is required to fuel your brain and central nervous system. It provides us with the strength to function and move. Carbs do not just supply energy but also help our body to utilize other nutrients. A slice of whole wheat bread contains all essential nutrients including fibre, selenium, folate and manganese. People who diet tend to remove all the carbohydrates from their diet, and as a result, they face low blood pressure, low energy levels, sweet cravings etc. One must not remove carbs entirely from their diet. If you have to remove anyway, cut down the bad quality carbohydrates. We recommend you to eat good quality carbohydrates consistently for stable blood and energy level. Without carbs, no meal is balanced, and as a consequence, one’s health can suffer.

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2. Dairy causes inflammation

A lot of times, we have heard that we should not consume any dairy product because it leads to inflammation. Some people often say that dairy can cause skin related problems such as acne. This may not be entirely accurate. Research has found that fermented dairy products, such as yoghurt, kefir, possess anti-inflammatory properties. Dairy products can be a good source of potassium, calcium, vitamin D and protein. One needs enough calcium and vitamin D to keep their bones in a healthy state.

3. Sugar is Unhealthy

Sugar these days is the reason for many health-related issues such as diabetes, obesity etc. It seems to occupy a place in people’s minds as a scary item. Some people believe sugar is toxic, but it is not true. Our bodies use the food eaten, break down into sugars and utilize it in the form of energy. Not all sugars are the same. One should not consume any added sugars and should not entirely remove added sugar from their diet. Our body pays the price for taking too much-added sugar in our meals later. To avoid that, one must focus on eating a variety of foods which have naturally occurring sugars like fruits, starchy potatoes, vegetables. These are the foods with sugars that pack vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals. The low carbohydrates craze has gotten people to remove every ounce of sugar from their diet altogether, but that is a mistake. However, if people have serious health issues like diabetes, then they must abstain from all kinds of sugars as much as possible.


4. Detox is Healthy

Many significant health and fitness bloggers say that detoxing is essential to remove the toxins from one’s body. It is a bad idea because in reality, running a cleansing course can cause severe issues to the body. It eliminates toxins but also removes certain macronutrients and deprives the body of nutrients and energy it needs to run through its processes. We do not have to perform a detox routine. Our liver and kidneys are built-in detoxers that filter our blood and ensure that the body retains what it requires and gets rid of anything that it does not.

5. Burn more than you consume

We are sure you must have heard quite a lot of times that you must burn more calories than what you consume. Focusing on doing so can be harmful to the body. This is a detrimental myth which can leave someone doing so, feeling unwell. Our body uses a substantial amount of energy daily to support its daily functioning. Things like breathing, blood circulation, maintaining the body temperature, organ functioning, it all requires calories that you have consumed. Limiting the intake of calories to a certain amount or burning more and more can mess with our body’s ability to support these processes. It can be harmful mentally, as well as physically. Yes, you must work out and burn some calories but not so much that your body can’t practically function properly.

7 Nutrition Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

6. Fresh food is always better

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are in-season taste the best, but we should not forget the frozen, dried, or canned foods as well. They can be an excellent source for providing great nutrition choices as well. These foods are packed at the peak freshness, and these options are convenient too. If you are someone who has sporadic meal planning, then frozen and canned foods can help you in putting a nutritious meal on the plate.

7. Eat 5-6 meals a day to improve your Metabolism

There are many ways to speed up your metabolism, and there are ways that slow it down, even though they shouldn’t. The frequency of meals in a day does not affect your metabolism. Research suggests that faster metabolism or weight loss is not achieved by eating about 5-6 meals throughout the day. So, if you think eating less and more often will help you shed kilos, be prepared not to see any results.

These were 7  Nutrition Myths that you should stop believing today. Just do not believe what has been going around and instead do proper homework yourselves to make sure what you are eating is right for you and your Health. Hope you liked the article and we promise to have many more such articles in the days to come. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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